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    Forum is very slow in desktop Chrome. Everything's fine in Firefox.
  2. There was nothing problematic about it, for me or anyone I know who watched it. It's just that some people are desperate to impose their beliefs on others.
  3. Jon is, along with Arya, my favorite character in the books but in the show he really annoys the hell out of me. Sam is also painful to watch. One of the worst episodes in the series ever.
  4. Disappointment. Bad acting, bad choreography, nothing made any sense.
  5. I hate how they spoiled the books :ack: . I'm not watching this show anymore :bang:
  6. Only thing i liked was the fight at the end
  7. Jupiter Ascending That movie has a pretty big budget, some $100 mil. I hope it doesn't fail at the box office
  8. The worst episode of the series! I gave it 2 but only because dragons look so awesome. Theon scene looked like a parody.
  9. I gave it 8. Best so far (of season 3)
  10. I think that Jon's unconsciousness after being knocked out is when we will se his first warging into ghost
  11. Even though the name of the thread is Ep 201 Discusion part 2, most of the talk is about dire wolves... and so was my post! But, yeah, you'r right i shouldn't be writing about unaired episode so i 'deleted' my post
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