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    What about the Dothraki?

    Exactly, lol. Thanks Dany! How Jon wasn't murdered for killing this woman who all these robots followed across the ocean and to battle against all sorts of craziness... is beyond me. They just wait until all these lords show up and hand over the reigns I guess. A show that is completely build around the aftermath of actions has become the exact opposite.
  2. Howland Reed

    the death of Jaime and Cersei & prophecies

    Thought it was complete horseshit. If they wanted to pull the 180 with Jaime, it should have been setup better and played out. That is the problem when they accelerated the pace of the show 500%, you can't develop characters anymore, I mean look at Dany, shit happened in like 3 episodes, if that. Cersei was acting completely out of character, that bitch is maniacal, I guess you could say that she would go out all scared and afraid like that but to me it seems out of character. Everything Jaime has done or gone through was literally for nothing, if that is truly what they wanted his story to be about, the back half should have been fleshed out, not a completely boom here we go back to cersei. Granted the show has not been faithful to the books character that much and is a different beast. Either way, compelete ass, as is this season.
  3. Howland Reed

    Arya and Sandor, perfect scenes

    I thought the Sandor Arya scene was complete shit to be honest. You walk your sorry ass all the way from Winterfell, somehow get to the throne room untouched or stopped by no 1, then to have 3 lines of dialogue for Arya to be like, whoops yea I'm making a mistake here. Little late to have this conversation Sandor, don't you think? I know people LOVE these characters, and I truly do, in the books that is, but this caricature of them is honestly complete shit. They are so one note with no internal struggle that it is honestly completely flat and boring, not to mention they can only rehash these phrases or quips so much before it just gets forced. Truth be told, this season has been a colossal failure in my eyes on all fronts. The characters are what made this show so popular for me, and w/o Georges books, they just had no clue how to keep them true and organic.
  4. Howland Reed

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Yea people trying to justify this abomination is beyond me. If they wanted him to go back to Cerseil, they needed to do a better job of setting it up. Not this random bullshit that comes out of left field. If George goes about bringing him back to cersei in this abusive relationship like manner, it will be handled properly, not this sack of monkey shit they wrote here.
  5. Howland Reed

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Its hard to rate on an episode by episode basis. I will say that they have completely failed the ending of this show though.
  6. Howland Reed


    All I know is that whoever kills Euron will become my favorite character this season.
  7. Howland Reed

    Death scene: Jorah Mormont

    Honestly, I think Jorah is probably the most underrated character in the series, especially the books. When anyone discusses favorite characters or most well written characters you will rarely ever see him. I honestly think he is one of the best written characters who is not a point of view. I mean I guess you can summarize him by being that overbearing man whom was infatuated with certain women who he could never truly appease... obviously much more complicated than that, but it is an interesting and sad perspective non the less. Obviously love is the central theme in these books, and what love leads people to do. This obviously isn't the place for this dialogue, but non the less I feel its justified since the man just died. Honestly when he was making his last stand, with the music in the background, it was glorious. If anything maybe his death was a bit overshadowed by everything that was happening but still quite nice. Honestly can't praise the music enough.
  8. Howland Reed

    Death scene: Lyanna Mormont

    I can't be the only 1 who thought this character was too over the top from the beginning. Yes, we get you are some hardnosed 10 year old, where is your regent? This isn't the some disney flick. How can anyone be taking orders from this woman like she is leading a troop? Just cant really believe it sadly, too far fetched, and to be quite frank, just cheesey. It wasn't bad to begin with, but then the hardnosed character was just hammered down. There are so many other fleshed out characters who could have used the spotlight.
  9. Howland Reed

