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  1. Other SCOTUS rulings of note include refusing to hear cases regarding California’s sanctuary laws (leaving them in place) and backing a lower court ruling that will tick off hardcore 2nd Amendment fans, especially those who endlessly repeat the “shall not be infringed” section. They did punt on the issue of qualified immunity, however, which got Clarence Thomas upset enough that he called the court out for it. Even still, this is a really good day at the court in my opinion. That said, my first reaction is to start worrying about when the other shoe will drop and this court will do something truly horrifying to balance it out.
  2. I saw that news earlier today, sounds like the last thing anyone needs to deal with right now. I hope it’s not screwing with your life too badly. Trump’s comments are about as big a red flag as I can imagine. Trump threatens to hold up federal funding for Michigan, Nevada, if they move ahead with plans to allow everyone to vote by mail. It’s a blatant attempt to threaten and intimidate purple states that he needs to win. Gee, why does it sound so familiar? *coughUkrainecough* They must have slipped. Pretty sure Quinnipiac had an A or A- rating until recently.
  3. I had that latter thought about the disease enhancement too, but I’m also nowhere near qualified to speculate about that. It’s way above my pay grade and level of knowledge. And if there’s one thing I learned is an absolute truth in healthcare, it’s that if you haven’t mastered a subject, then you don’t speculate, (or if you do, only do it with people who will get it and add a ton of caveats) don’t give advice, and don’t assume anything. The trick is having the awareness to know when your knowledge is surface level and you might be speculating about advanced level stuff.
  4. One very preliminary guess that I heard was that the severity of the symptoms might have to do with whether they’ve ever had one of the more common Coronaviruses, as having had them might give the immune system a better response to the virus and stop the most extreme reactions. It’s reasonable enough, but pure speculation at this point.
  5. Aw, I thought I might get to name this thread. I was going to call it "COVID-19: Buy 1 wave, get the second free". In any case, first here's an article I talked about posting in the prior thread in response to this post from Werthead: Here's an oral account of what it's like to have COVID-19 for 8 weeks. As per Wert's article, this is currently estimated to be the reaction for around 5% or so of people who get infected. Some other news: As so often happens with rapid testing, it looks like the Abbott test for the Coronavirus is trash. Abbott admits to a 15-20% false negative rate, (test will come read as negative even if you're positive) the FDA is saying that in reality that might be almost 50%. Something to be aware of with how many companies and labs are coming up with their own tests while the FDA and CDC have almost entirely stopped trying to regulate anything because regulations suck, according to Republicans. I know everyone at my lab's sub-department was deriding our own medical group's serum antibody test as a shameless money grab. Eric Trump revived his family's tradition of calling the disease a hoax, saying Democrats invented it to hurt his father and nobody will ever talk about it again after election day. The Biden campaign promptly slammed him for it. Since I can't find a transcript, here's a link to an audio story on NPR about the vaccine trial that made the news yesterday. Long story short, it's just an early step on a long journey for vaccine development, and the information released is shockingly light on details. (As just one example, did it generate similar levels of antibody response in the 8 people who developed antibodies after taking it, or did the response level vary? Because that may make a big difference in whether a person becomes immune and how effective the immune system's response is.)
  6. I also believe this is bullshit. It's funny if you know anything about the drug and the side effects, as it literally lowers your immune system response, (making you more at risk of contracting a disease) and has a long list of side effects that could make a COVID infection worse, most notably causing cardiac arrhythmia, (irregular heartbeat, can be either too slow, too fast, or just irregular and missing certain beats) which would mix just splendidly with serious COVID cases of myocarditis, racing heartbeat, and lowered oxygen levels. Not to mention both COVID and HCQ can do a real number on your GI system, HCQ can throw off the blood sugar levels, (people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic will have a lot of fun with that one) etc. Using it as a preventative would literally be the worst, least medically sound/ethical treatment to give a person that I can think of offhand. (Granted, being a mere lab tech instead of a doctor or pharmacist, there is a lot I don't know about the subject.) There are definitely going to be people who Darwin themselves by listening to Cheeto's words, even though he almost certainly bullshitting. But hey, we're already on the rollercoaster, strapped in, and the ride has started moving. Nothing to do now but see where it takes us.
  7. I, on the other hand, promise to vote for “Bye, Don.”
  8. I read a very similar story in the Washington Post last weekend about a nurse in western N.Y. who has been dealing with a case that has gone on for 8 weeks, including putting her on life support, her fever finally breaking long enough to go home and then being back in the hospital a day or two later because it came roaring back. I’ll try to remember to post it when I get home, it was pretty heartbreaking. Makes me all the more nervous about a very slight, very occasional cough I’ve been feeling.
  9. Seems like a pretty standard left of center circular firing squad. Must be Thursday.
  10. Listening to NPR coverage yesterday, what surprised me was Gorsuch sounding testy and doubtful about the argument Trump’s lawyers were putting forth.
