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  1. With great power comes great responsitrilitrance.

  2. chicanerous and deplorable

  3. Rhaegar died in a riverbed before it was cool

  4. He was dying in riverbeds before it was cool

  5. In order to keep the top of Literature clean, here are the links all in one place. Please direct your recommendations to one of these threads. Looking for a book to read? Look no further. Fantasy and Science Fiction Series Fantasy and Science Fiction Standalone Books Fantasy and Science Fiction Obscure Works Other literature (literary fiction, non-fic, etc.) I am also moving posts from the thread "Westeros Fantasy and Science Fiction Book List" here. This was a poll done in 2010 of posters in this forum and a list compiled from there. It is unranked, but straddles many people's recommendation lists.
  6. I'm seeing your av. But anyway, you're supposed to use the "Direct link" one, which only appears if you're logged in.
  7. These look great for me on Chrome. Thanks so much. If I were to suggest one improvement, it would be to lighten the grey color used for the text background on the index pages. It looks kind of jarring in contrast with the white background on already-read threads.
  8. Kat


    Welcome, fresh meat new boarders. :)
  9. Glad to see it worked. And that's one of my favorite images from the calendar. :)
  10. Are you using the link listed under "Direct link"? If not, you need to be doing that.
  11. Try this (click the link and copy the URL) http://img580.images...afarroniere.jpg
  12. The problem is that you seem to be trying to direct link an image from Wikipedia, which I don't think allows that. Save the image to your computer, resize it so it's smaller, and host it on another site. Or sign up for Gravatar, which will allow you to link the image and will make a copy on its server and allow you to make it small and square. I don't particularly like Gravatar, but it does work for people who just want an avatar and don't know a lot about hosting images on the web. The reason your avatar is not showing up is because Wikipedia doesn't want its bandwidth stolen from people viewing their image here rather than on its site. You'll find that's true for almost every website, which is why you shouldn't do it.
  13. So you want to add an avatar but you're unable to view your profile? Don't know how to do it to begin with? Here is the step by step guide to adding an avatar (the picture you see next to your posts). If you're confused about one of these steps, I linked to screenshots. This should work even when the board is in Performance Mode. 1. Log in on a computer using the regular skin. I'm not sure how to change this on the mobile skin or with Tapatalk. 2. Click the arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen 3. Select "My settings" from the menu. 4. Your settings should open to the correct tab. Select "Change your photo" 5. Important last step!! Pick an option that isn't #1. You cannot actually upload a photo onto the server, but there is no way to remove this option from the board software. Use one of the other options (linking to a picture with a URL hosted elsewhere, such as Photobucket, or logging into Gravatar). 6. Choose your userpic wisely. Here are some guidelines for what is good and bad. Please follow them. Be aware that if you receive complaints about the size of your image, animations, or inappropriate graphics, you may be asked to take it down.
  14. We can't PM, but I would suggest checking your email for an explanation.
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