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  1. TEAM (new contracts in bold): QB - Jared Goff ($7, 1 year) QB - Jameis Winston ($1, 2 years) QB - Josh Allen ($38, 4 years) QB - Geno Smith ($2, 1 year) QB - Teddy Bridgewater ($1, 1 year) WR - Allen Robinson ($17, 1 year) WR - Brandin Cooks ($6, 1 year) WR - Brandon Aiyuk ($3, 2 years) WR - Rashod Bateman ($3, 3 years) WR - Lynn Bowden Jr ($1, 2 years) WR - Tyreek Hill ($19 , 4 years) WR - Chris Olave ($9 , 4 years) WR - Christian Watson ($3 , 4 years) RB - Austin Ekeler ($27, 1 year) RB - Travis Etienne ($9, 3 years) RB - Cordarelle Patterson ($5, 2 years) RB - Rachaad White ($5, 4 years) RB - Zamir White ($6, 4 years) RB - Tyler Allgeier ($5, 4 years) RB - Sony Michel ($1, 1 years) TE - Dawson Knox ($1, 4 years) TE - Isaiah Likely ($3, 4 years) Of these I'd like to start: QB - Josh Allen QB - Jameis Winston WR - Tyreek Hill WR - Brandin Cooks WR - Brandon Aiyuk WR - Rashod Bateman RB - Austin Ekeler RB - Travis Etienne RB - Cordarelle Patterson TE - Isaiah Likely for this week. I'm aware this is kind of horseshit, but that's the nature of having a draft during G1, I think.
  2. Also, the rules: Same scoring/roster/budget as other Westeros leagues - $200 salary cap, expanded rosters (start 2 QB, 4 WR, 3 RB, TE, K, DST, 10 bench spots) with no flex; no PPR, 6 points per passing TD The dynasty part: When you draft a player, you choose to sign them to a contract at the $ you drafted them at for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years; and you get to keep them for that long. If you don't drop them, that's fine - if you drafted Jamarr Chase last year for $5 and signed him to a 3-year deal, you got him last year, this year, and next year; and each year he counts $5 towards your budget. If you do drop a player and they had years past this season left on the contract you'd signed, you take a penalty of 1/3 their salary (rounded to the nearest $ and with a minimum penalty of $1) each year remaining on the contract. So if I drafted player A last year for $12 and signed him to a 4-year deal, but dropped him this offseason, I'd take a $4 penalty against my cap this year and will take a $4 penalty next year and the year after as well. If I drafted player B last year for $2 and signed him to a 3 year deal, but dropped him this offseason, I'd take a $1 penalty against my cap this year and next year. You can go over the $200 cap in-season, but you have to meet it at the draft each year (i.e. if you were coming into the season with $232 worth of players on your roster, you'd have to drop players at least until the freed up capspace would allow you to pay $1 per empty spot left on your team and your total expenditure would meet or be less than $200). Rules that I can't remember: Not sure if we have a trade deadline or if trading is allowed year-round Can't recall if we have an IR spot in this thing
  3. Would it be all right if we did the draft at 9:30 Eastern? Pretty sure I said in my post upthread that Tues/Thurs were the days I couldn't make, but no worries - work thing should be over by that point hopefully. The extra 30mins of flexibility would be appreciated, though.
  4. Is there a date we want to use for the draft for this, since kickoff is a week from Thursday? I can't do: Wednesday, August 31 Tuesday, September 6 Thursday, September 8 (opening day anyway) I can probably make whenever else work
  5. Doing the same. Keeping: QB - Jared Goff ($7, 1 year) QB - Jameis Winston ($1, 2 years) WR - Allen Robinson ($17, 1 year) WR - Brandin Cooks ($6, 1 year) WR - Brandon Aiyuk ($3, 2 years) WR - Rashod Bateman ($3, 3 years) RB - Austin Ekeler ($27, 1 year) RB - Travis Etienne ($9, 3 years) WR - Lynn Bowden Jr ($1, 2 years) QB - Teddy Bridgewater ($1, 1 year) $75 spent, 10 players; have 12 players left, $125 left before penalties Cutting (new penalties): Josh Jacobs ($26, 1 year) Juwan Johnson ($8, 2 years) Jordan Love ($1, 2 years) Jalen Reagor ($5, 3 years) Will Fuller ($3, 1 year) $16 total penalty Old penalties: Brisett - $1 Justin Jackson - $1 Gandy-Golden - $1 Tevin Coleman - $2 JJAW - $1 $6 total penalty Leaves $103 for 12 players
  6. Weird team. QB - Matthew Stafford, Tua Tagovailoa (Daniel Jones, Geno Smith) RB - Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb (Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Cordarelle Patterson, Mike Davis) WR - Allen Robinson, Gabriel Davis, Marquise Brown, Allen Lazard (Brandin Cooks, Christian Kirk, Kadarius Toney, Chris Olave, Drake London, Romeo Doubs) TE - Dalton Schultz K - DST - Chargers Priority right now is to move some WR depth for an upgrade at QB2 or WR1 - let me know if anyone is interested.
  7. Cool, I should be signed up as a team as well now. See yinz Wednesday.
  8. For me - Sunday Aug 28 is probably bad. And I might be traveling on Sept 6. The rest should work, though.
  9. I'm OK with that if Mex and Bronn are OK with it, but this is my fault so I'll defer to them. And no, didn't see the notification - I just checked in today kind of randomly; I looked in July to see if folks were talking FF yet, and then this month has been hectic thus far and I forgot to check again until today. BTW - in case it's possible to update in your files - the email address you're most likely to reach me at is
  10. Oops, my bad. If there are any back-outs or if a Westeros D gets run, would love to join; otherwise, will stick with Dynasty this year.
  11. This is nuts to me, in my off-board money league (snake draft), my first and second round picks were solid, but every pick from 3-7 flamed out hilariously. As someone who loves drafting, having 8 draftees start in a finals game is the dream.
  12. Well, the trade deadline setting for that league was the 20th (which is the Yahoo default); I cannot recall if the nature of this league is such that we don't do a trade deadline (since you theoretically always have something to play / build for, unlike in a redraft).
  13. @Jaxom 1974 @RaceBannon42 I think I sent both of you proposals though I'm not sure if I'm allowed to propose 2 trades w/ 1 player - so it may have overridden one when I sent the second. If anyone else has offers for Ekeler, send 'em over. @Babblebauble @grozeng @briantw @Tywin et al. @boiled leather @Bronn Stone
  14. Anyone in this league interested in getting Ekeler, he's on a nice contract for next year (as well as obv getting him for the stretch/playoffs this year). Would want a good, cheap, long-term contract back, obviously - I'm building for next year.
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