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  1. Reeds might have a bigger role in the latter books, so they should be included. After all, they are the only representation of Howland Reed (or crannogmen in general) in all 5 books together. Howland definitely has a mighty role in the rest of the books, it's important his children feature in early so that the viewers are aware of Reeds when Howland appears...
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Joffrey's scene with the whores was truly unwarranted. It could have been a closed door event as reported to Tyrion by the injured whores. But the truth is, SEX SELLS! I know some people who don't have the patience to read the books and watch the show because it shows a lot of skin! Every time, they ask me if there was a sex scene in the new episode. We all, book lovers or otherwise, have to live with that. The nurse scene on the other hand, also engages the audience with romance. True, its misplaced, with her arguing with the king about the futility of war. But Jeyne-Robb story has true potential of a romance. If GRRM did not give us that, HBO will.