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  1. It is possible it would not matter if she had. Rhaeger was a married man who ran off with a woman engaged to someone else, her consent would have been irrelevant to her father's anger. Also since she was under the age of majority, she would have been unable to consent by the laws of Westeros.


  2. Ok, fine! But they have to be nice to Sansa and give her lemon cakes, and leave Sam alone with lots of books, and buy Ser Alliser a puppy. Deal?

    ...that's a fine post to make hedge knight with, if I do say so myself.

    Oh absolutely. They'll make Shireen Night Queen and she'll make sure no more little girls are hurt.

  3. Secret alliance with the Klingons confirmed. The Lannisters'll never know what hit them.

    Not to go all Trekkie on you but not only did the Klingons have nothing to do with the enhancements but by the time DS9 came around, the Klingons were members of the Federation.

    You could try Cardashians, Dominion or (I think ) Romulans.

  4. A 13-year-old character can't have sex on TV in the UK, afaik. I don't know how reliable this site is, but they say the character is now 'around 18'. And what I meant before was, even if it's less, say 16, he can't act like a little boy or he comes across as a complete idiot.

    Forgot the link:


    Back in Season 1, Loras stated on-screen that Tommen is only eight years old. Four years pass by Season 5, which by this original number would make him only 12 on his wedding night - but when Tommen was recast for Season 4 with an older actor, his age was apparently retconned so that he is around 18 years old in Season 5. Other than retconning this one specific line from Season 1, however, it was indeed possible to increase Tommen's age to around 18 without violating internal story logic (Tommen can't be older than Joffrey would have been).

    Let me just say that retcon is ridiculous.


    If Tommen is indeed eighteen, then he seems, to my uneducated ey, to present an intellectual disabilitY. He acts like a child and it seems just as bad, y'know?

    I might not have minded so much if they actually addressed it on the show but it was just brushed aside without impact as though it was only there for the "didn't last long" jokes.

  5. Sounds like you're confusing Westeros with wherever you live in the real world. Height of presentist stupidity. Come on haters, you can do better than this shit.

    Is that even a real word?

    And I think you're making a rather common mistake: even if the age of consent is twelve in Westeros, it doesn't mean Tommen magically has the understanding of an adult. He is still a chil, still unable to give meaningful consent and it is still rape, even if it is legal in Westeros.

  6. But they didn't age him intellectually/psychologically, he still behaves like a boy who wants to ban beets. It's yet another example of doing one thing (ageing Tommen) to enable you to do something else (have the character have sex) with little to no regard to logic or consistency.

    They explicitly refer to him as being eight years old in season one-so unless a minimum of eight years has passed since, he's barely scraping thirteen and is a child.

  7. If you are referring to me, I hope you understand that I wasn't serious. I was horrified by that scene. However, there is an argument out there that Sansa choose to marry the Boltons. A scenario so ridiculous it needs to be mocked relentlessly. And a point made by the article, which I found to be ridiculous.

    Whelp I am so sorry. I completely misread your post.

    English and I are not getting along today. :blush:

    ETA really rereading your comment I am horrified at how badly I misread it. :dunce: :leaving:

  8. I found that last night on Twitter as I was signing off, and just WOW......powerful stuff, and my heart goes out to her. I hope one day she finds some peace and happiness and can have more than an internet hug in her life. Until then, she gets one from me. I admire also, in spite of all the personal issues, that she can see the difference in handling of the subject matter between the books and the show.

    One thing I found interesting in that post was this: She mentions not only the crack made to Sophie about getting a love interest, she also mentions that someone on set gave Sophie, by not Iwan who plays Ramsey, a fake wedding card? I haven't kept up with all the behind scenes things lately, as D&D make me sicker and sicker, but I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this? Was Sophie given a fake wedding card? And, by whom?

    Whoever it was deserved to be punched.