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  1. Is that supposed to be snark remark - I'm sick of people ripping on those fans, so what if they like San/San it's actually more plausible and yes romantic in some ways than any other couples in the entire series. It's not imaged when he asks her to come with him Blackwater, nor was imaged when he gave her that damned cloak right before he nearly defended her. esp for Sansa's arc because she likes love stories and love ballads so much thus anything remotely resembling a 'song' if you will intrigue people. AND nothing in this series is romantic in any sense (regarding major characters), this happens to come close so people latch onto it.
  2. I've said this before... and I'll say it again - Tywin Lannister is a dick and degenerate bastard :bawl: BUTTT he's such a bad ass in the showww... I kinda hate myself for liking as much as I do.. It's Charles Dance, he just owns it! Him riding on horse to Harrenhal .. was just - made me weak in the knees - BEST part of the entire episode! I loved Stannis and Davos' interactions on the boat! And I especially loved the Renly and Stannis negotiation scene (Melisandre :wub: -- and the later when she births her shadow babies, that scene was pure EPICNESS ) I have only one complaint and it's regarding Sansa, I feel like the writers have forgotten she's a POV, hence main, character. Not some random side line character for Cersei and Joffery's to emotionally and physically torture. She had one great scene last episode when she's reflecting on herself in the mirror and her interactions with Shae. Hope that changes soon. 7/10 :D
  3. I'm getting a strange feeling... I love Lena Headey to bits and her fab portrayal of Cersei, butttt-- I just cant see her being slutty Cersei who sleeps around and acts all bipolar - there i said it. Cersei's supposed to sleep around a lot, esp in the later books, and Lena just plays her soo calm and classy and sophisticated, which is exacerbated in the show when the producers changed some of her unclassy (book) actions (ordering the death of the bastards etc) and softened her up a bit.
  4. OMMMMGGG thats so right they did say that during the fight :( That would've taken away from Yoren's death i think. BUT i certainly would've liked to have seen it included in the scene! And i also agree with you, i like Asha and the girl who plays her well. :cheers:
  5. holy lord jesus, I thought Theon was going to send that beautiful letter :( then he burned it to bits! And Yoren's death was just heart wrenching :( This particular episode made up for the last two, seriously it was an awesome episode!! yay!
  6. gahhh I'm addicted- like fullyyy

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