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  1. drigoly

    [No Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    a spoiler in the no-spoiler thread
  2. drigoly

    How would you rate episode 301?

    7/10 barristan/mance scenes where rather underwhelming as well as the intro.
  3. drigoly

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    same incident, he is too afraid to let a women actualy touch him as you could see by his reaction at the beginning of the scene with the whores
  4. drigoly

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    * no, that were his men that dragged him away (Stannis) - red helmets = lannisters, everybody else = not lannisters :) * the dog only offered her to run away with him, she rejected because she's afraid that they would get caught or because she's afraid that the whole suggestion was a trick by Joffrey to have a reason to punish her or because she simple does not trust the dog.
  5. drigoly

    How would you rate episode 210?

    5, dany/jon/stannis storyline was fucked up hard with this episode
  6. drigoly

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    there is no way to answer that question without spoilering the introduction of the most controversial and interesting character in the whole series
  7. drigoly

    How would you rate episode 209?

    theending was to rushed, so only a 9 :/
  8. Cersei is not only the wife of the former king, she is also queen regent to Joffrey, meaning that Tyrion is her hand in fact but both know that their power is dependent on their father, so both have to be carefull not to publicaly sabotage each other.
  9. * his own men are beginning to respect him, besides running off would mark them as traitors and they would be drowned * yes, but he is leaving her in the care of gregor clegane, maybe he thinks that no one with an iq of over 10 would consider running away from the most brutal men in Westeros, so maybe he would want her back someday? * when did he say that he is hurrying off to fight Robb? he just said that they need to force march through the night and that Robb shouldn't know that they are on the move, he didn't say where they are going nor whom they are going to fight ;) * He did know, but love > intelligence * aye
  10. alright, i will try answering these questions witout giving spoilers, The reason why Jon isn't letting Yvgritte go is because he is afraid that she will warn the wildlings of the nights watch, his plan is simply: find the other rangers > ? >profit, he doesn't realy know what he is gonna do with her. Danys story is very deviated from the books, some of the changes realy don't make any sense, like you pointed out with the things pyat pree is able to do and Stannis, well he is Stannis, lets say it's complicated but he can't just produce a million of shadows, that would require a lot of fucking and would be considered unhonourably, so he can only use the shadows to take out certain enemys while beeing sure that there wouldn't be many witnesses... I will not say anything about Cersei/Jaime, it's just impossible without giving spoilers :P He hang his men, so others would be frighetend and speak, the plot between Arya/Tywin isn't in the books, so that's something nobody knows how it will turn out :/ The crag is the seat of House Westerling, Robb actualy besieged their castle in the books, looks like they just cut that part out because of financial reasons but plots involving the siege of the crag have been adopted to other Robb scenes in a very nice way :) The guard was the son of Lord Karstark, who are distant relatives to the starks and Catelyn is aware of that, that if she kills Jaime, Cersei would kill Sansa/Arya who Catelyn thinks are both in the cutody of Cersei. Bran/Rickon didn't take horses, because they make noise and because of Hodor who doesn't look like he can ride :P but rewatch the Bran scenes, and listen carefully to the dialogue with Rickon! ;)
  11. best episode so far in this season, my first 8, if it weren't for the supermen Quarth shit with pyat pree i would have given it a 9 (not gonna give a 10 till i see "blackwater, so 9 is my highest for all the other episodes :P ), love the changes they did with the arya chapters in harrenhall :)
  12. it's from the books, Renly would have accepted a king in the north under him as king of all of westeros
  13. I will try and not spoil things for you, by only using things known from the show explaining the matter of Sansa's still-betrothal :P So what we now from the show is that Robb can fight the Lannisters forever, but he won't win unless he takes kings landing and other important Lannister strongholds and that he can not do that without a navy (that's why he sends theon to treat with his father balon greyjoy). The other thing we know is that Robb hasn't won a victory against a lannister army led by tywin lannister himself and tywin is an experienced und brilliant army commander, so he is sure that he will defeat robb stark in the end, also the lannisters have like unlimited ressources, if they run out of men, they could just hire thousands of mercenarys to keep on fighting for them. So if Tywin manages to defeat Robb Stark and execute him, Winterfell and the north would pass on to Bran and then to Rickon, both beeing kids. Tywin Lannister did kill the Targaryen children he could get his hands on, so killing another two boys wouldn't be that hard for him, which would make Sansa heir to Winterfell, so if this scenario should happen he could marry Sansa to Joffrey and BÄM the north is rulled by a lannister by legal ways. This possibility, together with the knowledge that a marriage to no other great house would bring in as many benefits to the lannisters as the starks right now (the tyrells are already renlys bannermen, the martells hate the lannisters, the vale hasn't got a female heir, hoster tully nor edmure tully have a daughter which they could marry to joffrey nor would they if they had, the iron islands are insignificent to the lannisters and are looking to have some disputed succession after balon greyjoy dies).