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  1. I never knew anything about Mia Love until many of you said it was a shame she lost her seat. Now that I see her regularly on CNN I have to say she is nothing more than a hard core Republican, and absolutely obnoxious. No loss there.
  2. Oh puke! Just watched Trump say what a fine person Bernie Sanders is and oh my how badly Hilary Clinton disrespected him.
  3. Thank-you so much! I must delete messages again, it's the game playing! You may have missed it, but Pebble had space come up, which I accepted, before you posted. However, I suspect there is someone else rolling in from across the ocean who will also need a bed. I will send her a message to see if she is still coming (she said so several months ago)..
  4. Fragile Bird

    Acrophobia 34A&B: COMPLETE

    I am not happy about being beaten at the last minute, mainly because that's the 5th or 6th time it's happened to me. And I thought my entry was decent the last two rounds. *weeps quietly* Congratulations to rocksniffer! You just wore us all down, entry by entry by entry! It's been a marvelous game, the entries have been so very good!
  5. Fragile Bird

    Acrophobia 34A&B: COMPLETE

    My votes, and I can comment because it’s the last round! 1st. 9. Controlling Persistent Gout Made me laugh, thinking about him writing a tome about gout! 2nd. 7. Oranges, to Stop Rheumatism, Bro Ditto! 3rd. 3. On These Sands Revenge Betrayal The ‘On these sands’ sounds so wat like! Thanks for a wonderful game, everyone! And thank-you, DG, you’re the host with the most!
  6. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Honestly, everyone says you can criticize Israel but when someone does they are immediately accused of being an anti Semite and, if you are complaining about the treatment of Palestinians, you’re a supporter of terrorists as well.
  7. Haha, I wanted to open a thread called And Now They’re Coming to Take Away Your Cows! The wild claims being made by Republicans about the New Green Plan are going to be a test of stupidity and credulity levels in the US. Trump standing at the podium in Texas and saying ‘you won’t be able to own a cow’ is mind boggling. Someone out there has got to be drawing a cartoon of a cow holding an AK-47 right now, eh? And speaking of stupidity, I think the most stupid of Trump supporters has revealed himself. Cliff Sims, who wrote the new book Nest of Vipers about his 500 days working in the WH, is being sued, not by Trump, but by the Trump campaign, under the terms of an NDA he signed as a campaign worker. For work in the WH, for crying out loud! This apparently is because the law is well settled that you can’t stop a person’s rights to freedom of speech about working in the WH as long as no government confidential information is revealed. They can’t shut him up under a WH NDA, so the Trump campaign is claiming they can silence him under their NDA. And he still supports Donald Trump! What a tool!
  8. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Isn’t that because any negative mention is anti Semitic? Everyone I’ve seen speak on the subject of Israel insists there are ways to criticize Israel without being anti Semitic, but it’s very difficult to do, and a flippant hip-hop manner is on the other side of that equation?
  9. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Oh, wait, you said 'canards', plural. Was there something else as well?
  10. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

  11. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Since you apparently know, can you tell me what the antisemitic canards were that she used and what they mean? All I have seen is a tweet referring to 'Benjamin'. Does this refer to a commonly used Jewish name or something?
  12. Pebble, I sent my e-mail. This is the response I got: Yes, you have a supporting membership, that was actually a bid supporter converted at Helsinki to supporting membership. So you need to upgrade to a full membership. But when I go to the membership page there is no category of Bid Backer with a reduced rate. And no link in my e-mail response.
  13. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Yup. Because people who pop up out of the blue in this thread swinging usually are partisan. If you're not, then I apologize. But Let's see you post here 10 or 20 times.
  14. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Funny you should say that. When discussing Trump's reaction to her tweet, demanding she resign, they then ran a clip from a speech Trump gave before a Jewish organization (sorry, didn't catch the name) in which he told them something like "You don't like me because I'm not asking for money from you because you like to control politicians". Shouldn't he resign, then? Wasn't that an even clearer antisemitic statement?