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  1. I'm for naming it the "Hoax" Garden. Also, I want the PotUS to be made to listen to Lynn Anderson 24/7 until his recovery in thirty days or so.
  2. I think it''s dazzling! The opposing team would have never known which way the bus was parked.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDpxuWj2A7o
  4. John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves
  5. I think smittad is equal to smitten (hit by), while transmitted comes from trans-mission and is of latin origin. I'm surprised that swedish seems closer to english than to german.
  6. Oh no, Manu Dibango died of the coronavirus (The Guardian) He was one of my favorite saxophone players in my 'dancing' days. Here he is with Courtney Pine in 2004 performing Aye Africa
  7. We need it. Angel Olsen - Chance  live Austin(good sound) Angel Olsen - Chance  live Austin(good viewpoint)
  8. @The Anti-Targ they probably are a good solution for some women. Pebbles made a thread about them a few years ago.
  9. Also Trevor Noah praised Scotland recently
  10. @Pebble thats Stubby , 5% is the minimum reduced VAT rate according to EU laws, but I'm fairly certain the EU comission would have approved a zero rate, had the government sought it. Especially for the UK, since the shopping tourism would hae been limited mostly to the Irish women. A bit redundant after your edit. Thanks again.
  11. Is this a trolling attempt? Ireland and many other EU member states have zero rates of VAT for certain products. EU Parliamentary questions.
  12. This is a bit behind the action, but I liked it so much. Nell Scovell in Conversation With John Oliver (YouTube) Trevor Noah on Bloomberg
  13. I also have problems with the term proactive. My problem is more with the usage and connotation of the word. I view the term rather negatively, as in action for actions sake, when strictly speaking it means acting before an incident as opposed to reacting to it. As long as the assumptions of the proactive person are right, that is great. But there's little as annoying as someone guessing your moves and getting it completely wrong. If the intentions are good it only makes it more sad. This probably goes back to my father telling me his favorite quote - "There is no good unless you do it. (Es gibt nichts Gutes es sei denn, man tut Es. Erich Kästner)" - which has a lot of truth to it. I used to counter it with - "The good, this word is true, will always be the evil you don't do. (Das Gute dieser Satz steht fest, ist stets das Böse das man lässt. Willhelm Busch)" - which is from a poem called Die Fromme Helene, calling out the hypocrisy of the pious. I think my father was right and I was really dumb, I just don't feel it. Action brings good fortune ... Chapter 24, Syd Barrett.
  14. Should Old Acquaintance be forgot We'll Meet Again Some Sunny Day I don't like to be this defeatistic, but the Nobel Peace Prize for the EU in 2012 seems like a much more sensible decision now.
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