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    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I get what you're saying, but I think the complaint for a lot of people is more that a lot of the nude scenes are put in there purely to show boob, and don't serve the plot, or don't do anything to establish a character. It doesn't offend me or bother me, I tend to watch it either alone or with mates who don't care much either, but it seems pointless at times. I mean, there's a number of scenes I didn't have a problem with with sexual content. A lot of Dany's first season ones for example. But there's plenty that just seemed gratuitous. It'd be the same with violence if I thought they were overdoing it, but I don't think they are. The nudity they've just added for the sake of adding it. I mean, the Mel/Gendry scene....there was no reason for Mel to be naked there surely, they didn't need to start having sex to get leeches on him and have him tied up. Was done to titillate, not to tell the story. Worst example for me though was the brothel scene at the end of the first episode of the 2nd series, where there's a very loud moan just as the scene is cut to....very jarring, and the scene didn't need it.
  2. Chalkius Stark

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    My thoughts, on what I found to be the best episode of the series so far (like last series, E06 is where everything starts to happen!) - Sacking of Winterfell. All happened a bit fast, but that's good. Loved hoe Theon took charge, or at least tried. Then had people taking the piss, and it showed that he's basically still a joke. Which is all good. And goodbye Ser Rodrik. Loved his final words, especially 'I'll be seeing your father soon', or whatever that was, brought a little tear to my eye. I like Dagmer as well. - Osha and the escaping was done well...also, Natalia Tena has the best body on the show...hands down... - Dany. They've done well creating some interest around what was a boring storyline. It's being well acted by all, very much liking XXD - Qhorin is awesome, liked his scenes. While Jon and Ygritte is playing out as I'd like, Rose Leslie will be a good addition, though as I love redheads she can do virtually no wrong in my eyes.... - Kings Landing - Loved those scenes. The hound, that BAMF, take a bow my son, take a bow, that was awesome! This is what I've been waiting to see. Sophie Turner did well also, while loved how Tyrion and Joff interacted, especially the massive slap! - Arya. Liked the interaction with Tywin, Maisie and Charles play off each other very well. Also, more Jaqen is fine by me. Edit: How can I forget....RAMSAY IS IN!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  3. Chalkius Stark

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Right, my thoughts. I've not read anyone else's views yet, will do later once I've put my views forth! - Opening scene - Fart joke...alright it was funny, I liked that little scene as we just got to have 2 regular soldiers talking together. Followed by a Direwolf ruining the party. - Aftermath scene - Liked Roose. Didn't really care for the interaction with Robb and the nurse woman who I presume is actually Jeyne. I guess it'll do as a way of explaining his romance though. - Throne Room - Nearly perfect. Joffrey being a little toad, Lancel trying to be baddass(and wearing Jaime's clothes), the humiliation of Sansa, followed by Tyrion and Bronn saving the day. Awesomeness. Joff and the whores - I don't think this was needed. At least not in such detail. Could have shown Joff opening the door, seeing the whores, closing the door, then we see the whores go back to Tyrion or the brothel later, covered in bruises and cuts. Renly's camp - Liked how all 3 of the characters that dealt with Littlefinger did so, but I really don't like Aidan Gillen this series, he was great last time round, but he's really not impressed me at all this series. Harrenhall - Didn't look big enough, though was suitable ruined. Liked Polliver, loved Tywins entrance and subsequent dialogue with Arya. The mountain was disappointing not because he's not Conan, but because he didn't have his old armour. He's certainly tall enough, just pad out the armour and let him wear it. Voice is perfect. And Hot Pie is one BAMF. Arya's prayer was also well delivered. Though that Tywin is at Harrenhall annoys me a little as I think he'd probably recognise Gendry, or rather the similiarities to Robert/Renly...he did deliver Kings Landing to Robert after all and married his daughter to him... Stannis vs Renly - Loved the face off. Though I wanted Stannis to come across as less confident there, in keeping with his lack of an impressive nature. Was still excellent. Q(w)arth - Liked it all apart from the Kwarth bit...that was silly. Liked XXD though, happy with his portrayal thus far. The 13 look cool/freaky. Tyrion vs Lancel - Loved how all of Lancel's bluster is shot down so easily by Tyrion, again he's the best character in the show. Stannis and DAvos - Liked how the Non Book readers have got the background on their history together. Was a good little dialogue Davos and Mel - I found the shadow baby scene a bit weird even knowing what was happening beforehand having read the books. However I suppose it's meant to, and they did it well. Davos was crapping himself!