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  1. The North Remembers - Unless we're hungover and would rather forget...

  2. Enjoyable episode - Peter Dinkage and Maisie Williams stole the show as per. Loved the chemistry between Brienne and Cat. Not too bothered that Arya is depicted as Tywin's cupbearer - as long as we get some Hot Weasel Soup - but will miss The Tickler's death in the books being fleshed out in the screen. What did bother me though was the butterfly effect caused by Bran having the green dream; obviously no Reeds are forthcoming, but the fact that he stated that he say Ser Rodrick drowning at Winterfell made me think he's not bringing Reek back, therefore no Bastard Of Bolton, no taking Theon hostage, no reveal in ADWD. Maybe D&D have a plan to work this in and I'm panicking, but I'm really missing a certain psychopathic illegitimate Northerner. Other than that, did they have to make Pyatt Pree Scottish? I'm Scottish myself and all the other Scottish actors on the show (Iain Glen, James Cosmo and the woman who plays Lysa come to mind) are putting on accents, and the first Scottish accent we hear is from a creepy, blue-lipped warlock... Grrr
  3. It was Chiswyck, one of the Mountain's men who Arya heard bragging about how the Mountain had raped an inn keepers daughter in front of her Dad, then offered him a handful of coppers for her services.
  4. Helyn Snow

    How would you rate episode 201?

    I gave it 8 out of 10, as they did a good job in adapting Clash for the screen. I'm I the only one though who shouted Cleos Frey at the screen - it seems trivial but they could have explained the Frey/Lannister marraige in one sentence - if they've renamed him Alton Lannister, does that mean we'll never meet Genna Frey? Other problems - I too didn't get the LF/Cersei scene. I know that they are trying to set it up for Littlefinger's future schemes against the Lannister's, but it was completely out of character for him; he's one of the best players of the game, and he wouldn't be stupid enough to goad Cersei in such a way. Also, the bastard killing scene made it look like King Bob had fucked the whole of Kings Landing - does this not marr Maggy The Frog's prediction revealed later on (you'll have three children, your husband will have six). Maester Cressen's death was a bit weird - why have him drink first and be noticeably poisoned even before Mel drank the wine, and therefore why would she drink it..? I didn't buy Dontos - not so much that it wasn't the tourney in the book, but just that he didn't appear drunk, just bumbling. If Dany is already going to Qarth, does that not mean she's going to barely have any scenes in this season - and they killed her silver..! For casting, I have to admit that Davos was cracking, not too sure about Mel and Stannis (I've still got Mark Strong as the ideal casting in my head), and I take it we're not getting Shireen and Patchface - so therefore we're not getting the retaliation rumour from KL about Stannis being cuckolded and Patchface being the real dad. Anyway, overall I enjoyed what they did. I may have more problems next week as it looks like they will catch up with my favourite character of the series, Arya, and my favourite guest character of the book, Jaqen H'ghar, but I hear they've got a hot guy for the role ('... if a girl was to ask a man...[swoon]). And I'll also be shouting ASHA at the screen...