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  1. Yeah I don't don't really feel any hype either for exactly the same reasons.
  2. Didn't Herzog's crew offer to kill Kinski for him during the production of one of these movies, only for Herzog to decline because he might need Kinski for reshoots?
  3. That's probably the most realistic thing about Lake Placid.
  4. Yeah, I haven't read all of Sweet Tooth but I was impressed with what I did read, so I'm looking forward to checking this out. However I do think the trailer is a little bit more whimsical than I remember the comic being.
  5. At lest we can agree that it certainly isn't Roadhouse, the least silly movie ever.
  6. I thought his previous movie Verotika was the worst thing ever?
  7. No I didn't. Loved Vic Mackey in the truck though.
  8. There's like 3 good seasons, when it goes downhill it goes downhill spectacularly. The final two seasons are absolutely awful.
  9. I think the entire third season is supposed to focus on Denise.
  10. I'm glad Daniel Kaluuya won, he was magnetic in Judas and The Black Messiah.
  11. Well, Carth deserves it for being such a fucking nag.
  12. The final episode was just like the rest of the show, painfully half-assed. If this was a Marvel movie it would be a low-tier Marvel movie. Oh, and Sam's Captain America headgear looks really fucking dumb.
  13. Shock G was a great rapper and a terrific producer. Both he and Digital Underground deserves way more cred than they probably got, and not just for giving Tupac his first show at rapping. RIP
  14. That looks really fucking stupid and not in a good way.
  15. Hell Yeah! Really excited for this, loved the first two seasons and I am happy they get the chance to continue.
  16. So, The Boys?(or at least the comic book version)
  17. DMX was one of the biggest rappers in the world when I first got into hip hop and in a way will always remain so in my mind. He was not the most eloquent rapper but more than made up for it with power and aggressiveness, plus his first three albums are straight classics. RIP
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