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    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    The Kane series by Karl Edward Wagner. A most excellent Dark fantasy series. The man Character Kane is a heroic villain. :) 1. Bloodstone 2. Dark Crusade 3. Darkness Weaves 4. Death Angels Shadow 5 . NightWinds Other things wager has written Conan novel Conan Road of Kings And he did a spectacular novel based on another Robert E Howard character Bran Mak Morn The book is Bran Mak Morn Legion of the Shadows. Wrote a really good hurry anthology book IN A LONELY PLACE. Co- wrote with David Drake and a science fiction novel Killer . I'ts about a an alien bounty hunter tracking down a monster loosed in ancient Rome. :)
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    Im a long time reader of science fiction , Fantasy and Horror .I love to talk about Science fiction books and movies and TV series. :rolleyes: