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  1. Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds died in a car crash Saturday night here in Australia. He was 46, been a shit year for former Australian cricketers.
  2. That cav win was awesome to watch and he went from a long way out. Etna about to happen. Can't be won here but already lost superman from the race and can probably expect to see one bigger name drop out of a favourites list.
  3. That's a pretty special moment from the crowd at Anfield not only the applause for Ronaldo but breaking into YNWA as well for a guy who plays for your biggest rival
  4. That Joe dirt looking guy is Cameron Smith an Aussie, he just won the players a few weeks ago. Took home 3.6 mil. Shame he chunked it in the creek on 12 and made a triple. He shot 68 in round 1 with 8 birdies and opened and closed the round with doubles.
  5. Never thought he was a chance of winning but it was him not riding in the final km that allowed the other 2 to come back MVDP was always going to have the sprint to beat all of them anyway.
  6. Flanders was a great watch, Pogacar was the strongest with the road going up but MVDP managed to hang with him just enough and then Pogacar kind of rode himself off the podium. Shame Wout was out hopefully he is healthy and ready to go for Roubaix which I think is in 2? weeks
  7. Yeah he looked really good, not sure he beats Van aert on current form though especially with the current jumbo visma classics team. Hopefully quickstep can find some form as well. Should be a fast hard race Sunday.
  8. Biniam Girmay is going to be a big name in pro cycling was really good at E3 and then won gent-wevelgem. Cool to see a guy that I had on pro cycling manager last year show up and win in real life at 21. Van aert looks in great form and jumbo visma are spoiled for choice in the classics atm 1-2 at E3 and 1-2-3 at Paris nice in the opening stage and in the TT.
  9. Anyone see the end of milan-san remo? Mohoric is a mad man downhill. The speed up the pogio was crazy with pogacar trying to get away but Mohoric looked like he had enabled cheat codes for the descent.
  10. Newcastle looked better against United but they need some better players in defence they need new players and early in the January window even with their spending power they look like they are going down. Either way if they spend their way out of relegation or if they go down after finally getting their takeover it will be funny to me.
  11. I think if it were a full Disney Marvel film there is no way they wouldn't have spoiled the secrets and surprises, being mostly a Sony distributed film I believe that would have been left to Sony.
  12. How is ffp still a thing with the biggest clubs around making a mockery of it
  13. There was really no reason to red flag this race. A red flag is not a 'sporting' decision it is pretty much purely a safety decision. There are very few reasons to throw a red flag and the possibility of finishing under yellow flags is not one of them. Safety barriers that need to be fixed after a crash like in Saudi, a big crash requiring medical intervention, the track being blocked or the track conditions being too unsafe for cars to be out there racing. These are the only reasons to throw a red flag and have been for as long as I can remember.
  14. Anderson should really have played if fit Brisbane seems like the sort of conditions he could be a real difference maker
  15. I honestly hate the red flag and restart rules especially being able to make changes to the car, fix things and change tyres during a red flag. It punishes the teams trying to make the race and helps those who have made bad decisions. Personally I think red flag should be parc ferme conditions and you take the restart in the same condition you were in at the red flag. There is the option to not allow cars to unlap themselves bit once they chose to let cars go all lapped cars have to go and the safety car has to stay out for another lap after the lapped cars are allowed to pass. It's kind of all or nothing as the rules are written but I'm guessing because the race director took the decision the FIA would say that his ruling can override the written procedure. I find it hard to feel sorry for Merc the way Toto conducts himself when things don't go his way. Red Bull and Max are certainly no saints either but in this case they can only play the hand they are dealt. The main takeaway from the race overall for me is this track is still a borefest of a track for a season finale even with the changes and it took some extraordinary circumstances in the stewards room to make it memorable.
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