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  1. Yeah that was an epic climb it's a bit of a shame jumbo are so strong because it would have been great to see a fight from a couple of km further out for some bigger gaps. I put 2 bucks on Carthy at the start of the race when I saw him at 376-1 odds. Now I'm wondering if I should see how the TT goes or take the 90 bucks cashout offer. Tour de France 21 route has been released stage 11 will be interesting although going up ventoux twice and not finishing up there is a bit of a downer. The Pyrenees in the last week looks good and finally getting some more itt KMs might force the climbers to take some more risks to make time on guys who are really good in the TT.
  2. That's a pretty good round up. I was quite surprised about Alfa resigning both drivers, I thought Raikkonen and Schumacher would be the line up but oh well. It's a shame for Ilott that he's had some issues this year in F2 that have lined up nicely for Schumacher finding form because I think on outright speed Ilott is probably the faster of the 2. I would like to see Albon go back to Alpha Tauri to go head to head with Gasly and red bull put Hulk in with Max next year. I would imagine Perez would then take his $$$ to Haas to partner the winner of Ilott and Schumacher. Also I really love the tracks we have been thrown this year, mugello, Nurburgring, portimao and Imola are awesome racetracks. There really should be some consideration from the powers that be in F1 for getting some of these tracks back regularly without bankrupting them
  3. Ones will be really ridiculous next year. TGH, Bernal, Thomas, Carapaz, Dennis, Yates, Porte. I believe they also signed a young guy from cyclo-cross who is extremely highly rated, plus their usual array of domestiques. 2 great looking stages this weekend especially can't wait for the angliru tomorrow.
  4. Interesting to see if Roglic can hold his form throughout the race so soon after the tour and he's done some big one day races in between the grand tours. It was a bit sad to see Froome going backwards like that. The injury he suffered last year is basically a career ender apparently very similar to schlek and beloki. That's from what hincapie was saying on the move podcast and he's still pretty well connected with the big teams. For what Froome has achieved for that team I hope he can find something later on in the vuelta so it isn't just coverage of him going out the back of what was a pretty big group for three weeks The giro really kicks off tonight 3 big mountain stages and then a TT on the last day. Kelderman looked good before the rest day and sunweb look to have a very strong team. Not sure Almeida can hang on to pink much longer. Nibali is going to try something big on one or two of these stages to try and pull off a repeat of 2016.
  5. So Tony Adams while previewing city and Arsenal was talking about how great Aguero is and he says "I'd love to have kicked him what a player" might be my favourite thing I've heard an 'expert' say on one of these game previews
  6. Thiago looked so good in this game as well. Super work rate and world class on the ball
  7. 2 players richarlison tried to break thiagos leg near the end there. At least he got sent off. Pickford's challenge on vvd looks worse the more I see it. Chilwell looks like a great signing for Chelsea so far
  8. And Eurosport in Australia is showing fucking snooker/billiards/some shit that isn't the giro
  9. So can a goal be scored off the arm above the elbow now or something? Feel like Liverpool were screwed by var in this game. Pickford shouldn't have been on the park and then of course they score from the spot vvd would have been in at the corner
  10. So kruiswijk is out with covid and so is Matthews and mitchelton-scott have withdrawn their entire team. What are the odds of this giro making it to the finish I wonder
  11. Yeah its a big record Hamilton is putting up. He has had 7 years now and probably 8 after next year in the absolute best car on the grid. Occasionally red bull and Ferrari have gotten close but for the most part the Merc has been .5-1 second a lap clear to the next best car. By the end of next season that will equate to 150-160 races with teammates that everyone expects him to beat even though Rosberg took a championship win during that time I don't think anyone would argue that that was a big surprise. Even before Merc he was in a team that was expected to win races regularly. It's going to take a long time before we see someone challenges Hamilton's records and it's probably going to need 25 races a season or something.
  12. Portimao looks like a really cool track, it will be interesting to see what it's like with F1 cars running around it. There is barely a flat piece of road on the whole track.
  13. Vlasov and Lopez out in the first 2 stages for Astana and G with pretty significant time on his rivals already means the gc guys are going to need to try and crack him at every opportunity. Should be fun
  14. Sucked in Alaphillipe that was a piss poor move in the sprint, feel sorry for hirschi but some consolation for roglic after the disappointment of the end of the tour.
  15. Love the giro I think G is probably the favourite his team are always pretty strong. Fuglsang was right there with the best in the world champs and has good one day form but I've never seen him sustain it for three weeks. Yates won tirreno gc and his team are usually pretty good tactically Nibali can never be written off and I love a final stage time trial but it's 15km on the flat and I'm not sure that's going to be long enough for major changes unless it's a really tight gc all the way through. It's a real shame evanpoel had the big crash it would have been really cool to see him in the giro.
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