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    This is well said. That is a bit low for my liking, and like many others I really do try to separate the book from the show. One of my big complaints is the same as yours, basically how this light fantasy became high fantasy with super soldiers. I mean, it wasn't handle that way in the earlier season but it started to slowly shift that way, maybe because its more of a spectacle? I don't know, but that just doesn't sit right with me since it is so vastly different from the books. I know its a different beast, and truth be told I do enjoy it, even if I am more critical than I should be because I have been so attached to the books for so long. I guess it just seems out of place, then again the shift into the new seasons is so vastly different than the beginning as well, with pace and plot etc...
  10. Howland Reed

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    I gave it a 7. The episode started really solid, granted I have no idea why they charged the dothraki right out the gate just suicide bombing themselves. There was this extreme sense of doom but after a while it became apparent that it was a fluff. They would cut scenes with like 50 wights bombarding 4 people, then it would come back to the same scene where everything has calmed down a bit somehow, god only knows how anyone would have survived it. So the sense of peril was extremely inflated and became a bit off putting towards the end. The Lyanna Mormont scene... I get that she is kindof a fan favorite, and I liked her in the beginning, but it becomes extremely redundant after a while and just farfetched for the sake of creating these "badass" characters. Much more to say but I don't have all day.... Lastly there is Arya, a HUGE fan favorite, and honestly one of my favorite characters in the book who has now become one of my LEAST favorite in the show. They have turned this girl into the ultimate mary sue that it has become hard to watch. Every scene they are trying SO hard to make her into this badass take no shit type of character, constantly having this smug look on her face. It is very much in line with the earlier quote by Tywin, any man that must say I am king, is no true king. They are handling Arya in that manner, every action, expression and phrase is trying so hard to be badass, that for me, it just comes of hamfisted and corny.
  11. Howland Reed

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    What I would personally love is for it to be a huge joint effort, which hopefully it will be. Multiple of them facing off with the night king saving each other from imminent death, while some dying in their place. The final blow, I don't think should go to Jon or Dany, Jaime would definitely be solid, i mean shit, even if it was Pod that would be awesome. Something a bit different than the typical trope, but if it is, I guess that is okay to.
  12. I never post much, but just needed some form of release. This scene was so awesome in my opinion, easily one of the best in the show period. It could be that I always really loved knighthood, kings guard all that jazz etc... The only problem I guess I have is that I bet a lot of people (casual fans) don't get the true implications of being knighted, especially by non other than one of the most famous knights alive, the Kingslayer. Not sure how people will think of that, but the idea of this crazy controversial knight, knighting this woman is just epic. That scene god damn, it was a thing of beauty.
  13. Howland Reed

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    2 scenes that I really loved. Brienne Tarth beating the piss out of those 2 guards that came in. That fight scene, in my opinion, was done very well and showed how strong this girl is, she total pistol whipped the crap out of them. Just thought they portrayed her fighting prowess very well there. Arya and Tywin. I got chills when Arya was like... Anyone can die, just staring right at his eyes... That was puuuurfect. God I love that girl.
  14. Pros - I thought Theon did a fantastic job, his sister on the other hand is just not how I imagined her, but i'm sure her personality will play out soon enough. Theon is killing it though, I tip my hat to him. When he burned that letter I was like... shit... if only I could tell you what is to come. - Tyrion's Scene with Little Finger/Pycelle/Varys. I thought they made that scene very well. I'm sure there are more, but those two really stood out for me when recalling the episode. Cons - A lot of people hating on Shae. I would have to agree to an extent. Her character just seems a bit different than how I saw her in the book. She seems like a huge biatch in the show, like she runs the place. It wasn't a make or break thing for me. - Renly/Loras/Marg I just did not know how to perceive that whole scene. Seemed a bit strange to me. I see where they are going with it, Marg seems a bit more conniving than I ever expected, but that's just my opinion. All in all, I love the book so much that I appreciate anything even remotely following the story, and honestly I couldn't even fathom making a show out of it, and these guys are doing a great job at it. Also Brienne was casted well, love that character. One last thing. Biter/Rorge don't seem nearly as intimidating as I always thought they were. They seem like normal people where as I always imagined them as these big burly vile cruel m*therf*ckers. Just my take.