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  1. Trying to make sense of why Dany didn't just go burn down the Red Keep, instead of torching the whole city, and it's really pretty clear: She chose FEAR over LOVE because she felt like she had lost her purpose with the revealing of Jon's stature. The fact that she decided to "burn them all" completes her character arc into the "Mad Queen," and sets up the predicted "Neesa Neesa" prophecy as I am sure we will see Jon execute her in the final episode.
  2. Old Blue Eyes

    Thoughts on the Dragons eating

    I would think that if a dragon were to eat a goat/lamb, that there wouldn't be any bones left. How did they get the meat off the bone, and leave those nice intact skeletons. I know, I know - cinematic effect.
  3. I really love the show, but damn - D&D and this writing is just lackluster. The relay from Jon to Gendry to ravens to Dragonstone to North of the Wall was nothing less than "f it, why be creative." It just makes no sense. Dragonglass! It had to be mined to fight the Night King, but f it, none of our heros thought to bring any? Just dumb.
  4. Old Blue Eyes

    [Spoilers] EP701

    I hope that was Nymeria in the previews.