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  1. Was starting to think I'd maybe made it up.
  2. It's been a while since I read the books, but was Gilly's kid (the one she left the North with) not really Mance Rayders? Hers is somewhere else...or was that plot line dropped on TV
  3. Agreed. That didn't seem right. Kinda made the ending of E5 seem meaningless.
  4. I kinda assumed Craster got swallowed up by the dead army on their march towards the Wall. As for Sam, anything goes with him - not my favourite character. Seemed to long outlive any relevance, other than being Jon's pal.
  5. Just felt like a lot of rushed wrapping up of story lines i.e. a 75 minute epilogue. Truly hated the small council scene. The "A Song of Ice and Fire" book made me think of "There and Back - A Hobbit's Tale" - really corny. Felt we needed a twist. Didn't come close to one. Really lame ending to an epic saga.
  6. Prince Aegon VI

    Goodbye Ghost

    Ghost and Tormund are the best two characters in the program. They're both better out of it. Get North of the wall and be done with the wasters of Westeros.
  7. Prince Aegon VI

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Have tried a few things since finishing ASOIAF: Rec Joe Abercrombie - . Have just finished Book 1 of the The First Law and am about to begin the second. Would highly recommend him to anyone who liked ASOIAF. Best thing I've read in ages and that probably includes Dance. Brilliant. Could well develop into my favourite author. Sand Dan Glokta is one of the best characters in my recent reading memory. Scott Lynch - First book of the Gentlemen Bastards was good. Second was a tad less engrosing. Has potential but a lack of main characters i.e. it's about one person and an accomplice, make it feel a bit limited in it's "epicness". Non-Rec Bakker - Gave me a headache. Rothfuss - Hated the style i.e. the central character telling his own story. Felt like I was getting the story twice. Once from the author and again from the Kvothe. Just didn't click with me.