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  1. Lol that’s gold. That’s all we do around here Robb wasn’t thinking it was life or death when he married Westerling. He was thinking FU I’m King in the North I do what I want. The marriage was useless strategically and was pure selfishness getting everyone killed in the process.
  2. I always felt it was Benjen and that’s why he took the black. It’s one of those mysteries we don’t get quite enough details on to narrow it further.
  3. Fertility isn’t the issue, she’s getting pregnant. The issue is carrying a child to term. Sweetrobin is sickly or is potentially kept sick by his mother (a munchausen by proxy type scenario). It’s all suspect.
  4. If Lysa had been betrothed to Brandon instead the rebellion would not have happened. Littlefinger caused all the drama because of being in love with Cat. He would have caused problems for whoever Cat was promised to.
  5. Yes, that’s the obvious foreshadowing. I’m inclined to think it’s also a signposted admission that Jon is Lyanna’s son. The direwolf is a dead female. Ghost’s eyes are already open. Implying the remaining cubs are not hers and likely born after death. All Ned’s kids are born after Jon. Born as a result of Lyanna’s circumstances, Ned was never supposed to marry Catlyn. Brandon and his father were killed because Lyanna being MIA. Everything that happens is because Lyanna Stark goes missing because Baratheon is insane jealous.
  6. .... “A sudden silence descended over the party. The men looked at the antler uneasily, and no one dared to speak. Even Bran could sense their fear, though he did not understand. His father tossed the antler to the side and cleansed his hands in the snow. “I’m surprised she lived long enough to whelp,” he said. His voice broke the spell. “Maybe she didn’t,” Jory said. “I’ve heard tales … maybe the bitch was already dead when the pups came.” “Born with the dead,” another man put in. “Worse luck.” “No matter,” said Hullen. “They be dead soon enough too.”” .... are we still talking about just direwolves here?....... or something else?
  7. As in yes I’d like to be proven wrong, sorry wasn’t very clear, I don’t think anyone could take over for GRRM like Sanderson did for Jordan. although I could imagine a small group of the biggest and most competent fans in collaboration having a red hot crack at it and probably doing it some justice. I wouldn’t be so mad at it if the apocalypse included actual zombies tho #justsayin
  8. Yes. This isn’t WoT, it’s not that simple for someone else to just waltz in and try to think like GRRM does. Good thing I have at least 60year left to wait
  9. Probably, I suppose it maybe of of some difficulty to come up with costume differences. Didn’t someone in a post somewhere point out how the targs seem to have not changed fashion in a few hundred years? When commenting on Rhaeneys and Daemon on the beach?
  10. I don’t think I will watch it either, I never watched season 8 deliberately and then I saw how badly everyone was responding to it and got the lowdown on plot lines and resolved to never watch it. I have not been able to bring myself to even rewatch earlier seasons because of it. I’ve read and watched about all the things that are available on this production and I’m anxious that we will get more of the same that 8 gave us. I thought that those creative decisions were weird too, a foreshadowing of random decisions to come perhaps?
  11. I feel the same. I’ve am expecting we will see a Jordan-esque resolution and a Sanderson will be found. I honestly don’t think his heart is in it esp after aDwD.
  12. Ah, exactly what I sprinted all the way back into the Westeros basement for. I was proper confused when I saw the casting for Corlys. Seems legit Question: how is everyone feeling about this new project. Who’s got anxiety?
  13. cant stop playing this at the mo

    love it!
  14. vacuous supposition - IT'S FUN!

  15. vacuous supposition - IT'S FUN!

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