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  1. Sad. It took so long to find out whether it will be renewed or canceled that it alone almost damaged the show's prospects. I hope they find a new home and that HBO max execs get turned into trees.
  2. Looks like a demonstrator for a new video game engine.
  3. I could have sworn we had a Raised by Wolves thread, but I can't find it so I'm starting a new one, while the second season is still on. The show is right up my alley, SciFi with a mystery element. Great thing about it is that it isn't based on any previous material, so anything can happen. And 'anything' indeed does happen. Ridley Scott is an executive producer and has directed few episodes but I don't think he is in really in charge of the show.
  4. What bothers me 'so much' is self righteous individuals trying to pass their own arbitrary beliefs as gospel. Saying 'Anyone who isn't a straight white male pretty much' has the same merit as saying 'Anyone who isn't a straight black male pretty much'.
  5. And just what groups are those? Tibetans? Inuits? I assume you have a precise formula of how much should each group on a planet be represented when casting for movie roles. Because otherwise 'under represented groups' means anything you want.
  6. I have no hope of it being any good as a movie, but I'm strangely excited to see Rapture again.
  7. I have a question about the first book and the series as a whole. I'm about 20% in to the first book and this Mace Blackhail keeps getting away with evil buslshit because because most of characters are complete fools. He actually rapes a woman then gets away with it. This is very frustrating to me and I wonder if the book is worth reading. The mystery with the girl Ash in a tower is very intriguing but the stupid clansmen thing is infuriating and off putting. Is the whole book like this? Are other books in the series? When does he get out of the picture? I don't mind evil characters, but I can't stand it when they keep succeeding purely because nearly everyone around them is an idiot.
  8. Thanks. Those other franchises that you mentioned are exactly who I associated them with. I had no idea that they had prior history of success. I'm a casual basketball fan at best, but I noticed that on this forum, the other forum that I visit, and the NBA subreddit, the GSW are the team that pretty much everyone is rooting for.
  9. Can one of you explain to me why are Golden State Warriors so popular? I might misremember this but I think that, years ago, they were the worst franchise in NBA that nobody cared about.
  10. Looks horrible. May end up being biggest disappointment in a while.
  11. Can knowledge of the crash still be used as a leverage against Ken? The only people who know about it are the ones who covered it up, thus incriminating themselves. Considering that they are under this huge investigation about coverups from decades ago that threaten to take the whole company down, this new scandal would be a disaster, especially for Logan.
  12. Ironically, Holland's predecessor as Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, may have been better casting choice for Drake.
  13. Ok, but have you seen anything in the trailer that you haven't seen before?
  14. Looks like one of those formulaic movies that we all watched many times before.
  15. Wait, it comes out in four days!? For some reason, I thought after the first trailer that it will be released during the summer or in autumn.
  16. Phil Spector died. He was in jail for murder, but I thought he died a few years ago.
  17. Gronzag

    Board Issues 4

    It happens in the Incognito mode as well, but not in the Firefox. Keep in mind that I'm also the only one who experiences lag when using this board. Also only in Chrome, and not in Firefox. so, it might have something to do with me.
  18. Gronzag

    Board Issues 4

    When I scroll down in Chrome (desktop), text on some posts gets blurred for a few moments. It's not really a problem, just thought you might want to know. https://imgur.com/a/TyfIBNM
  19. Darryn Morey from Houston Rockets tweeted something in support of HK protesters and, of course, a shitstorm began. China immediately began economic punishment, and NBA is jumping through hoops to apologize and appease them. Here is a clip showing a reporter ask 2 stars a question at a press conference about the incident and is immediately shut down. This is CCP dictatorship pouring into the US.
  20. What do you mean? China is rapidly growing more authoritarian and at the same time more influential in the 'free world', especially entertainment, and everybody is kissing their asses in hopes that they would be allowed to make some money on a Chinese market. Fuck China, and fuck anyone who's bending over to them. It warms my heart that there are still (sadly, very few) people in entertainment industry who are willing to stand up to them. Death metal part was hilarious, especially after writing a song on a acoustic guitar.
  21. Gronzag

    Board Issues 4

    It says that chrome is up to date. Anyway, it's not really a big problem. It doesn't make the site unusable.
  22. Gronzag

    Board Issues 4

    I just did it and it's all the same. But it's still possible that the issue is on my side, specifically chrome since there are no issues with firefox.
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