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  1. On the Norse thing, Thor had a cart pulled by two goats, Tooth Gnasher and Tooth Grinder, which describes Stannis.
  2. There's a lot of stuff here, not easy to check on duplicates, but the sword forged from the heart of a star reflects a similar weapon in de Camp's The Tritonian Ring. In that story the protagonist is tasked with retrieving that which the Gods fear, which was a ring forged from a fallen star. The ring is lost (treacherous ringbearer eaten by crocodiles) so the protagonist obtains the fallen star and takes it to the only smith who can forge that metal. Instead of a ring he has a sword made. As it turns out, the reason the Gods feared the ring was that the star metal killed magic.
  3. The Staples Singers' "Smiling Faces" for the whole scene in King's Landing. "Smiling faces show no traces of lies that work within"
  4. Hello. I see that you're now following me. That doesn't happen much, so I'm flattered. It appears that English is not your native language; may I ask where you live? I'm very interested in the larger world that so many Americans want to deny exists. 

    1. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort


      Yes English are not my first language, which is obvious from my mistakes, I live in South Europe in Mediterranean region. We have sun, sea, nice food, nice weather and people on the Internet screaming "PAY DEBTS" everytime we say where we come from :lol:.  

      I wanted to say that I admired the way you answer the questions, always straight to the point and with really beautiful words.

    2. Light a wight tonight

      Light a wight tonight

      I'll guess Hellas as your country, cradle of European civilization. I'd like to visit some day. 

      I actually prefer the way many Europeans write English to the mess some Americans make of the language. It's truly embarrassing, and even worse is the fact that they can't see how bad they look. 

    3. Jon's Queen Consort

      Jon's Queen Consort

      You are correct! If you come you will really love it.

      I don’t know about how different they write, I am not sure if this is the correct expression, so I cannot judge and since English isn’t my first language I cannot really understand most of the mistakes someone makes. The only thing I have seen around Internet to be mentioned is the fact that many people confuse there with their and they’re.

  5. Since a few other science fiction writers (Vance, Piper, etc) are referenced in ASoIaF, Gared the Ranger could easily be Randall Garrett. 
  6. Not sure if this has cropped up, lots of posts here and the search gets clumsy, but Lord Gormon Peake, a Blackfyre supporter, sounds like a reference to the Gormenghast books by Mervyn Peake.
  7. Rollie (Duck) Duckfield may be a shoutout to comedian W. C. Fields, whose name was originally Dukenfield.
  8. I like the way you give a clinical description of Hughes with official-sounding terminology and then write Aerys off as batshit crazy. BTW, the analogy was to Aerys's appearance and actions, which are pretty evocative of Hughes's. This is literature, not psychology.
  9. Don't recall seeing this similarity: Lann the Clever and Vance's Cugel the Clever, both were practiced con men, though Cugel generally outsmarted himself.
  10. Aerys the Mad in his later years is very reminiscent of Howard Hughes in the same period of his life, including not having his hair cut or nails trimmed.
  11. Don't think I've seen this one: Petyr Baelish's steward at his tower in the Fingers is named Umfred, which has to be a nod to Brother Umphred the vile Christian monk/missionary in Vance's Lyonesse trilogy.
  12. I don't think I've seen this possibility: in an Alayne chapter in Crows the Lords Declarant are coming to the Eyrie to meet with Littlefinger. Among them is Symond Templeton. Sounds very much like Simon Templar, the Saint of mystery novels. (Damn, I just googled this and found that there's also a Simon Templeton character in Runescape.)
  13. Tolkien uses warg as a synonym for wolf. I think it was in The Hobbit that the line "Where the warg howls the orc prowls" appears, showing a cooperation between wolves and orcs.
  14. Maybe nothing to it, but there are some parallels between Queen Selyse and Queen Sollace in Vance's Lyonesse trilogy. Beyond the names' similarity they are married to men who aren't interested in them sexually and perform as a matter of duty, and both are taken with a foreign religion, R'hllorism for Selyse and Christianity for Sollace. They both pester their husbands to join those faiths. Beyond that the characters are nothing alike.
  15. That definition would definitely fit the old-timey Starks and the offshoot Karstarks. Hardass mofos.
  16. Vale of Arryn. There's a Val d'Aran, a tiny bit of Spain (Catalunya) north of the Pyrenees, where the native language is Gascon.
  17. Dany's quote: "I am but a young girl" etc is very similar to the line from Donovan's Young Girl Blues "You are but a young girl, (working your way through the phonies)". I'm sure GRRM's familiar with the song. And Dany's working her way through her share of phonies.
  18. Summerhall: a shoutout to Pat Summerall the TV sportscaster who worked football (GRRM's passion) games for so many years?
  19. I don't think there are. They have neeps. You could have The Knights who say Neep.
  20. Snrk... And Asha Greyjoy would be a Bratz?
  21. Famous authors like Robert A. Heinlein? It was a typo; gimme a break.
  22. Most likely it is. And Tolkein picked up the dwarf names from the Völuspá. Thorin and Oakenshield (Eikinskjaldi) are separate beings, and Gandalf is listed as a dwarf there.
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