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  1. Except you specifically said rape, and in the past in talking about the subject Reid has specifically said it wasn’t rape, but more like overly familiar touches (IIRC). Then that changed for awhile before changing back. Furthermore when she was saying it was assault she said it happened in some kind of isolated alcove in the Capitol building, (again, IIRC) between Biden’s office and another location. But when the journalists went to investigate the area they found no such alcove. Long story short I don’t pretend to know what’s going on here or what the truth is, but I’m not willing to call Biden a rapist yet. And even if I was and I ignored everything else about the two, Joe would still come out ahead of Donny here, (as Trump has repeatedly bragged about sexual assault and finding excuses to walk into the dressing rooms of teenage beauty contestants while they were changing clothes) and Trump is probably the most corrupt president in my lifetime and who is posing a direct threat to democracy in America, so... it is what it is.
  2. Worrying statements (even by the standards of this administration) have been coming hot and heavy the last few days. (Or at least have been revealed in the last few days.) Michael Caputo, a Roger Stone protégée and Trump’s politically appointed hatchet man at CDC, publicly accused government scientists of sedition, urged Trump supporters to be ready to put down the armed insurrection that will come after Trump wins, and just made some generally loony toons paranoid comments. (And he confirmed all of these statements. Also note the after Trump wins, not if Trump wins) Trump meanwhile, was pouring gasoline on a fire by congratulating law enforcement for killing the Portland antifa guy, (ignoring that said antifa guy was claiming self defense and at least one witness says that the police didn’t even attempt to bring him in, they just started shooting) and added “There has to be retribution when you have crime like this” Insert comparison to Trump’s statements about Kyle Rittenhouse <here>. Meanwhile Woodward reported in an NPR interview that Mattis, Tillerson, and Dan Coats (the key members of the early Trump National Security team) all described Trump as a danger to the country. Furthermore, Trump refused to answer questions about what he’d do if he lost the election.
  3. That was (one of) Trump’s 2016 campaign managers actually, a piece of weasel shit named Corey Lewandowski.
  4. I believe Arizona has also gotten a big influx of people moving there from California, which is also changing the character of the state. Pretty sure that Texas is also changing in part because of new blood, as lots of people from across the country have been moving there as both Austin and Dallas increasingly became tech hubs.
  5. Yep, this is the key thing for me. As long as the filibuster is in place, the Democrats need 60 votes in the Senate to do anything. So either you need 60 Dem Senators, (which happens so rarely you might as well not even mention it, and will only ever produce watered down crap that is acceptable to the most conservative member of that 60) or you need to get Republican Senators to go along with it. And as we all should have learned in the last dozen years or so, Republican Senators have 3 modes when it comes to negotiating with Democrats on Democratic priorities: 1) Will not negotiate with Democrats, period, end of story. 2) Will not negotiate with Democrats in good faith, like all the assholes who were promising that they were totally "negotiating" on the ACA for a year only because they wanted to get it right, not because they wanted to take every chance to lie to the public and run out the clock until the mid-term elections, and 3) will only negotiate with Democrats if they can get at least 5 times as many Republican priorities passed as the watered down Democrat priorities. The filibuster is for people who think things are just fine the way they are and don't need to change. And if that's you, let me know what world you're from, because it sounds like a better one than this, which needs an absolute metric fuckton of change. The only way the filibuster is worth keeping is if it's changed so much that it might as well not be the filibuster anymore. Let the cards fall where they may. Learn to sell the voters on your positions for real instead of half-heartedly mouthing a few words it and letting the system block you from actually doing it. Yeah, it'll change the political landscape, but the political landscape is always changing. Adapt or die.
  6. I just posted about this in US Politics but I wanted to mention it here too: when you see the devastation that will result from this (and likely other major storms) just remember that less than two weeks ago Trump's Executive Order took 44 billion dollars from FEMA to cover unemployment payments so Trump wouldn't have to fund unemployment by signing off on a bill that gave money to the Post Office.
  7. It's hard not to see it as an endorsement. Just a reminder as Laura tears through the Gulf Coast: less than two weeks ago Trump's Executive Order took 44 billion dollars from FEMA to cover unemployment payments so Trump wouldn't have to fund unemployment by signing off on a bill that gave money to the Post Office. Donny, you really are a dumbass and a dipshit.
  8. The California fire system and using inmates as virtual slave labor situation is completely fucked. And the worst is the perverse incentive not to even let them work as fire fighters once they've served their sentence. Why pay a real wage and benefits if you can get them to risk their lives for pennies after they can't find work, slide into recidivism, and get sent back to prison? A quick reminder of how actually, acutely awful many Republican candidates and Republicans who are about to join Congress are: It would be nice if, instead of fighting each other to the death about how many dollars an hour the minimum wage should be or whether Warren (who has addressed Native crowds and gatherings dozens of times and been embraced by most Native groups since the whole DNA kerfuffle) must self-flagellate for the rest of her life in atonement, my fellow leftists could remember to solve big problems and fight the actual enemy. I swear, some of you would get into a public fist fight with an acquaintance who accidentally stepped on your foot while shrugging about the guy who stabbed you 25 times while mugging you.
  9. Going back a little ways for something minor, but anyways... On some social media I've seen the retort that the real TDS is Total Devotion Syndrome, complete with memes of conservatives licking the boots of Trumps and/or fascists to show their complete obedience to the orange overlord. Take these two images, for example: https://i.imgur.com/G0nloIA.jpg https://i.imgur.com/MrECOfO.jpg
  10. After the refusal to even consider Garland, the threat by multiple Senators to refuse to seat any Justice nominated by Clinton had she won, and the countless ways that the norms of judicial nominations have been violated by Republicans during the Trump administration, it would be utter idiocy for Democrats not to have those options at least on the table. I basically think that on the subject of the courts, and the Supreme Court in particular, Republican politicians have not just flipped the table to avoid losing the boardgame, but effectively taken out a gun and threatened the other player with it to avoid defeat. It’s actual insanity at that point to act as though you’ll get anywhere by trying to restart the game and you can go back to playing nicely by the rules.
  11. One of the founders of the Republican PAC Turning Points USA also just died. Social media was amusing itself last night by comparing the headlines about his death with his memes about taking joy in taunting leftists by refusing to wear a mask.
  12. Problems with Fox start with the Murdoch family. All the crazed hosts, toxic viewpoints and culture, deranged conspiracy theory crap, racism, tolerance for rapists, misogyny, political bias, etc., all extend from them. Focusing on the tv faces, or even on most writers and back room figures, is the equivalent of only focusing on the tentacles of an octopus instead of the body.
  13. Just because I'm pretty sure I haven't seen mention of it, and in case anyone else missed it: 16 term Representative Eliot Engel officially lost his primary race to progressive challenger Jamaal Bowman
  14. NYT, NPR, WaPo, etc., post stories like this and people are like "So what else is knew? Tell me something I didn't know." The same people see the same info on social media and are like "Why doesn't the media run these stories?!?!!?!1?"
  15. Thank you very much. I hope my previous post didn't come off as condescending. I'm sorry if it came off as lecturing you, and I realized after I made my post that it might come off that way. You live your experience every day and every time you go to get medical care, I on the other hand just heard of it and started telling you what to do and how. So regardless of anything else, I'm sorry for that. I changed careers to get into healthcare just a few years ago, and ever since it's been driven home time and again how little I knew about it beforehand, and that's despite growing up all around it as a nurse's son and growing up around many others. I meet a lot of other people in the same boat, and tend to jump to teaching and explaining right away, sometimes whether it's called for or not.
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