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  1. Ordos

    The Urantia Book

    My dad got a copy for me. I should have it in about a month. I will write in commentary here every now and then.
  2. I hate my mother's annoying habit of over-customizing her menu orders in restaurants. She would point to the menu item she wants and proceed to say: Cook it at this temperature, leave out this ingredient and add more of that ingredient, lay it out on the plate this way and I want this specific amount in portions. I have to tell her: "Mum, this is not a buffet"
  3. If everyone on earth suddenly became smarter than me, everyone would be talking like they are in a Shakespearean play and always talking about the stock market. (I cannot comprehend films with that peculiar method of speech and I have zero understanding of the numbers and red and green arrows on the evening news)
  4. Ordos

    U.S. Politics: A Wolff In Sheep's Clothing

    Discliamer: I'm going to make sarcastic remarks here so don't take it literally. Should I go around badgering American expats here in Indonesia asking them why they are residing in a shithole? Why am I here? Well, it's not like I have a choice with people like Drumpf running things.
  5. Ordos

    The Urantia Book

    I'm just interested in religion in general although I am not religious. I also love reading. A bright blue book with over 2000 pages claimed to be divine revelation with the author being anonymous. When I say it finds me and draws me in, I mean the book being what it is, one cannot help but pick it up and read it. The book is available online to read for free, but I'm going to purchase the book on Amazon because I prefer paper.
  6. Ordos

    The Urantia Book

    Search Urantia Book on Google Images an tell me that if that Book is not screaming 'READ ME!'
  7. Ordos

    The Urantia Book

    I've been reading several religious texts in recent years and during my research online, I stumbled across this book. I have not read it yet or purchased a copy so I will not say too much about it though there is A LOT one can say about this book. The book is about 2000 pages long, the author/authors are anonymous, there is an interesting story of how the book was written and the book covers a wide range of topics including science and religion. At first the idea of a massive tome was daunting, but after thinking about it I realized how much I could learn from reading it and giving me more than a year of fascinating reading material! The book is said to be a divine revelation and has its believers but there is no religion built around it and there are no people going around trying to impose their belief in the book on others. The bright blue cover is also aesthetically pleasing. I've heard how this book draws people in or how this book 'finds you'. I can completely agree with this. Has anyone here read this book?
  8. I go to a local cafe in my hometown once every week to relax and enjoy both hot and cold drinks and some snacks. I almost always buy their fried cassava sticks sprinkled with grated cheese. I noticed over time the price has not been reduced but they have offered less sticks. First it was 9 and then it became 8 and just yesterday it became 7. Is this because they sell out quickly and are struggling to keep up with supply? Or do they really think they can make more money by purchasing less cassava and fool their regular customers like me and hope they don't notice the reduction? I swear if they bring it down to 6, I'll ask them. If they deny serving me less, I'll find another cafe to go to.
  9. Ordos

    Should I take the visa free travel?

    Serbia has just opened up for visa free travel! Turkey also now has visas on arrival (not just e-visas). I really need to travel soon because it's getting so much easier.
  10. Ordos

    US Politics: For Whom the Bell Tolls

    You know this election in Alabama when all is said and done and Moore still wins, well I'm going to be a little cruel here and say that anyone who voted for Moore is worthy of JW style shunning.
  11. Ordos

    I'm meeting the President of Indonesia

    The hotel room, plane ticket and meals within the hotel dining area were already covered. The cash was to cover transport to and from the airport and everywhere else which consisted of taxi rides often caught up in traffic congestion as well as meals outside of the hotel. I would have went to see a movie, but there was nothing good on in the nearby theaters.
  12. Ordos

    I'm meeting the President of Indonesia

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I just got back today from Jakarta. The bad news: they downgraded the event. Instead of receiving the award at the presidential palace, they held the event in the Department of Labor. And on top of that the Vice President handed out the awards instead of the President. The Vice President is a man I have very little love for (I won't bore you with Indonesian politics). I really did not want to go after I learned that it was not the President handing out the awards, but the government had already paid for my hotel room and plane ticket. The government would also pay for my meals. I couldn't let taxpayer money go to waste. When my company's name was announced, I had to walk onto the stage and accept the award from the Vice President and shake his hand. It took all my acting skills to hold a neutral look on my face because I really did not want to be there. If I wanted to, I could have spoken to him for over a minute. As he handed me the framed certificate, he asked me what my company makes. I told him. He did not hear me at first so I had to speak up. Then he said congratulations and I shook his hand and walked off the stage. Other government officials attending the event were two cabinet ministers, three governors and several deputy governors. It was an event attended by many people of secondary importance. At the hotel on the night before the event, I was handed an envelope full of cash which were to cover my expenses while I was in Jakarta. After the event, I went to a Starbucks at a nearby mall. I spent taxpayer money on a green tea frappe! Anyway, that's my story. It's unfortunate I couldn't go the the Presidential Palace and meet the President. But I did get free meals and I still had spare cash after I got back so the government PAID me to receive an award! So I still got something out of it.
  13. Ordos

    I'm meeting the President of Indonesia

    It's confirmed! I'm meeting the President on Friday.
  14. lol That's a nice callback to a 2010 Internet meme!