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  1. Roboginger

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    good Episode, not the best this season its up there though.I think If they did not have Tyrion be a decent dude to Sansa before the wedding they could have pulled off the Sansa no kneel move without her coming off as a dick. But as it was filmed i think she would have come off as mean.
  2. Roboginger

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Sansa would have come as a total bitch if she refused to Kneel.
  3. I'd she is a spy she could be lying about being pregnant. Not sure what implications that could mean, possibly the will in the book leaving Jon Winterfell gets discredited.
  4. Roboginger

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I find it interesting and compelling, better then watching a giant stereotype that is Loras or Sansa acting like a idiot.
  5. Walking in the daytime killed it for me, in a wide open stretch of land. If it was closer to dusk with the area being closed off a bit with some trees. There was no ominous tone for me when I watched. I can understand the cold desolate thing they were going for but I just did not feel any suspense.
  6. Roboginger

    What do you Collect?

    1. Books 1-4 Paper back 2. aDwD Hardcover 3. All the Comic books the have come out so far. 1-12 i think at this point 4. Compilations for the comic books. think there is 2 so far 5. All the dunk and egg books. 6. The Hedge Night Graphic Novel Hardcover- http://www.amazon.com/Hedge-Knight-George-R-R-Martin/dp/0785127240 7. Audio Books 1-5 read by Roy Dotrice 8. PDFs of all the books, and E-Books formats for Kindle and Nook 9. GOT Season 1 10. GOT Season 2 Would like to get miniatures based on the book descriptions not the show. have never looked for those though.