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    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Reading Packets are Available

    Hi! I wanted to ask the ASOIAF community that will attend the Worldcon, and specially the legendary Brothehood without Banners to vote us, Podcast de hielo y fuego, for the Best Fancast Award. Who are we? We are the biggest Podcast in Spanish and most downloaded Podcast in the world (!) about A song of and fire and Game of thrones (6+ millions downloads in 4 years). As for our feats in 2018 in order to propose our nomination, we organized the Podcast de hielo y fuego 200, the biggest ASOIAF fan gathering in Europe! And with no companies involved, an event just made by fans and for fans. 300+ people went to Osuna (Sevilla, Spain), where GoT was filmed, and more than half of them were dressed in ASOIAF cosplays for the thematic dinner. The rains cancelled one of the activities, the medieval fight tourney, and modified the White Walker survival game, but it was amazing.Check https://lossietereinos.com/impresiones-fotos-del-historico-podcast-hielo-fuego-200/ (text in Spanish), you can find more info in the tag https://lossietereinos.com/tag/podcast-200/ The great Ran (and Linda, of course) greeted us at the end of the live pod We were also in 2018 behind the #BeNiceToGeorge campaign in Twitter https://twitter.com/search?q=%23benicetogeorge&src=tyah, an online Twitter campaign in order to support George for his work against the harass and attacks he suffers online every day calling him lazy, fat or other insults. It had an amazing success and I am positive it reached even George. I assume you already know how to vote ^^, so I will just show the tittles for the nomination Title: Podcast de hielo y fuego Website https://lossietereinos.com/podcast-de-hielo-y-fuego/https:// Thanks a lot! It would be absolutely amazing in you could move it to your local ASOIAF communities, specially European. It would be awesome than an European podcast gets nominated in a category such as Best Fancast in a Worldcon organized in Europe.
  2. Javi Marcos


    I am still reading it, but I have to say I had a lot of hype for Jaehaerys I reign...and at the end I was even more impress than what I expected. It's amazing. And shows how prolific George can be if he wrote so much (100.000 words, almost 300 pages) in just one year
  3. Two big ships left Oldtown to the west, looking for a new continente. One returned three years later, with most of the sailers suffering special circumstances. The other...it appeared in a weird place. Also, new info about our dear Corlys. It's in Spanish provided by Random House Spain https://lossietereinos.com/nuevo-fragmento-exclusivo-fuego-sangre/
  4. This weekend we had Podcast de hielo y fuego, the biggest ASOIAF fan gathering in Europe! Almost 300 people went to Osuna, where GoT was filmed, and more than half of them were dressed in ASOIAF cosplays for the thematic dinner. The rains cancelled the medieval fight tourney and modified the White Walker survival game, but it was amazing. https://lossietereinos.com/impresiones-fotos-del-historico-podcast-hielo-fuego-200/ (text in Spanish)
  5. Pretty solid 1/10 for the consumation of the destruction of Dorne and most of all the biggest character assassination ever
  6. Javi Marcos

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    9.5 Amazing script, best focused in only North, Wall, Tyrion and Dany. Amazing performances by Boltons, Stannis, Sam, Sansa, Theon. Hats off
  7. Javi Marcos

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    We also want it for Android in Spain, too. Right now you can only get it here if you have an iPad. If you buy it for an Android tablet, should you have to pay again (assuming you already paid for the iPad version) for the unlocking books material? I guess so, but it would be great if you guys were able to avoid it.
  8. Javi Marcos

    How would you rate episode 407?

    Rorge and Biter scene was absurd, Pod and Brienne interactions didn't feel right. I missed Marillion and Only Cat line. And Mel and Selyse wasn't really strong. A 7.
  9. Javi Marcos

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Why change that line? They win nothing avoiding it!!!
  10. The episode is almost perfect (Yara's plot was dumb). I voted a 10 when in my heart is a 9 in order to compensate the usual hate.
  11. Javi Marcos

    How would you rate episode 404?

    9/10 Awesome writing, awesome photography. Differences with the books? Yeah, but this is HBO
  12. Javi Marcos

    How would you rate episode 403?

    Awesome as an TV transition episode, mediocre adaptation. Overall, an 8.
  13. Javi Marcos

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Set-up episode. I was expecting Coldhands and Lady Stoneheart. The chapter is good (I loved the Dragonstone dynamic) but I was expecting something more intense. 8.5/10
  14. Javi Marcos

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I think you have to be a real and almost sick fanatic to not reckoning the awesomeness in this episode. People have 3 problems: 1) They are too fans of the book. Obsession is a bad thing 2) They absolutely don't understand that TV is a media FAR DIFFERENT than the books. They imagine every singles scene in their heads they have read and are disappointed when it it's exactly the same, wich leads to... 3) Zero tolerance. I have also read all the books more than once, and even if I nitpick and have a grumpy face with some changes, I accept it and don't complain like a little girl. For me the RW was as perfect as it could be on TV. I even liked more Cat's catarsis than the face-shredding that for me was absolutely unrealistic.
  15. Javi Marcos

    How would you rate episode 309?

    10 out of 10. They nailed it.