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  1. 19 hours ago, The Hoare said:

    We have no reason to believe in that, and even then what kind of septon would marry them?

    Lyanna was of the Old Faith, not a Seven-worshiper and Rhaegar was a Valyrian, following the Seven for reasons of state. They could have had some alternative sort of marriage ceremony. A septon wouldn't be necessary for that. That's could have, not definitely had, but the possibility is there. 

  2. I'd have to say that there is no ship that is best for all purposes. Braavos is modeled after Venice and Venice pretty much ruled the Eastern Mediterranean for a long time with their navy. Likewise, Braavos's navy kept them safe from the various Essosi states. That doesn't mean that their ships are best overall, just that they are well-suited to their own needs. Their ships are galleys, not well suited to deep ocean voyages and rough weather.

    It pretty much  follows that everyone's ships have plus and minus factors. Military use isn't of primary importance. Tywin had something to say about winning battles with quill and raven rather than an army.

  3. I'd say that Renly would use the info that Cersei's children were the product of an incestuous affair with her brother as an excuse to execute her, the kiddies, and Jaime. And publicize it to the max. That would attaint the Lannisters to the extent that Tywin would have to retreat to Casterly Rock in shame, not to mention that he would no longer have dynastic aspirations anent the Iron Throne.

    Renly's next step would be to clear his name of kinslaying in connection with Stannis's death. 

  4. 6 hours ago, LadyOfCastamere said:

    It reminded me of the prophecy of the Ghost of HH and how a maid will kill a titan, but I doubt Sansa could do this as a 13-year-old girl. It shouldn't be difficult for Sandor, though.

    What's your take on this?


    The Titan is often taken to be Littlefinger. In the Ghost' narrative the characters are referred to by their house sigils, and Baelish's is is the Titan of Braavos.

  5. 20 hours ago, Tyrion1991 said:


    I don’t think the mechanics make sense and I question his reasoning.

    Westeros is a vibrant multi cultural, ethnic and religious realm where all faiths are tolerated and deemed equally valid? Where there has been no violence between the disparate ethnicities for centuries. This is a utopian situation that George is presenting. That might be a pass in Elder Scrolls (even that has wars of religion and ethnic conflict) but considering that the series professes to be grounded I don’t buy it. Usually you only had begrudging (to put it mildly in many cases) toleration and they were usually reduced to second class citizens by various penalties and levies. 

    Really the Faith shouldn’t just consider it a bit quaint that the FM worship trees. They should consider it blasphemous since it means they are denying the divine truth of the real Gods.

    Consider Cat. When Christian women married the likes of Clovis they went out of their way to convert them to Christianity and abandon paganism. Because they truly believed their husbands soul was at risk if he did not. But Cat just thinks of them as “your Gods” and hers are just the ones with the rules. People talk like this in the modern world but it goes utterly against it. Societies only went in this direction because of the Enlightenment, the printing press and the spread of secular education; none of which exists in George’s fictional world. Yet they all act as if religion isn’t a big deal worth killing people over. The show Vikings and the Last Kingdom does a good job of depicting this conflict between Paganism and Christianity.

    I think GRRM did this because he didn’t want the conflict to be tainted by becoming a religious war. He wanted to make these conflicts entirely personal and familial in nature. When, in reality, it really was just butchering people over what copy of the bible they had. 

    Its so ironic because he depicts the Rhollor religion as the aberration when in fact it’s the closest to a real world representation of an actual faith from this time period. They actually believe God is real and you should do what he tells you. Which means all those idols are false Gods and you’re going to hell unless we make you change.

    Yet even this doesn’t get the attention it should. Stannis isn’t seen as an apostate who wants to forcibly convert the Seven Kingdoms, burn their Weirwoods and tear their cathedrals down. That’s barely talked about seriously and few consequences spring from it. Jon’s basically like “oh, some of the lads up North won’t like that”. When if he actually believed in any of this none sense he would be incensed that he would even consider it. George likes to mention offhand that a few crazy people care about these things but almost every character is agnostic or atheist. Which is not believable in a pre enlightenment civilisation.


