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  1. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I agree with the entire post, but this sums it up nicely. Daenarys could be ruthless but she was never evil or crazy that I saw. They needed "poor Jon gotta kill his Boo" so they forced it into being. It sucked and it left a bad taste. And the kangaroo court ascension of Bran was also ridiculous. No consequences for Tyrion or Jon. Two Queenslayers and a Kinslayer? And they walk because Smaller Finger and Arya frightened everyone. Lame. Considering their recent experience with boy kings, Bran? Stupid.
  2. Imp Beyond the Wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    On second thought I may have been wrong to criticize Jaime and Brienne. Jaime for turning his cloak then turning it back, and Brienne fro "whitewashing" Jaime's write up in the white book. I think I was too hasty. IIRC Jaime never claimed to have abandoned Cersei or to have sworn himself to Jon or Dany. He said he would honor the Lannister pledge to make common cause against the Army of the Dead. Pledge fulfilled. While I feel that Brienne writing "returned to save the capital from destruction" is way to generous, it is not strictly a lie. And what went on between Jaime and Brienne personally is nothing she is obligated to put in the white book. Honor intact. I was mad about a lot of things and Jaime and Brienne caught some collateral trash talk. I hold out hope that whatever goes down with LSH does not dishinor either of them. Book Brienne has had nothing but bad breaks and Book Jaime has more potential for redemption that Show Jaime ever did. .
  3. Imp Beyond the Wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Except for the fact that Arya ultimately lived, I hated everything after the death of the Night King. Tyrion Turncloak and Aegon Queenslayer faced no consequences. Lannister soldiers were having their throats cut in the street, but the regicide and his co-conspirator are held in custody until the Nuremberg Trial in the dragon pit? Yeah, that makes total sense. In the end even Drogon was disloyal. He should have pushed the Kinslayer of Winterfell onto the Iron Throne and melted him right along with the chair. That was supposed to be his mother. Aegon should have been toast. Is it supposed to be enough that he took the body away to eat it in private? The 3 Eyed King suddenly got a shitload of personality after being unanimously acclaimed ruler by a bunch of strangers. Unless those guys have been watching the show since the beginning, several of them shouldn’t really know Bran from a face on a weirwood tree. But sure, this random child can be king in the immediate aftermath of the costliest war in the history of the realm. He is a Stark after all. Bran's transformation back to a regular dude was ridiculous. The Oathbreaker Queen Blabber-Mouth in the North, finally got the crown she has wanted since episode one (well,not the exact crown, she ratted out Ned to be Joff’s Queen, not Queen of the North). But anyway, Gingers can go back on their word without repercussions, it is known. Kellyanne Conway of Tarth betrayed her famous honor by whitewashing “The Kingslayer” in the white book. Jaime taught Brienne to lie, so it wasn’t all for nothing. The jocular little meeting of the small council was sickening, all’s well that ends well I guess…“Wasn’t it all so funny Bronn?” I liked Bronn before they turned him into an ass. In the end Sam doesn’t even write the stinking book. Maester Whoeverthefuck writes it, and Sam just helps with the title. So who fills in the truth about R+L=J, and the origins of the Night King and fake Baratheon-Lannister Twincest spawn, and every other secret known only to a small group of insiders? How does this other dude illuminate all that, or is this “Song of Ice and Fire” book just another BS “official history” book at the Citadel that doesn’t cover all that really happened? Speaking of the Tarlys, does anyone think for a second that if Randal Tarly had taken Daenarys prisoner and she responded to a demand to renounce her claim with, “Never!”, that he would have hesitated to take her head off? Show Tarly was a nasty piece of work and book Tarly is far worse. Book Tarly might have executed her for having the audacity to raise her voice to him. Sam was well rid of him. There are probably other quibbles but these are the ones that stick out after one viewing.
  4. Imp Beyond the Wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    The slavers that she liberated the unsullied from, kidnapped, gelded and terrorized children, mentally and physically for years and probably deserved worse than what they got. The people that Dany crucified were also child murderers. This show treated Daenarys's fall with less sympathy empathy than it did Stannis and Melisandre's murder of Shireen. They made sure to give Daenarys no possible justification or ambiguity, just blood lust, and megalomania and madness. Then try to justify it by saying, "Look she was always like this." BS. Dany could be ruthless but she was never evil. No more than Arya. Her arc was very similar to Arya. "Evil people deserve what they get and I cannot be bothered about the letter of the law. I have toe power to do something and I am going to do it." Good people can do horrible things when faced with hard choices. Dresden or the A-Bomb. Let Daeny go buck wild total war, but don't make her do it after Hitler is dead and after the Japanse have surrendered to MacArthur. I am sorry, that turned it into crap. I could accept that Aegon the Queenslayer/Kinslayer felt he had to stop what the Khaleesi might do next, but turning her into Darth Dany was BS. Re-writing history to make the Breaker-Of-Chains arc evil, and foreshadowing madness, is sick.
  5. Imp Beyond the Wall

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Let's see what the impact this reveal has on future book series and the spin-offs to come. He may wish he ha kept it secret and sold his books first.
  6. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Unpopular opinion

    I hate George Martin. I am still so pissed over the Black Barbecue that I want to boycott his ass, but I am in the middle of Fire and Blood and it is so damned good that I cannot put the accursed thing down. Thus am I ensorcelled by my new arch enemy. Bastard. Damn you Martin! Damn you to hell!.
  7. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Benefactors in the sense that they cast him in the biggest TV show ever.
  8. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Not as big a Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun! Ba-dum-bum-crash! Just joking. I like Nikolaj very much. I hope to see him in more things.
  9. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Who told the People/Soldiers that the bell was for surrender?

    I watched the episode a couple of times and I thought that Tyrion's continuously bleating the same thing over and over seemed stilted and unnatural.
  10. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Oh shit, I thought it was sarcasm. That is what I get for jumping to conclusions and projecting my opinions on to other people. .
  11. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Not exactly. Sometimes fame=talent=fortune go hand in hand, but movie studios, sports teams, music producers and big corporations make mediocre talents fabulously wealthy all the time only to discover that they overpaid. Similarly, the most talented, the one that is key to the success of the venture is often underpaid. So, yeah I don't agree with your premise. But think that. Have fun with it.
  12. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    A clicck bait list, might not even be true. Who cares. I thought it was funny that Nikolaj was shitting on his benefactors but I think I offended his family or something.
  13. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Net worth equal name? I don't agree. Fame and funds are not the same thing.
  14. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    What point, that he is overpaid? Good point. You win.
  15. Imp Beyond the Wall

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Yeah, Lena Heady, Charles Dance, Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean...never heard of 'em. And they're not very good are they?