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    Hi everyone. I got started reading ASoIaF during my first year of graduate school in a literary field. Now it's my third year in graduate school and I'm still into these books! As a snooty literary type, I used to like to lament about purple & pulp in relation to GRRM's books, and how GRRM laid on the R + L = J waaay too thick for people used to reading more "subtle" stuff. Over the past couple of years I've given up a few of my pretensions and I'm way more comfortable saying I am a big fan of the series. I love thinking about the plot lines and speculating. I thought I was a careful reader, but these forums have really blown my mind. There are so many of you here who pay serious attention to the text. I'm looking forward to speculating some more as I re-read the books this year in advance of the next installment of the series on HBO. babyb