    It reads as if you have some need for things to follow your worldview. Obviously GRRM has his own and has written the books in accordance with that. 

    Try looking at it this way: this is a work of fantasy, and fantasy calls for a "willing suspension of disbelief". Suspend your disbelief in a world without religious or ethnic strife and just enjoy the story.

  6. 5 hours ago, Slowpoke Martin said:

    Why does it feel like people are just grasping at straws and throwing in any and all symbolism or foreshadowing that they can to try and justify why Sansa or Arya will kill Littlefinger? Everything bad that has happened to the Starks has been because of their own actions. Littlefinger is not some greenseer mastermind that knows what people are thinking or what they plan on doing, he is just a huge troll who has benefited from the ignorance of highborn morons.

    LprdWhy would Sansa want Littlefinger dead? He helped her escape from the Lannisters and aided in killing Joffrey, he saved her life again from serLysa, and he is currently protecting her and teaching her.

    What you think as a reader doesn't matter, the characters' actions depend on what they know. So put aside your character bias and provide reasoning based on what the characters know and how their actions would result in Littlefinger's death.

    Whether or not Sansa has cause to want Lord Petyr dead the Ghost of High Heart has prophesied that the maid with venomous snakes in her hair will kill the raging giant, and that is taken by many as Sansa killing LF. 

    I don't think Sansa has many illusions about the man LF is. She's seen him have Ser Dontos, the man she's protected and who got her out of the Red Keep killed in cold blood. Who knows what else she may find out? That he was the one who persuaded Joff to have Ned killed rather than having him sent to the Wall, as had been agreed on?

  7. There's a lot of stuff here, not easy to check on duplicates, but the sword forged from the heart of a star reflects a similar weapon in de Camp's The Tritonian Ring. In that story the protagonist is tasked with retrieving that which the Gods fear, which was a ring forged from a fallen star. The ring is lost (treacherous ringbearer eaten by crocodiles) so the protagonist obtains the fallen star and takes it to the only smith who can forge that metal. Instead of a ring he has a sword made. As it turns out, the reason the Gods feared the ring was that the star metal killed magic.

  8. 20 minutes ago, Angel Eyes said:

    That makes Hoster an idiot. Unless he tried to kill his daughter...

    Hoster told his maester "My daughter is preggers by that worthless POS from the Fingers. If she comes to term we'll be a laughingstock and she will lose her value as  a marriageable commodity. Give her something to fix it."  If you can't trust your maester who can you trust? Why assume that Hoster knew what would be administered or what the long-term effects would be? He didn't forge a link for medicine at the Citadel, to the best of my knowledge.

    And, of course, it's just a guess that the tansy did damage Lysa's reproductive organs. Could be "the seed is weak"on Jon Arryn's part.


  9. 18 minutes ago, Angel Eyes said:

    Tell that to Lysa Tully.


    18 minutes ago, Angel Eyes said:

    Tell that to Lysa Tully.

    As I said, Hoster talked about tansy, not moon tea. If moon tea was all that dangerous maesters wouldn't be providing it to young ladies the way they do. Dosage is important. In the real world digitalis is both a deadly poison and a treatment for a heart attack.

  10. 46 minutes ago, Angel Eyes said:

    I thought moon tea and tansy were one and the same, with tansy being an ingredient of moon tea.

    Moon tea would be tansy with buffers and stuff to make it milder, IMO. Moon tea is pretty commonly used so it can't be all that hard on the ladyparts the way full-strength tansy seems to be. But we never see too much clinical discussion, do we?

  11. 27 minutes ago, Kandrax said:

    Remember that Lysa almost died because of moontea, so probably they didn't wanted to risk.

    What Lysa got was probably stronger than moon tea. It's referred to as tansy by Hoster. Moon tea is like a "morning after" preventive dose while tansy actually causes an abortion.

  12. It probably would have been a good idea, but the whole situation in KL was pretty turbulent right then and nobody really cared much about poor Lollys anyhow. 

    Overall, she didn't make out so badly. Bronn willingly marrried her, big tummy and all, and he's the kind of ruthless opportunist that will survive the upcoming chaos where the Stokeworths, who were pretty useless, would have been destroyed.