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  1. With great power comes great responsitrilitrance.

  2. chicanerous and deplorable

  3. Rhaegar died in a riverbed before it was cool

  4. He was dying in riverbeds before it was cool

  5. In order to keep the top of Literature clean, here are the links all in one place. Please direct your recommendations to one of these threads. Looking for a book to read? Look no further. Fantasy and Science Fiction Series Fantasy and Science Fiction Standalone Books Fantasy and Science Fiction Obscure Works Other literature (literary fiction, non-fic, etc.) I am also moving posts from the thread "Westeros Fantasy and Science Fiction Book List" here. This was a poll done in 2010 of posters in this forum and a list compiled from there. It is unranked, but straddles many people's recommendation lists.
  6. I'm seeing your av. But anyway, you're supposed to use the "Direct link" one, which only appears if you're logged in.
  7. These look great for me on Chrome. Thanks so much. If I were to suggest one improvement, it would be to lighten the grey color used for the text background on the index pages. It looks kind of jarring in contrast with the white background on already-read threads.
  8. Kat


    Welcome, fresh meat new boarders. :)
  9. Glad to see it worked. And that's one of my favorite images from the calendar. :)
  10. Are you using the link listed under "Direct link"? If not, you need to be doing that.
  11. Try this (click the link and copy the URL) http://img580.images...afarroniere.jpg
  12. The problem is that you seem to be trying to direct link an image from Wikipedia, which I don't think allows that. Save the image to your computer, resize it so it's smaller, and host it on another site. Or sign up for Gravatar, which will allow you to link the image and will make a copy on its server and allow you to make it small and square. I don't particularly like Gravatar, but it does work for people who just want an avatar and don't know a lot about hosting images on the web. The reason your avatar is not showing up is because Wikipedia doesn't want its bandwidth stolen from people viewing their image here rather than on its site. You'll find that's true for almost every website, which is why you shouldn't do it.
  13. So you want to add an avatar but you're unable to view your profile? Don't know how to do it to begin with? Here is the step by step guide to adding an avatar (the picture you see next to your posts). If you're confused about one of these steps, I linked to screenshots. This should work even when the board is in Performance Mode. 1. Log in on a computer using the regular skin. I'm not sure how to change this on the mobile skin or with Tapatalk. 2. Click the arrow next to your name at the top right of the screen 3. Select "My settings" from the menu. 4. Your settings should open to the correct tab. Select "Change your photo" 5. Important last step!! Pick an option that isn't #1. You cannot actually upload a photo onto the server, but there is no way to remove this option from the board software. Use one of the other options (linking to a picture with a URL hosted elsewhere, such as Photobucket, or logging into Gravatar). 6. Choose your userpic wisely. Here are some guidelines for what is good and bad. Please follow them. Be aware that if you receive complaints about the size of your image, animations, or inappropriate graphics, you may be asked to take it down.
  14. We can't PM, but I would suggest checking your email for an explanation.
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    Welcome to the board, Mimi. Hope some of your questions are answered. :)
  16. I'd tell you about my lake, but you probably haven't heard of it.

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    Welcome. So, do you combine these interests by finger-painting cheese smiley faces? If not, I am unsatisfied with this introduction.
  18. So you're new to this forum? Awesome! You've found a great community full of people who love to talk about books. Beware, though, that the regulars here have seen a lot of repeat topics, and may grow increasingly frustrated if every other thread is someone asking for advice on what to read next with the same old list of books. Here are some guidelines and suggestions on how to get the most out of the Literature forum: Looking for general suggestions? Check out these threads for recommended sci-fi and fantasy series, standalone books, or lesser-known works. There is also a compiled list of this forum's favorite SFF books (as of 2010) in this thread.Search for categories you're interested in. Looking for suggestions within a genre or theme such as graphic novels, paranormal romance, space opera, or feminist fantasy? You may find the search function useful. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to bring up an advanced search which will allow you to search within the Literature forum only. (Hint: if the search function is currently down on the board, see the FAQ below)Trying to decide between two authors? There are many threads people have started before on the "What should I read first, X or Y?" theme. Try the search function with the names of one or more author; you may be surprised (or completely unsurprised) to find out that others have also wondered whether they should read Bakker or Erikson first.Browse through the first few pages of Literature. You may find someone else's advice thread down there with similar questions. Don't worry about resurrecting old threads. Necromancy happens, and people might have been wondering whatever happened to that thread anyway. The mods and experienced members in Literature will be grateful to you for making an effort.It's fine to ask for recommendations- just be as specific as possible. You may get stock answers if your request is vague. "I'm looking for a book to read along the lines of The Hobbit," is not very helpful, because no one knows what you liked about that book. Try: "I just finished The Hobbit, and I would like to read other stories with riddle-contests in them. Also, I love hearing about people walking across a continent, so bring on the fantasy travelogues!" The more specific you can be about what you're looking for, what you've already read (or heard about) and what you've liked or disliked and why, the more helpful and less impatient people will be.Use a descriptive, clear thread title. People who have been in this forum for a while get recommendation fatigue over seeing threads with titles like "Looking for good recommendations- tired of reading mediocre books" "Good" is not adequate, because taste is subjective. Use something specific that is more likely to draw in readers who are well-read, such as "Young adult fantasy with a mystery element- recommendations?", "Science fiction with genetic engineering and/or mutants?", or "Cast of thousands: Series with 100+ characters and numerous appendices a la ASOIAF"Do your research. We're (mostly) not librarians, and certainly not paid for this. We're also not Amazon, or Google. But if you do some reading in the forum, know what you want and what you don't want, and try to make your thread fodder for discussion or a good resource for a list, you'll be a much more valuable member of the community than someone who doesn't try, and your thread is much less likely to get closed or derailed. Try reading things like the "What are you reading this month?" threads to see what's popular with boarders lately.Happy reading, including this forum. :) FAQ Q: The board search function is turned off. How do I search the board? A: Try Google Advanced Search using the domain asoiaf.westeros.org Q: Why did you lock my recommendations thread? A: Probably because you asked for recommendations without being clear on what you were looking for, or because we just had a thread like it and you didn't do your research. Q: Why is everyone here so mean? A: Well, this board has existed for well over a decade, so the regulars here have seen a lot of threads go by and are sick of being treated like people's personal recommendation algorithm hivemind. If you want to have a discussion, make sure you are really clear and not demanding in your request for recommendations thread. If you want to just make a list of books you liked and then have something guess what you should read next, try the bots at Amazon/Goodreads. Also, your local librarian. They're pretty smart. If you can't decide what to read next, try the time-honored tradition of choosing one at random and reading it to see if you like it.
  19. Thanks for doing the tallying so we don't have to. :)
  20. It's pretty safe to assume that all threads in the episode discussion forums are going to contain TV spoilers for that episode and previous ones, but please try to respect the spoiler tags in the thread titles, and if you must refer to something from the books that hasn't been revealed in the TV show yet in a no-spoilers thread, please use the
  21. Self-explanatory, use your own scale values as you wish. Previous polls can be found in their respective episode forums. Please don't vote until after you've seen the episode!
  22. Retroactive Week 1 poll in the hotly-acclaimed new series, Behind the Nitpicking
  23. This is just so you can get an idea of overall fan reaction on a weekly basis. Your own scale, of course, is subjective. Everyone's a critic! Retroactive Episode 101 poll here.
  24. Kat


    Welcome! Definitely watch out for book spoilers if you're still reading, and hope you find the Still Reading discussion forums if you want to talk about the books while you read them.
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