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  1. Changes from the book notwithstanding, I give this a 9 out of 10. Mostly because PYAT PREE OH MY GOD Other things happened this episode, sure, yeah, whatever. PYAT PREE, friends.
  2. Having done some Shakespeare before, I tend to approach the show versus the books the way I approach Shakespeare's plays versus their source materials. The historical Macbeth was totally different from Shakespeare's Macbeth. HBO-Shae is very different from book-Shae. Even HBO-Theon, much as I ADORE the character, is sorta different from book-Theon in a lot of ways. But both source and adaptation tell good stories about interesting characters. Just as Shakespeare would take a pre-existing chronicle and tweak it (often to a degree historical 'purists' would consider outrageous) to make it into fine drama, so D&D are taking ASOIAF and tweaking it to make fine television. And while in the back of my mind I know that the tweaks are not canon, are not 'historical' in the context of the history of Westeros as outlined by GRRM, I just don't think in terms of blind adherence to fact when approaching an adaptation of anything anymore. I guess I've already sort of come to terms with the fact that inaccurate adaptations can also simultaneously be rollicking good ones - and compared to Shakespeare, this show hardly qualifies as inaccurate to begin with. A slight tangent, but I just thought I'd throw my two cents in.
  3. When I was in high school, I fell in love with the girl who played Juliet in a production of Romeo and Juliet...which I was directing. I have always rooted for Jorah.
  4. One thing I remember feeling very strongly while reading the books was that while Stannis is definitely a stubborn, often obnoxious, lobster-personality-having hardass, I just wanted to give him a big hug and make everything better for him. For the first time, I felt that way towards HBO-Stannis at the end of the Davos scene tonight, which is part of why Dillane's performance gave me warm fuzzies.
  5. Another thing I just thought I'd throw out there: I'm not exactly sure why, but after that scene with Davos, I am totally behind Stephen Dillane as Stannis now. I had a few doubts at first, but something about his acting in that scene was just so perfectly Stannis.
  6. That's right, Game of Thrones. That's more like it. More episodes like this (+Varys), please? A man is reminded how amazing this adaptation can be.
  7. Oh man, I can only imagine how non-readers must have reacted to the shadowbaby...I mean, it was horrifying enough for someone who already knew it was coming... And then I find myself wondering...if Shadowbaby can induce this kind of jaw-drop reaction in me, how in the HELL am I going to deal with the House of the Undying? That is going to be a sight.
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