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  1.   First past the post elections have helped make it possible too, and an NDP government could put an end to that. And you'd likely see coalition governments after all future elections if mixed member proportional representation is put in place.
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    Foreign shows

    Glad you like it! Cleaver's such a McNulty.
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    Foreign shows

    Borgen is great! (ok, season 3 was iffy). I think that's the only non-English language tv series I've ever watched. But one of my all time favorite shows is Canadian (if that counts), and tragically under-loved: Slings and Arrows. And Rake is a decent Australian show.
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    Let's Talk About the Ending of Snowpiercer I basically agree with the take that it looks implausible just given what we're shown, but I also think the film is intentionally leaving us on a positive note, and suggesting survival.
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    I thought it was implied that humanity was going to survive outside of the train after the crash. That seemed implausible to me, but the whole movie was implausible, and I thought seeing the polar bear implied they were going to survive outside.