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  1. Living in Canada, you regularly get to hear about the cases of food-associated illness and death in the US. Restaurant chains have to shut down locations, people are asked to throw their groceries. Often, of course, they’ve been eaten, and you must wonder if that was the flu or salmonella. The US repeatedly has salmonella outbreaks. The chlorinated chicken likely comes from high-risk plants. I looked up the number and apparently only 10% of US chicken is chlorinated, but…the US produces 44 billion pounds of chicken each year. 4.4 billion pounds of chlorinated chicken is a lot of chicken. And let’s not forget salmonella from eggs, and regular as clockwork, lettuce. Right now US authorities have suggested everyone throw out their onions, the salmonella outbreak is so big.
  2. On a lighter (?) note, my news feed every day this week has been filled with stories from the UK about anger and fury being directed at Great British Bake-off co-judge Prue for daring, the bloody nerve of that obnoxious 80-year old, for saying “that biscuit is so good it’s worth the calories!” How insensitive of her! How dare she suggest people may gain weight by eating baked goods! How dare she be a judge on the show if calories bother her? She’s triggering people! Fire her!
  3. Shares of Novavax have dropped about 15% today after Politico came out with an article explaining that the delay in bringing their vaccine out and available is still being caused by the company’s manufacturing issues. The vaccine itself has a better than 90% efficacy. The new Delta variant in England has been detected in the US, but not, apparently, in any clusters, according to a report I just saw on CNBC.
  4. Lovely. 90x higher rate of death for my age group. <sighs>
  5. If you’ve read the Covid threads, you know she’s an anti-vaxxer. Good friends of hers, a Polish couple who split the best of worlds by having him work in Detroit for a car company and make, like $300 or $400k a year, while she lives in Canada preserving her citizenship and flipping houses every three or four years or so, and having health care, plan to retire soon. Number one on the list of places to move to? Texas. Ain’t nobody gonna make them take that damn vaccine there!
  6. You got grandparents or parents who are European? Bingo! My brother got his Polish citizenship, urged on by his wife, who wants to leave the hell hole that is Canada and go back to a real country like Poland.
  7. I don’t think Nuremberg was about people claiming a country had WMDs when it didn’t. Besides that, the US doesn’t believe any body in the world can sit judgement on anything it does. No Nurembergs for you guys!
  8. The President is the head of the military, of course generals fall in line. They may argue along the way, but in the end the Commander in Chief rules the day.
  9. There may have been an interview years later, maybe 60 Minutes, where it came up.
  10. I remember reading that Powell was encouraged to run for the nomination one year, or to at least accept the VP post, but he decided that he would not, could not, subject his family and himself, of course, to an examination of the events associated with Mai Lai.
  11. Yes, cops make shit up all the time. But if I see someone at a demonstration or anywhere else marching with a baseball bat, I say “that person wants to use it, wants violence”. Lots of (mainly) American friends over the years have made reference to having a baseball bat handy in their house, and it’s not there to play ball. I especially expect that Capitol police view demonstrators carrying baseball bats (flagpoles, bear spray, whatever the hell else they carried on the 6th) with a great deal of suspicion. I don’t think the fact it was a demonstration against Line 3 changes that.
  12. It wasn’t a comment made for sympathy, it was a comment about Covid not giving a damn who you are. He was fully vaccinated.
  13. If you raise a baseball bat to hit someone and get stopped before the blow lands, you weren’t in fact “using a baseball bat”? I kinda think once you raise or swing that bat you’re using it.
  14. General Colin Powell has died at the age of 84, from complications from Covid-19.
  15. Oh my, apparently the US has announced that Canadians vaccinated with mixed vaccines will be recognized as vaccinated individuals. Considering 3.4 M Canadians have some combination of AZ/Moderna, AZ/Pfizer or Pfizer/Moderna, there are a lot of relieved people out there. My cynical side says that Canadians spend $6.5 B every winter in Florida alone, and many more billions in cross-border shopping trips, that you knew this had to happen. There are American border towns right across the continent that are just dying because of all the missing Canadians.
  16. This is an oh fuck moment. I had heard about a shooting out in Scarborough the other day. A shooting in Scarborough, well, whatever. It’s been so mild my dahlias are still blooming, so I went out out and cut eight or ten mixed colours and walked over to my best friend’s house to give her, while I drink her coffee. I said, wasn’t that stabbing in the UK just terrible, and my friend says yes, and what’s worse, it’s drowning out the news about my very good friend Craig being shot and killed in a parking lot. I want to say I’ve never known anyone who’s had a friend murdered, but I probably do if I think about it, over a 50 year period. But no one that’s been gunned down in a parking lot. They went to watch the game at a bar (Leafs, I assume) and after the game there was an argument in the parking lot and the fucker pulled out a gun. My friend worked with him at the hospital she was an executive of, worked with his mother, knew his wife. Her favourite memory is being stinking drunk at a staff Christmas party and the two of them singing Paradise by the Dashboard Lights together. His best friend was with him and tried to perform CPR. She’s been getting call after call from people she hasn’t heard from since retiring, stunned by the shooting. What a fucking thing to happen. What a fucking awful thing to happen.
  17. I see a 25-year old woman, a demonstrator of some type, was arrested yesterday for using a baseball bat on a Capitol police officer. She also bit an officer when they arrested her. Charges will be laid. I gather she was walking around with her baseball bat and decided to use it when approached by the police.
  18. It’s actually more like some pies are cake. Like the Boston Cream pie. Calling it pie does not change it from a cake to a pie.
  19. Well for one thing, a pie is made out of pastry dough and baked, usually with a top and bottom crust, but there are a number of pies without top crusts. They can be sweet or savory. Pizza is made with a bread dough, not a pastry dough.
  20. I attended a visit to our doctor with my brother and we asked him about health exemptions. (We told him about my brother’s anti-vaxxer wife). So far the doctors in his group have rejected all requests made to them. He said there are only two grounds, as far as he’s concerned, you had a serious reaction to the first dose, or you are allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine (and he named the ingredient but I didn’t catch it) and the ingredient involved is used in OTC meds like Tylenol, so if he asks if they take Tylenol and they say yes, sorry guys.
  21. Wow. Scroll down from that tweet and watch Boris say the best way to stop anxiety (and death threats mentioned by other MPs) is to “get Brexit done”. Then everything’s gonna be A-okay again, guys. No anxieties now, amiright? I see this unfortunate gentleman was pro-Brexit. I will be interested to see if this was a random nutter or a stay supporter.
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