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  1. Apologies, I flipped through the other FF thread but must have missed the relevant post - what are the rules around IR slots in this league? IE, are they reserved for COVID cases, or can you put someone on actual IR in there? Thanks!
  2. Props to him, then because I feel like there’s a reasonable chance I would’ve forgotten by the end of the season, and it’s my player! I guess one could scan the “Transactions” section for it? So long Justin Jackson, we hardly knew ye. (As mentioned, I think not getting to keep him is correct, but was worth checking on)
  3. I could probably try to get away with this, but I don’t think it’s allowed so I will bring it up and confirm that... Say I have a player, Player A. I drafted him this year and signed him to a contract for 3 years. During the season (say, Week 4) I drop him; and in Week 7, I pick him up again. At the end of the season, can I keep him on that original contract, or is he cut and gone? I assume the latter, but since I suspect I’m the only one who’d notice, I figured I would try to be honest and raise it.
  4. # of years includes this season (so 1 year means they expire after this coming season) New contracts in bold QBs Teddy Bridgewater - $1 (2 years) Ben Roethlisberger - $8 (1 year) Jared Goff - $7 (3 years) Jameis Winston - $1 (4 years) Jordan Love - $1 (4 years) WR Mike Evans - $36 (1 year) Allen Robinson II - $17 (3 years) Robert Woods - $10 (2 years) AJ Green - $4 (1 year) Emmanuel Sanders - $6 (1 year) Anthony Miller - $4 (1 year) JJ Arcega-Whiteside - $3 (3 years) Antonio Gandy-Golden - $2 (3 years) Brandon Aiyuk - $3 (4 years) RBs Josh Jacobs - $26 (3 years) Chris Carson - $22 (2 years) Austin Ekeler - $10 (1 year) Tevin Coleman - $5 (3 years) Nyheim Hines - $4 (1 year) Lynn Bowden Jr. - $1 (4 years) Justin Jackson - $1 (3 years) TEs Eric Ebron - $1 (2 years) Anyone interested in a 2 for 1 deal where I send Gandy-Golden and someone for a small upgrade? I don't *think* any of these players qualifies for the IR slot presently. ETA - edited to change one of the deals.
  5. Superflex is fine for me. Dropping TreQuan Smith, Brissett, and Devon Funchess.
  6. Standard size dynasty leagues are wild.
  7. Kind of a messy team here. QB - Lamar Jackson, Ben Roethlisberger (Nick Foles) WR - Davante Adams, Michael Gallup, Marquise Brown, Sterling Shepard (John Brown, Anthony Miller, Brandon Aiyuk) RB - Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette, Sony Michel (Kareem Hunt, Ronald Jones Jr, Alexander Mattison, Damien Harris, Tony Pollard, Bryce Love, Ke'Shawn Vaughn) TE - Hayden Hurst K - n/a D - Chicago Think I have an excellent QB situation and I really like my WR upside. RB is good if the NE and TB situations resolve into actual RB1s (or if Hunt or Love takes over as the main RB), not great if they don't. I don't love Hurst, but for a dollar he's totally fine... the guy I was hoping to get for a dollar was already off the board and I figured I'd nominate him in case someone else took him for more than $1, but I don't think he's downside.
  8. I view defenses in FF as about one step away from fungible, honestly. I think Min's group is quite good, though. Ben was the last on my list of QBs to take, but he is on the list.
  9. 12 team offboard money league - snakedraft, start QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, Flex, DST, K; 0.5 PPR. Had the 6th overall pick. Interested in thoughts... I think I botched one or two picks but looking at the rest of the rosters I don't totally hate mine. I felt like I got badly sniped a couple of times, where the top two guys on my shortlist would go in the four picks before mine, and so I'd have to adjust a lot on the fly (which is every snakedraft to some extent, but it seemed more pronouced this time) QB - Ben Roethlisberger WR - Robert Woods, Keenan Allen, Marquiese Brown (Sterling Shepard, Curtis Samuel) RB - Dalvin Cook, Austin Ekeler, Chris Carson (Alexander Mattison, Damien Harris, Antonio Gibson, Bryce Love) TE - Chris Herndon DST - Min K - Matt Prater
  10. I'm clear, I'll make whatever work, I don't have any other drafts scheduled yet.
  11. 1, 3, 2 for me, but game for whatever.
  12. I agree with simplicity as the priority - I don't think the setup WJ proposed is totally ideal (I enjoy, strategically, trying to draft 4-5 QBs sometimes in these 2 QB leagues) but I can't think of a better system that is equally simple and builds in some COVID protection off the top of my head; if I think of one I will shout it out, though. ETA @ Ace - the issue is that QB is uniquely vulnerable re: COVID b/c it creates a situation where it's pretty easy to get a 0 at the highest-leverage spot on the roster (for our leagues, at least). There's always another WR or RB who will get *some* play - only 32 QBs play each week. But I'm not totally out on the "fuck it, let's ride the variance train" stance.
  13. Said this in the MMM nostalgia thread also, but, I love these. Especially as I mostly don't go on Facebook anymore. Delightful to see everyone still kicking it.
  14. In if it's happening.
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