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    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    Loki and Bonnot do create one hell of an over the top feedback loop. I agree with you two on much, maybe most of what you say, but it doesn’t stop me from cringing fairly often when I read your posts.
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    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    NPR is a great information source, but they do tend toward being overly polite and adverse to calling out some things they should.
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    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    We know he pretty much flat out lied under oath about Bush torture memos, and now he's willing to lie about his past in an interview where he passionately claims that he wants to clear his name, so that pretty much makes him completely unbelievable as far as I'm concerned. Two immigration related stories for everyone here: A Supreme Court ruling ruling from the summer may mean that thousands of deportation cases will be thrown out. Long story shortish: if an undocumented immigrant stays in the US for over ten years without any legal woes or a summons to appear in immigration court, they could be eligible to stay. Over the summer, the Supreme Court ruled that immigration officials did not follow the law for summoning a man to immigration court when they left both where and when he had to appear in court blank. Apparently that's such a common occurrence that the ruling may be used to prevent thousands of potential deportations. For all of Trump's claims to want high skilled immigrants, his administration is making it harder for high skilled workers to get or renew a visa, and in the latest pointless petty cruelty, the administration appears to be on the edge of cancelling a program that allows the spouses of H-1B visa holders to get a work permit while they wait for a green card. By the way, as is too often the case with NPR, it's far too polite when it makes reference to the Center for Immigration Studies, which is the alt-Right's favorite anti-immigrant "think tank" and whose founder was a racist that often made common cause with White Nationalists and Eugenicists. So that's who the official head of Citizenship and Immigration Services voluntarily gave a speech to.
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    US Politics: Crossing that Ford

    On the Fox interview, Kavanaugh tried to claim that he'd never drunk to the point where he wouldn't be able to remember what happened the night before, presumably to cut off a line of approach it could be suggested that he did things while drunk that he didn't remember afterwards. Unfortunately for him, a bunch of his Yale classmates and his own past statements are calling bullshit on that claim. A few sections from the article: So, about Kavanaugh's credibility...
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    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    I have to take a moment to ask the various people who think that playing hardball over Kavanaugh will backfire because the Republicans will do the same in return sometime in the future: Are you for real? What world are you living in? Because in the real world, Republicans refused to even consider the nominee of a twice elected Democratic President for a year, (a nominee they all said was an ideal compromise pick that nobody could vote against) then multiple Republican Senators, including prominent ones, began hinting that they would refuse to seat any nominee by the next President when they believed that President would be Clinton, even if that meant refusing to seat any SCOTUS justices for 8 more years on top of the 1 they had already stalled. You say that Republicans would respond with spurious allegations as payback? In the real world, spurious Republican allegations about Democrats have been a way of life for more than 25 years. From Vince Foster to "I invented the internet" to birtherism to ACORN to Planned Parenthood tapes to Benghazi to Pizzagate to QAnon, that is the way of life for Republican activists. You think that's going to change? You think Republicans won't already employ every dirty trick in the book and some the book writers never imagined to maintain control over the courts? All the Republican politicos care about is winning, getting their way, and reshaping America to their whim, damn everyone and everything in the way, whether we're talking about individuals, large segments of the population, democratic norms, the basic premises of our country and Constitution, etc. And they especially want the courts, because if they have a stranglehold there it won't matter if angry voters keep them out of power for 20 years, the courts can still find every BS reason and loophole to shut down the Democratic agenda until they can finally take power again and pick up right where they left off. If you don't recognize these facts, you either are not paying attention, are in denial, or you aren't living in the real world. Kindly tell me where the portal is to the world you're living in, which wardrobe I have to climb into, because the real world really kinda sucks right now, and I’d like to join you.
  6. The rumor I hear is that Bin Salman recently got embarrassed and lost a few points with the current King, he’s trying to focus everyone on an outside enemy (even if one has to be created) so he doesn’t lose his position and support.
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    Youtube Videos.

    Here's the official sequel to the original People Are Awesome video.