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  1. 1. What is Ramsay doing on the Isles? Why would he go there? 2. Roose says his bastard is at the Dreadfort. I'm not buying Dagmer=Ramsay, yet.
  2. YES! We will see the Bastard of Bolton! Not immediately, but we will see him! Hallejuha! :bowdown:
  3. Whoever it was who first compared Dany's enemies to the hedonism bot, I applaud you. It was hilarious this episode. The shadow was awesome!
  4. Greetings! I was introduced by way of a friend recommending the series. When I had finished I had to know what came next and discovered the books. I flew through the five books (mostly thanks to Roy Dotrice). Now I have to withhold plot points from my friend who introduced me to the series as he doesn't have much reading time and is waiting for the next season of the series. In the meantime, we have introduced many of our mutual friends to the show and (hopefully) are spreading the fanbase. FYI: Favorite houses=Martells and Greyjoys followed by Starks
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