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In my other life, I am a geologist turned physics teacher. I live in the SF Bay. Literally. If you're from around here, or visiting, please check the Brotherhood Without Banners section of this forum; we have an active BWB NorCal chapter (usually with delicious food) and most of us are slightly less scary in person.

Moderation nonsense

I'm completely humorless and will bite your head off if you say anything even remotely un-PC. Want to know who deleted your post/thread? It was probably me. I personally delight in suppressing people's freedom of speech. Doubly so if you mention "freedom of speech" in your complaints. I hate freedom.

My Powerpoints (Dropbox download links)

  • IM LEAVING (or How to Win Friends and Influence People)- Part 1, Part 2
  • The Time-Traveling Viking and the Highland Sheikh (by Datepalm, adapted by Kat)- Part 1, Part 2
  • The Chef and the Goblin King - Part 1

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