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    What do you Collect?

    Currently Have: The Hedge Knight (GN) The Hedge Knight: Sworn Sword(GN) Game of Thrones (SC) Clash of Kings (SC) Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow (SC) Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold (SC) A Feast for Crows (SC) A Dance with Dragons (HC) Longclaw (Book Version) Faceless Men Coin Watcher on the Wall Poster Targaryen Sigil Poster Blu Ray Game of Thrones Season 1 Hand of the King Pin The RPG Game Targaryen Shirt Targaryen Ring Catspaw Blade Mockingbird Pin Edited: Bought more stuff :)
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    One thing I just noticed where/when did Tyrion lose his helmet because I recall Pod giving it to him but then he doesn't have it with Mandon...