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  1. Problem with that is Jackson's movies and the parts of Tolkiens world involved are owned by Warner Bros not Amazon. Amazon only has rights to a very small portion that is not even all of the second age as far as I'm aware. Pretty sure this is why we have the harfoots and they are all really careful not to call them hobbits.
  2. Toyota really should have done better TTE had and have a good track record in most series they have been a part of, so yeah it had to be meddling from higher ups in Japan that caused the underperformance. It's still a shame they pulled the pin but they have probably done better out of sinking the cash into WRC and WEC.
  3. Odegaard is so good. He is going to earn arsenal points this season especially against sides playing a low block
  4. Heard Logan on a couple of pods (flagrant and true Geordie) talking about signing with WWE he sounds pretty serious about it which has showed in his appearances so far. He was a wrestler in college so I think he will suprise a lot of people
  5. Pogacar was supposedly going to do the giro-tour double up next year, will be interesting to see if he refocuses on just the tour now after losing this year, assuming of course the TT goes as normally as possible.
  6. I think Pogacar was worried about letting Roglic go up the road because he had the Van Aert rail company waiting up the road. Very unusual to see one of the top guys have a hunger flat with how good the teams are on nutrition these days. Jumbo look incredibly strong in comparison to UAE and you wonder where Pogacar can find the time back. Maybe the pyranees will suit him better but Vingegaard has to sit on his wheel. Great to see Froome at the head of a Tour stage in the mountains after everything he's been through. I think we see him go for another mountain stage before the end. Pidcock was awesome to watch going downhill off the Galibier especially and winning on alpe d'huez is pretty huge.
  7. Van Aert has been incredible so far wouldn't put it past him to win stage 6 the way he is riding. Shame Roglic crashed but Van Aert basically stopped Pogacar from having a minute on everyone before we see a real climb
  8. Webber also flipped the Merc at Le Mans
  9. Even last year before the Vuelta Quickstep were saying jakobsen was the man for the tour. Stage 2 could be wild if there are cross winds on that bridge for the last 20km. Going off form so far jumbo probably need to put time into Pogacar in this first week. Hopefully Sagan is back on form and can give WVA a challenge for the green jersey. Can't wait for stage 1 to get under way and get basically no sleep for the next 3 weeks.
  10. That last climb finally lit up after a pretty dull stage and Hindley cracked Carapaz to the point Landa was able to ride past him and gain time as well. Fingers crossed for a clean run in the TT tonight for Hindley and we will have a first Aussie winner of the Giro. Great work by Bora to get Kamna up the road and use him at the perfect time.
  11. https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/girmay-taken-to-hospital-after-capturing-historic-victory-at-the-giro-ditalia/ Huge win for Girmay, guy is looking like a real superstar in the making. Hopefully the champagne cork doesn't put him out for the rest of the Giro. He posted the other day about getting 5th for the 3rd or 4th time in the Giro after the stage De Gent won.
  12. So the race kind of exploded but also didn't. I thought when Porte pulled off and Carapaz went we were seeing the inevitable end of real competition at the giro. Bardet and Landa were very impressive and then Almeida especially but also Hindley and Pozzovivo seem in good form as well with Hindley managing to hang on in the sprint for a win. As an Aussie that almost made it worth staying up till 130 am.
  13. Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds died in a car crash Saturday night here in Australia. He was 46, been a shit year for former Australian cricketers.
  14. That cav win was awesome to watch and he went from a long way out. Etna about to happen. Can't be won here but already lost superman from the race and can probably expect to see one bigger name drop out of a favourites list.
  15. That's a pretty special moment from the crowd at Anfield not only the applause for Ronaldo but breaking into YNWA as well for a guy who plays for your biggest rival
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