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  1. Ordos

    Prediction for finale

    One or more characters from seasons past or even new characters show up for some twist. One last supernatural event involving the Children of the Forest and Bran occurs. Jon kills Dany and not wanting the Iron Throne, mounts Drogon and flies into the horizon, destination unknown.
  2. I don't know if this has been suggested, but what if Bronn succeeds in killing either Jamie or Tyrion and dies attempting to kill the other? This then prompts the other to do anything in their power to retaliate on Cersei.
  3. Ordos

    Episode 4 preview

    Jamie will first have a confrontation with Bronn and the crossbow.
  4. Ordos

    Filling pages with words

    Well honesty is refreshing. But how to how do you encourage children to pursue careers and dreams through hard work if you simply tell them "You will fail"? My suggestion would be not to give blunt honesty, but a diplomatic honesty with the whole picture in mind. You could say: "You will probably fail" or "You might succeed and you might fail". That is of course in addition to preparing them for failure. Failure you could add might plant seeds of success as it makes one learn from mistakes and either do things different in the future or at least find other paths that lead to success. --- 106 words!
  5. When I was in school, my teachers in English class used to give me essay assignments with word quotas. They say "This essay must have at least one thousand words". Sometimes I simply could not think of much to say. So I resorted to making my sentences very wordy. For example, Instead of writing "it's" I write "it is" or instead of "don't" I write "do not". One Youtube ad I just saw prompted me to start this thread when it spoke of the inconvenience of making sentences long and wordy by using the word "because" instead of starting a new sentence. I wished I knew that hack when I was in school! A second thing I'd like to talk about is a technique some authors use to free themselves of writer's block. It's called free falling. It's when you don't know what comes next so you drag out the scene my making excessive details to things like character thoughts, description of the environment etc. I've done this (wrote a couple of unpublished stories), and I feel it helps a little bit with moving forward. Without getting into too much of a discussion on ASOIAF, I think GRRM did a little of this in books 4 and 5 judging from how the plot seems to be slow at times (please don't go too far down that path so this thread is not in the wrong part of the forum). Has anyone here ever done either of these? Tell me about how it helped or if you strongly advise against doing one or both of these.
  6. Ordos

    The Urantia Book

    After a long chain of bad luck I just obtained to book two days ago. First impressions: The book is gigantic! The Forward is very wordy and difficult to comprehend. I've also read online that the book contains racist and pro-eugenics arguments. That's most unfortunate, but hopefully the rest of the book is not as objectionable.
  7. Ordos


    I wonder if this series will have a season 2. Most HBO Asia series have had only 1 season the exception being Halfworlds which had 2 seasons. But then this is only the 4th HBO Asia series that has come out so there's still time to get it right in creating a multi-season show.
  8. Ordos


    I was not aware of this HBO Asia series before it came out, but it looks interesting. From what I've read online, it's about a town in the 1850's Dutch East Indies (present day Indonesia) that rebels against a brutal Dutch governor. I'm half Dutch and half Indonesian so I'm really interested to watch this when the season finale has aired and I'll watch a weekend marathon run (where they air all the season's episodes) probably airing in January. It has a wild west feel. Here's the trailer:
  9. Ordos

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    There is currently only ONE person in the world I'd wish ill and think his demise a positive thing. And it's not the current President of the United States. I won't give his name and the only clue I give is that it's a man. The point is I try not to wish ill on anyone. I only have one weak spot.
  10. Ordos

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    The best thing that happened this year for me was being the interpreter and tour guide for a group of visiting French university/college students of which all but 2 were girls. They were studying political science and were really interested in all my political talk. I was so happy having several beautiful women having their undivided attention and listening to everything I said. Best work assignment ever and the closest thing I've ever had to having a career.
  11. Ordos

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    3 more seats still to declare by the NY Times and one more Democratic pickup in Utah! What's going on in New York with 2 seats still to be declared? The other one is in Georgia.
  12. Ordos

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    Thanks for the information. The NY Times is slow to update their count and still have UT-4 with Mia Love in the lead. As for CA-21, yeah it's weird that most of the media have called it for the Republican and it takes Wikipedia (for me anyway) to be reminded not to count it out yet. There are still 2 uncalled races in New York and one in Georgia. Didn't see rural/suburban New York to be such a fierce battleground. There will be a Senate runoff election in Mississippi next week. Not setting my hopes very high for that one, but I heard Drumpf will hold rallies there.
  13. Ordos

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Illinois' 9th congressional district only has 39% of the vote counted according to the NY Times as of these keystrokes. It's a safe Democratic seat so it's of little consequence, but damn there is something wrong going on there with the vote counting!
  14. Ordos

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    According to the NY Times as of these keystrokes, there are 2 House races that they have not yet declared for with LESS than 99% of the vote counted: Maine's 2nd congressional district and Utah's 4th district. I hope the Democrat holds the lead in Utah and the Democrat takes the lead later in Maine. Unlikely at this stage, but it would be nice making the Democratic majority ever so slightly bigger.