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  1. The nice thing about this one is that every individual has the power to make choices that help, if only a little.
  2. With all this discussion of a non-existent ban or heavy restriction on meat I do feel compelled to point out that it would be a very good thing if we significantly reduced our meat consumption.
  3. Jesus, the concept of a 2 day (!) security guard school where the question of lethal force is even coming up is alarming.
  4. Can anyone imagine a world where Republicans had the opportunity to add a guaranteed Republican Representative and two guaranteed Republican Senators and they were passing up on it? It's just incredibly frustrating knowing that Joe Manchin and a small handful of Democratic Senators are all that stands in the way of doing the right thing- providing Congressional representation for hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised American citizens- and getting to do it in a way that is plainly politically advantageous.
  5. Probably a fair point for current smokers but maybe fewer people will get addicted going forward?
  6. This really shouldn't be difficult. Are there bright cultural lines on the map of the United States such that everyone in the blue states behave one way and everyone in the red states behaves another way? No. Are there regional and local cultural differences in the United States? Obviously yes.
  7. Here I am patting myself on the back for having no side effects and it turns out it's just a sign of a weak immune system. Ego partially salvaged.
  8. I had the J&J shot yesterday. I'm not terribly concerned about this clotting issue, just feeling relieved that I got it before the pause happened. But I'll update the thread if I die from it.
  9. I'd be really curious to see what the rate of cops encountering armed resistance in random traffic stops is. I can't dispute that we live in a heavily armed country but it's still always seemed ridiculous to me that the guy who's pulling me over for speeding needs a gun when he walks up to my car. IIRC, while we have lots of guns per capita, a lot of that is down to some people owning lots of guns. How likely is it, truly, that a given individual being stopped is armed? And even if they are, how likely is it that you're going to really end up with some kind of quick draw situation with them where the cop needs their gun on them immediately? For that to happen the person needs to own a gun, have it on them, and intend to use it to get out of a traffic stop, so basically they have to already be guilty of something much more serious that it's worth committing murder in their minds to attempt to flee. How often do these situations occur? I'm not totally dismissive of your point- guns are a serious problem- but I'm not sure police are enormously at risk in their usual run-of-the-mill encounters.
  10. Not exactly an experience you'd expect to turn a guy into the slick quipster we're seeing in this series.
  11. In a sane, well structured democracy they'd be in deep trouble. But they have gerrymandering/natural geographic advantage propping them up in the House (and statehouses), the Senate's basic ridiculousness propping them up in the Senate, the Electoral College giving them an intrinsic advantage in every Presidential election, and they have the Supreme Court for a generation. It's honestly hard to imagine how much bad press it would take to sink them. And their corporate overlords are not going to abandon them over this voting rights stuff, their involvement in which is basically just performative. When the time comes they'll fund both sides as they always do to maintain access.
  12. I see the raspy voice as an asset! It's really something, and I'm not trying to attack you here, that in 2021 you can say someone can't get any whiter than a Jewish son of Polish immigrants. Imagine telling his parents that in the 40s!
  13. Weird shit like this is the lifeblood of baseball. Another oddity: last night Jacob deGrom made history as the first pitcher in Mets history to record the Mets' first hit of the season. Likely to be the last with the MLB-wide DH seemingly, and sadly, inevitable after this year.
  14. True- I do take B-12 supplements. But after only a couple weeks and if he's still eating cheese and yogurt it really shouldn't be an issue.
  15. Outside of the rare baked good, I've been plant based for a couple years and haven't experienced any loss of energy. This winter I actually managed to increase my activity level and put on 15 lbs, well over half of which was lean mass if my body fat scale is accurate (and to my own eye I look as lean as before). I'm kind of dubious on some of the pro-plant based diet claims I see- I think I would probably be about as healthy still keeping chicken, fish, and eggs in my diet, even though I don't- but I'm confident you can be totally plant based with no negative effects.
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