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  1. Enjoyed some parts of the episode...the Hound, Arya, the Waif biting it. I did not like the way they made Edmure into a chump handing over Riverrun. Yes he does so in the books, but he also buys time for his uncle to escape. Edmure has never been a favorite, but he was man stuck between a rock and hard place and he still managed to thumb his nose at his Freys by helping his uncle. And why for the love of the seven does Jamie still love Cersei? They have totally flattened his redemption arc.
  2. I didn't hate the entire episode, but I really hope that GRRM does not do that to Shireen in the books. I figured it was coming, but it still sucked.
  3. He lost the dragon glass before he could use it. If I remember correctly I believe Sam reads something about Valerian steel working against the White Walkers (in the books). It makes sense that Valerian steel would work given how it is forged. I like the idea that Jorah is the one to release the dragons.
  4. I had to give it a 10 since the episode made me scream at the tv. I was yelling at John to "PICK UP LONGCLAW...OMG PICK IT UP!!!" Glad he could here me ;-) That battle was totally intense. This episode made up for some of my disappointment in previous episodes. Also I was really glad to see Arya in her Cat of the Canals persona even if they gave her another name.
  5. So does anyone have an idea as to why the writers decided to off Barristan? He plays such a crucial role (at least I thought so) when Dany flies away. I cannot figure out a reason. Maybe I am not imaginative enough. What I am hoping is that they didn't just kill him off for shits and giggles. I assume they want to shake things up to keep the book readers guessing, but isn't it enough that they will/are ahead of the source material?
  6. I get that they have to streamline the plot by cutting characters or merging some into one, but this is ridiculous! Dorne is a farce. I was really looking forward to the Sand Snakes, but I was very disappointed in what we got. Cersei...gah! It would have been so easy to have her conversation with the HS be about the crown's debt and to make the Militant Faith be the compromise as in the books. The treatment of Loras has reached a new low. He is now simply a gay man and nothing else. The biggest disappointment though is Barristan. Really? They have him killed!?! WTF! At least he got to fight, but really, who is going to take over for Dany (assuming she does leave)? The only redeeming scene was Stannis and Shereen. I thought that played out very well. I have rolled fairly well with the changes for TV, and have tried very hard to treat the show as an adaptation and not judge it too harshly. I know it cannot follow the books exactly and I would not want it to. However, such huge mistakes like Sansa marrying Ramsey, Barristan's death, Jamie in Dorne (again, WTF), and no Arianne, are driving me crazy. Also, what happened to the Greyjoys? They are probably my least favorite story line to read, but it is like the never existed. If I were not so starved for anything related to ASOIAF, I would stop watching. I am afraid that the show is going to spoil the next two books for me. If they were doing it well, I would not mind so much, but since they really going off the rails, I don't want to the joy of reading ruined by a mediocre adaption. Sorry for the rant, but I don't have anyone to talk GOT with and I really had to get this off my chest. I have never rated an episode as low as I did this one. I am going to go explode now... :bang:
  7. As much as I hated Joff, I will miss Jack Gleeson. He is done acting now. He is so good I wish he would keep it up, but I totally respect his choice to leave it. He had an awesome death scene.
  8. It looked to me like there was a stone missing from Sansa's necklace on her left side. Since it was on top of her dress it was hard to tell, but it looked like it was missing. Also was the dwarf that was playing Robb Stark actually Penny? I never saw a face and the voice sounded like a female imitating a male.
  9. Rereading the series...again.

  10. I am giving this a 10 simply because I am over the moon that we got the tub scene between B&J (just noticed their initials together *giggle*) and we got the "lord's kiss" even if it was not named as such.
  11. Listening to Storm of Swords getting ready for new season of Game of Thrones.

  12. Agree! It is fun to see what non book readers think, what they get right and wrong, and to just get a new perspective. Cheers to a fun season and episode...boo that we must wait another year...
  13. Stopped my reread for now to watch Game of Thrones.

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