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  1. Yeah, The Gentlemen was utter fucking garbage.
  2. I never watched Neon Demon, but I'd say it's on par with Only God Forgives.
  3. Fuck no, I barely lasted three episodes. It's Refn indulging in his all his worst tendencies.
  4. With Cinemax moving away from original shows, I think this will probably be the final season of Warrior.
  5. Oh I wasn't imlpying that you did, it might not have come out exactly as I intended. And I agree that it is a good change for both A-Train and The Deep, as I can't really remember the latter doing that much in the comic book.
  6. Well, A-Train was a white guy in the comic.
  7. Doesn't Portland have quite some history with white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups?
  8. Could they have chosen a more boring color-scheme?
  9. The other one is about and MMA-gym and Stars Frank Grillo and Jonathan Tucker. It is also a good show.
  10. Green Room is so good, probably my favourite movie of the last five or so years. Kingdom is dope as fuck.
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