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    How would you rate episode 602?

    An 8 for me, bordering on a 9. What a great episode this was, even brought me back to that season-1-to-3-feeling at times. Especially the moments with Jamie/High Sparrow as well as Bran. Very satisfying to see that flashback to young Ned and Benjen, and I am amped for TOJ next week. I do feel like whenever the dialogue connects like Jamie/High Sparrow-scene it gives the episode endlessly more depth, and though I am left with a bitterness as this is not generally the case, this does not negade the fact that this was a huge episode. Jon Snow's resurrection was good too, I did feel like this was an authentic way to draw your first breath after being lifeless for a while. Some would call it a clichè, but I sure enjoyed it. Proteck ya necks, Thorne and Olly.
  2. Øivind Snø

    How would you rate episode 503?

    I gave this episode an 8. A solid one at that, lurking towards a 9. It really engaged me, which the previous two did not do to the same extent. Though many here felt the execution scene at the wall was underwhelming, I felt it justified a whole lot, and I liked it. I got a flashback to the very first execution scene of the series from season 1, with Ned, and I felt like Kit really nailed it as far as the whole "he who passes the sentence should swing the sword"-vibe. Just from his facial expression and bodylanguage it told me his whole story from the books. "Fetch me a block" or not.
  3. Øivind Snø

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Skeletons? I just.... I.... The only thing I could do was just to laugh. Loudly. I mean, just WHY couldn't they've just been wights? All of a sudden these new creatures, who just seem to be randomly designed and not really belonging in the GoT universe, shows up out of nowhere with freakish speed - and then it gets worse when this COTF-girl starts chucking FIREBALLS at them! No words. Just laughter. There are moments like these that really spoil the good ones - and that's why I feel like commenting on this now, well after I saw this episode. Still, the only season I'll ever go back to is Season 1 - where the atmosphere and setting was way more on point and enjoyable. This show has mainly lost itself more and more from then on.
  4. Øivind Snø

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Where are Lord Eddard's bones? After Theon's tour of the crypts with Lady Dustin it comes forth that they are, in fact, not in the Winterfell crypts. She noted that after Victarion took Moat Cailin she has been watching the roads. Have the Reeds intercepted Catelyn's envoy carrying the bones? For safekeeping?