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  1. Ordos

    The Urantia Book

    I've just passed the halfway point of reading the book. There is much I can say but to be brief, it is becoming one of my all time favorite books. I've learned so much and a lot of the historic narrative of the evolution of society and religion makes so much sense! The science is flawed but much of it is true and presented in a way more digestible than an ordinary boring textbook. The detailed description of the celestials and heaven on the other hand are very hard to believe. The eugenics stuff can at first seem offensive, but it's not advocating any racial supremacy. I was atheist in thinking for a while now, but with this book in my life, now I'm not so sure.
  2. Could somebody tell me what happened to the plan to reduce the number of MPs down from 650 to 600? A brief history of what I already know: David Cameron in 2010 wanted to reduce the number of MPs to 600 because he complained (possibly rightfully so) of how the Tories had to win by larger margins of the vote share compared to Labour in order to achieve an overall majority. When he got in coalition with the Liberal Democrats under Nick Clegg, the Lib Dems forced the reform to be postponed to 2018 due to Conservative efforts to prevent creating an elected House of Lords. This came to my head because I was wondering why nobody was in recent weeks talking about the reduction of seats influencing the outcome of the election. When I looked at the Wikipedia page for the 2019 election, there are still 650 seats to win. The redrawing of the electoral map was due last year. What happened?
  3. It seems almost nobody in my hometown or the surrounding areas uses the Happn app. I've only crossed paths with one user in over a month.
  4. lol. I just learned that the December Democratic debate is airing one or two days before the new Star Wars movie comes out in theaters. In December 2015 they actually aired the Democratic debate on the actual date the Star Wars film came out in theaters. At least the timing is slightly better now, but still it feels like dejavu. I remember people complaining about the timing of the debate because of an American Football match! I said this then but it's worth repeating: political events on TV have been known to shift dates due to events in entertainment. In 2010 during the election in Australia, they chose a specific date to hold a televised debate so it did not coincide with an episode of Master Chef.
  5. I got myself a smartphone for the first time last month (yes I've been a caveman for many years!). Yesterday I did something I thought I'd never do: download a dating app. I chose Happn. Hopefully won't cross paths with a catfish.
  6. Thanks. Everything makes sense now to me. That's a LOT to process and I probably have a lot of opinions myself. Unfortunately in order to properly express all of my views, I will need to untangle the complexities of Ukrainian politics. After all, this story coming out now covers THREE Ukrainian political administrations!
  7. Could somebody explain to me a story that's been going around the news lately? So I've been hearing the terms Ukraine, whistle blower and Biden thrown together in a story that I have not grasped what's going on. I've heard suggestions on the American right about opening up investigations against Joe Biden for this issue while those on the progressive side are saying there should be consequences on Trump for raising this issue to begin with. OR am I getting two unrelated news stories mixed up here?
  8. But not before the SNP pushes for another independence referendum and the IRA pick up their guns again.
  9. I've been tuning in now and then for the past few hours. So... The opposition manages to pass legislation forcing Johnson and tying his hands to delay Brexit yet again to January 31st. There will be no election before October 31st as the opposition know the Conservatives will probably win and push through a no-deal Brexit or an extremely unlikely 11th hour deal. Now Parliament will be suspended, and Johnson will be Prime Minister for a few more weeks until after October 31st. Then the Opposition will push an election and the Conservative Party will be reduced to a rump with the Brexit party making a triumphant entry into parliament with dozens of seats. Negotiations will then begin and then an anti Brexit or pro Brexit coalition will be formed and the game will start all over again!
  10. OK. But honestly if you are pro leave, when complaining about the backstop, what would you say to the face of a member of Sinn Fein (the political wing of the IRA)? I'm not accusing you, I'm just asking what an average person who voted leave would say. Also I see nothing wrong with fulfilling some referendum promises by the deadline and others later by pointing out the complexity of the issues. "Let me introduce you to this IRA terrorist and this Loyalist paramilitary! Tell them we need a hard border!"
  11. Could somebody explain a few things to me regarding the Northern Ireland question and to clear up any misunderstandings I have? So my understanding of the peace deal in Northern Ireland goes like this: Politically, Northern Ireland remains part of the UK. There are democratic mechanisms set in place in case there is a real desire for reunification with the Republic of Ireland. Part of the deal also states there is to be no hard border and people can freely choose citizenship of either country. So with that in mind, why was the question not asked during the referendum? Also my understanding of the the so called Backstop is that the question of borders was to be resolved within 2 years AFTER the UK leaves the EU. For some reason this is unacceptable and a deal breaker for some in the UK. My question is why? Immediate hard borders would compromise the peace process. Delaying addressing the issue is not a solution, but it does buy the government time while upholding the will of the people in the referendum by leaving the EU. I guess the only guaranteed way to resolve this question is for the Republic of Ireland to ALSO leave the EU! Please educate me and correct me where I am wrong.
  12. Does ANYONE still use voice message for phones these days? Voice message is for landline phones. Why is the option to leave a voice message still offered for mobile phones and Skype when nobody answers, the phone/computer is off or they are in a place with no signal/wifi? Nobody I know listens to voice messages. We leave text messages or send an email.
  13. You know, if Brexit does happen on October 31st, out of morbid curiosity I wish I could be there in the streets of London when the clock strikes midnight. There will be images on TV screens of the stock market crashing, New Year's eve style countdown parties in bars but hopefully not people jumping out of windows of multi-story buildings.
  14. Ordos

    The Urantia Book

    After a long chain of bad luck I just obtained to book two days ago. First impressions: The book is gigantic! The Forward is very wordy and difficult to comprehend. I've also read online that the book contains racist and pro-eugenics arguments. That's most unfortunate, but hopefully the rest of the book is not as objectionable.
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