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  1. Just wanted to poke in and say, holy crap, congrats Nora! (And good luck, natch.) Props to DP and Simon as well! I don't pop in too often, but it's heartening to see others from my Board cohort crushing it!
  2. Huh. Well, given that I live in the area at present, I suppose I'll have to show up for some stuff, regardless of whether I actually wind up attending the Con.
  3. BLU-RAY

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Unclear, work is downtown Palo Alto, so deciding between the Peninsula and living near the Caltrain in SF
  4. BLU-RAY

    I hate moving! Or buying a house is fucking weird.

    Congrats indeed. As someone who's moving crosscountry this weekend, glad to hear something resembling success stories!
  5. BLU-RAY

    Attempting Wheel of Time series...

    I've always felt that the real achievement in the Wheel of TIme is the world, rather than the plot or the characters. There are a couple of genuinely interesting characters, but it was always the history of the world, the precision with which the magic/metaphysics worked, and the world building in general that I enjoyed. I mean, there's a Cold War reference in the first book, if you look deep enough. As someone who's a LotR fan but thinks that the Silmarillion is the better work, I enjoyed having pieces of the Silmarillion equivalent scattered through the series. Moiraine's story in Emond's Field at the start of the Eye of the World was always where I got hooked.
  6. BLU-RAY

    College Football 2017: Butch Jones' Locker

    Our 3rd QB is better than the 1st or the 2nd. Our 4th QB might be also. :-/ Interested to see if our D can actually play the rest of the way, if so, we actually still have a shot to win the North.
  7. BLU-RAY

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I'm the only other idiot who's still awake when these #PAC12AfterDark games are on, so I'm the only other guy who's heard of half the Bears BTW, speaking of which - Bronner, you still in SF these days? I'm moving back to the Bay next weekend.
  8. BLU-RAY

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Gonna have Henderson be a 1year deal, since I'll have to drop him for a D or Kicker. Everything else is as I stated upthread.
  9. BLU-RAY

    College Football 2017: Butch Jones' Locker

    I tried to post in response to that question yesterday, but wasn't logged in to my phone - I would bet it's 100% because of Alvarez. When the AD has twice been the Head Coach and thinks that he and the program are synonymous, it would tend to grate on any Head Coach hired by him - particularly because in most places I'd argue the coach has more power than the AD. I've heard Alvarez likes to be very involved with the program - that seems likely to drive any coach nuts.
  10. BLU-RAY

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Anyone want to trade for a QB in this league? I have several, and would like to make a 2-for-1 trade or two so I can go get a DST and kicker.
  11. BLU-RAY

    Fantasy Football 2017

    Or TE, really, b/c OJ Howard and Tampa had an enforced bye. I didn't stop to think during the draft that I'd only have one day, during which I had plans, to try and make trades etc.
  12. BLU-RAY

    Westeros Football League C

    Pretty sure it'll just be a tie. I'm not amused (I'm extremely amused).
  13. BLU-RAY

    NFL 2017: And Now It Begins!

    Heh, I came here specifically to say that Bradford looks like the QB Sperry always thought he was, be interesting to see if this lasts.
  14. BLU-RAY

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    I was not and they did not - I was trying at ~noon EST yesterday to pick them up, but it would only let me submit a Waiver bid to be processed today (Monday, Sept 11). ...still gonna beat you, though :-P
  15. BLU-RAY

    Westeros Dynasty 2016

    Incoming Contracts: Michael Crabtree - 8 (1 years)Larry Fitzgerald - 8 (2 years)DeSean Jackson - 7 (2 years)Josh Doctson - 5 (2 years)Jared Goff - 4 (3 years)Terrance West - 3 (2 years)Ty Montgomery - 1 (2 years)Trevor Simien - 1 (3 years) New Contracts: Julio Jones - 39 (2 years) Ben Roethlisberger - 17 (1 year) Mike Glennon - 1 (1 year) Curtis Samuel - 5 (3 years) Andrew Luck - 23 (3 years) OJ Howard - 4 (3 years) Ted Ginn Jr - 2 (1 year) Marlon Mack - 7 (2 years) Carlos Henderson - 2 (1 year) Mike Williams - 2 (4 years) Wendell Smallwood - 3 (2 years) Marshawn Lynch - 18 (1 year) Mitchell Trubisky - 10 (3 years) Deonta Foreman - 3 (3 years) If we were to have an IR slot, I'd take Carlos Henderson at 4 years and stick him there, but I gotta add a defense and a kicker... ETA - as mentioned above, if FAs are closed right now (which, it's not letting me pick up a K, only make a waiver bid for tomorrow), I want Henderson at 4 years for $2 and I guess I just punt week 1