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  1. Lykos

    Small Questions v. 10106

    The most likely inspiration for Tully. I learned this quite some time ago from this post. :)
  2. Lykos

    Hello from Eurocommieland

    You summoned ther Djinn? Also, hi Lyanna. I came so late to this board, that I've only the slightest inkling what any of this means, but I have the feeling that I am (or was?) the mud in northern France (at least at some point).
  3. Lykos

    Imagination and Society

    @lacuna , that's because Scot created this thread when Guy Kilmore quoted Death's conversation with his daughter here.
  4. I can't claim to know much more than you do, but here is how I approach things like this: I take a look at the Wikipedia page on The Troubles , skim the page for usefull information and scroll right down to -see also-, references- and -external links-. There I found a link to an old documentary called Ulster (10:27 min) that gives some backrground and a name your daughter might identify with, Bernadette Devlin. Here is a youtube portrait of Bernadette Devlin (21:24 min). You can just continue following links until you find something interesting during the 1990s. You can also play one of the few interesting songs by U2 to get the feeling.
  5. Lykos

    The Drunk Thread: An All The Vodka Dinner

    @A True Kaniggit You've never had a (dry) Martini (glass of Gin from a bottle standing next to a bottle of Vermouth for no longer than half an hour) ? This may lead to your expulsion from the board . The taste of Gin is defined by the Juniper berry. Think of resin, pineneedles and forest herbs. There are a lot of varieties of Gin, some are close to bitters or herbal liquors, though less sweet. Nina Simone - Gin House Blues
  6. The Buzzcocks. RIP Pete Shelly
  7. Lykos

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    'Let me put an end to this...' If you want to call that into question, you'll have to ask who paid the lawyers, looking at the pictures (product placement) I'd say Coca Cola, but what does it matter? If it's not legitimate too seek financial aid from interested parties to help you presenting your case of being wronged by a person seeking a public office for life, that will have serious implications on people seeking justice in similar cases in the future, I think the US political system has been operating illegitimately for centuries.
  8. Lykos

    US Politics: Red, Red Whine

    Excellent folow up title. Prince Buster (1967) to Tony Tribe (1969).
  9. Lykos

    Player of the tournament so far

    Are you thinking of Laxalt and Sabaly? That would be because they aren't really LB's, but I agree that they - especialy Laxalt - did outstanding jobs at this WC.
  10. Lykos

    Westeros World Cup - Fantasy League

    Ooh, Griezman didn't get an assist for the own-goal - so I'm second DG is third and WJ fourth. Congrats Corvinus!
  11. Lykos

    Westeros World Cup - Fantasy League

    I think I'll be fourth - @Corvinus of Teranga @Whiskeyjaak Blood-Drinker @Dolorous Gabe
  12. Congrats to Croatia for making this a competitive match, who knows what would have been had Griezman been shown a yellow card for diving instead of being awarded a free kick that lead to the Mandzukic owngoal. On the other hand Griezman seemed to me to be determined to win this thing ever since they won against Uruguay, so that he didn't knock out his friends and Atleti-Captain Godin's team for nothing. They wanted to win this for Oscar Tabarez. This really has my sympathy.
  13. What a weird game! I wanted to congratulate Corvinus on winning the Fantasy League in the name of the Anabolics Anonymous, but it seems too be early to call just yet. As for France - we got here in the most nonchalant way possible and do not need titles or trophies to know we are the best. (We'll take them though )
  14. Lykos

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    I'm sorry, but what is puny Persia compared to La Grande Nation and the chance for me to impersonate Le Roi? I can give you some hints regarding Iran though, Greatest poet to quote - Nizami Most important player and team captain - Ashkan Dejagah Greatest win, the "mother of all matches" - Iran vs. Usa WC France 1998 Oh, and everyone who doesn't believe in your superiority are infidels, of course. @Pierre Le Harceleur who represented Iran in 2014 as well, set the tone as french smooth talker, I'll continue with some Cantona Crooning.
  15. Lykos

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    I need a team. I've been Iran in 2014, but I don't really mind supporting them again. Just don't give me Germany, not because they were woeful in their past three matches, I am german and not actually from fennario.