  11. Thanks for the response, I really hope those groups are running into a wall in their attempts to exploit this and continue dwindling. Best of luck with the chemo, Tears. As said, this is a heck of a time to be starting it, and it'll be a trial, but I'll be wishing th best for you and hubby that you pull through it.
  12. Are far right parties like AFD involved in protests and working against lockdowns and such? I saw some online comments where people who aren’t far right were talking about the right trying to adopt any position to undermine the government or get into power and generally stoking resentment. As for my experiences: in the New York City suburbs people are being pretty good so far about wearing masks and respecting distancing, at least that I’ve seen. Grocery stores require masks, have sanitizing wipes for carts, one local store is really strict about only letting in so many people at once, a number of stores require people to wear gloves while inside, etc. My dad, who has become a dyed in the wool Republican cultist over the course of the last 20 years or so grumbles about how we need to open up, but as far as I know all he does is grumble. And medical labs and testing is doing much better than we were on testing and getting results, but that’s an extremely low bar because a month to a month and a half ago things were a terrifying goddamn catastrophe. Not that I necessarily trust a lot of the new tests that are coming out, since the FDA has pretty much given up on properly regulating COVID medical tests and is letting anyone who wants to rush a test to market. Some of my colleagues and I were openly deriding my company’s antibody testing as a shameless cash grab when it first came out, now at least it gives some useful information, although I keep hearing that false negative and false positive rates for both swab and antibody testing remain horrifically high compared to what usually goes on the market for medical testing. Most are still better than nothing, however.
  13. But then how do you exploit... er, efficiently utilize your pool of disposable wage slaves... er, valued employees? Are you one of those weirdoes who isn't into exploiting masses of people, tossing them aside the moment they're no longer as profitable as possible for you, and then replacing them with the next desperate sucker who's in denial and thinks that it won't happen to them too? It's like you just don't understand American capitalism...
  14. Cuomo knocked it out of the park 100%. I might be in danger of going from loathing the man (albeit while grudgingly admitting to his competence) to not completely disliking him.
  15. Yeah, I think Trump has blown his big chance to turn things around. A month ago 538's aggregate had his polling at easily the best that its been since about his first month or two in office; a net approval of just under -3% approval (as in 3% more disapproved of him than approved, such as 46% approve, 49% disapprove) with the general population, -4% with likely/registered voters. Putting himself on display the way he has resulted in in both of those numbers hovering right around -9%. He's turned himself into more of a laughing stock than he was before, and there's video evidence of it everywhere, being spread and witnessed constantly on social media by people who now have a lot fewer distractions than they'd normally have who are looking for/to leadership. If the election were today, then as long as it was free and fair Trump's goose would probably be cooked. Polling outfits as notoriously in the bag for Republicans/conservatives as Rasmussen can't put together a higher than mid 40s approval rating for Trump, (whereas from mid-November to the start of March daily polls from Rasmussen stubbornly clung to an approval rating of 48-51%, with maybe one poll every week to two weeks dipping below that) and even OAN (yes, fucking OAN) can barely put him above a 50% approval rate. It's going to take something big to reverse that trend. It's not going to get any easier with every new bit of Trump stupidity, or the ads with video and audio full of his corruption and incompetence, both in general and regarding the pandemic in particular. Also, every casket that gets filled by Covid-19 this year is going to be a bigger stain on the Orange Idiot. A lot of red states and some swing states have been laughing this thing off, but going by confirmed infection rates, in another 3-4 weeks states like Florida, Georgia,, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, South Dakota, etc. are no longer going to have an easy time laughing it off. Also, those are just the confirmed cases, and as I've said throughout this whole mess, it's damn hard to get a test and be confirmed in most places. It gets harder to show up to the polls to vote for a guy when Aunt Sue and Uncle Jimmy died because of a disease and he's calling it fake news or suggesting people should be injecting household disinfectants. I don't feel like Biden being exciting is going to be an issue. People are unusually hyped to vote and are paying much more attention to news and politics than usual in this country, they're much more worked up than usual, and pretty much all Democrats and a majority of independents are dying to kick Trump to the curb. Plus there'll be some people who normally sit on the sidelines that will be coming out for this one. Usually Democratic voters want to fall in love with their candidates, but I think this time that while progressives have their candidates that they fell in love with and are pushing harder for change, a big majority of the mainstream Dems and indies are looking for stability, solid ground, and reverting back to what they know and are familiar with. They're spooked by any possibility of risk or that they might fall for the wrong candidate. As fucking frustrating as that is considering the opportunities that are open to be seized, that's life. After the election progressives just have to push harder to make a difference and get concessions, and all the while work overtime to convert more people to the cause. That's the one that worries me. That, and the crazy Republican shenanigans that may upend the law that the SC will either uphold or at least let stand until after the election.
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