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About Me

Sansa's Lament
I never sang for my father,
Now, I often think upon this.
Why didn't I tell him I loved him,
Why didn't I sing him a kiss?

I never sang for my mother,
Too late now, after the Wedding,
I never saw her once I left home,
I thought life was a song never ending.

I never sang for my brother,
Because Robb was older than me,
I was just his silly young sister,
If only I knew what would be.

I never sang for that evil boy,
I once thought my handsome prince,
An evil boy turned an evil king,
He's dead and I haven't looked back since.

I sang for my Septa in private,
She showed me the lady's road,
She taught me the songs that gave me the dreams,
Of honour and love in the knight's code.

I only sang for an unhandsome man,
With scars on his face and his soul,
A song he demanded in the dark of the night,
With a knife at my throat, a song that he stole.

But in the end my stolen song,
Was the sweetest song I ever sang,
A kiss was my gift for my sad lament,
And it runs through my heart like a pang.

by Fragile Bird