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  1. lmanion

    Formula One 2020

    Yeah since I posted it's officially been announced and the supports are packing up as well which is a shame as I was looking forward to seeing the s5000 category run
  2. lmanion

    Formula One 2020

    The latest was there would be some sort of go ahead with no fans allowed into the track. An official announcement hast actually happened yet but I would say that F1 wont run this weekend but some of the other support categories may still go ahead for Australian tv
  3. lmanion

    Football: What Football?

    City vs Arsenal has been postponed due to someone from Olympiacos being diagnosed with corona virus
  4. lmanion

    Football: winter break over

    3 more points looked a bit shaky but on to Atletico
  5. lmanion

    Football: winter break over

    I suppose you can just shove people in the back now then
  6. lmanion

    Professional Wrestling: Irish War Painting II

    Hangman page is now so over that the crowd were booing the young bucks before the match even started. The story they are telling between Page and the elite is fantastic. I've only watched up to the women's title match of revolution so far but the men's tag title match is probably my favourite tag match I've seen, they completely had me with the one winged angel sequence. Omega has arguably worked 2 of the best matches of the year so far this week.
  7. lmanion

    Football: winter break over

    Honestly I would have preferred one of the young guys taking that place, Lovren is shite and won't learn anything from that game one of the guys would have at least been able to use it as a learning experience. Plus playing beside vvd would do them the world of good.
  8. lmanion

    Football: winter break over

    This is what happens when you play Lovren
  9. lmanion

    Football: winter break over

    It's always hilarious to come here after the game and read my fellow Liverpool fans having a breakdown only to see us come out with a late winner yet again
  10. lmanion

    Football: winter break over

    Lo Celso could have been off 3 times and should have been off for that stomp on Azpilicueta
  11. At one point I was looking forward to legends the most each week. It didn't take itself seriously and was pretty good fun to watch especially the way they deal with crossovers and kind of break the fourth wall
  12. lmanion

    Football: Better Call Raul

    As a Liverpool supporter this scoreline is harsh on Southampton
  13. lmanion

    Football: Better Call Raul

    Missing mane going forward I think ox works far better on the right side than the left. We are a bit stuck in 2nd gear lately but especially in this game so far, a bit sloppy in the back half and lacking a final ball going forward.
  14. Yeah I only went back and finished season 7 of arrow when I found out season 8 was the last. Gave up on flash and legends a while ago and never started with Supergirl just watched the crossover episodes of each one. Crisis was quite good I found it entertaining and that's about all I could ask for. Now to watch the last episode of arrow.
  15. lmanion

    Football: Better Call Raul

    So no foul on Firmino there?