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  1. I saw a bit of that press conference. He actually said that if the Conservatives had been in power Delta would never gotten into Canada. If you believe that, you’ve really drunk the kool-aid. He also complained about the $600 M election called in the middle of a fourth wave. Six weeks ago we weren’t in the middle of a 4th wave, and in any event, Alberta and Saskatchewan and even BC pretty well said through their public health policy that they wouldn’t be affected. No stinking 4th wave here!
  2. Good grief, take a look at the official announcement page on Facebook of Alberta’s new restrictions. I think it’s under Jason Kenney’s name. I started reading the comments, which appear to be mainly from Albertans. People saying things like how dare the government do this, you commie bastards, I don’t know who I hate more, Kenney or Trudeau, those numbers are lies, how can we have so many cases with 70% of the population vaccinated, 1,500 cases isn’t so bad, my body my choice, this has happened because Trudeau gave a billion dollar bribe, and so on and so on. Well there you go, Canadians are as nutty as Americans.
  3. I watched part of that Alberta press conference. Honestly, what a scumbag Kenney is. “I apologize”, the guy says, then goes on to say but not really, because you can’t keep the population in lockdown forever. No, you twit, you just don’t throw open everything like you’re an idiotic Republic state Governor.
  4. The shocking number is that 1 in every 500 Americans have died of Covid-19.
  5. I keep shaking my head at Poland’s numbers, I don’t understand how their numbers are so low. However, last year at this time Poland was in far better shape than Canada was, then in late September numbers shot up and the case count and death rate went crazy. I was watching Poland not only because of my ethnicity but because Poland and Canada have almost identical populations. As of today, Poland has had 2,895,223 cases and 75,454 deaths, while Canada has had 1,555,121 cases and 27,262 deaths. I had mentioned the issue of excess deaths before, and Canada apparently had almost 20,000 excess deaths from January, 2020 to April, 2021. I see Poland had a staggering 24,000 excess deaths in the first quarter of 2021 alone, one of the highest rates in Europe. And, oh hell, I just saw the number for 2020, 82,000, the highest percentage in Europe that year. And to get to the point I wanted to make, I just looked at the weekly trends chart on Worldometer and the new cases in Poland, while very low, are up by 1,000 over the previous 7-day period. I hope for Poland’s sake history is not going to repeat itself.
  6. I know, I know, I’m making excuses for her. She used to be so rational. I think they convinced her it was for the good of the province or something like that.
  7. Don’t forget, that previously someone from the Covid team revealed that Kenney was ignoring her advice. It was quite the scandal, and Hinshaw said how dare that person reveal what were “discussions”.
  8. I believe Kenney ignored her advice, which is why she came out and said that, without directly mentioning Kenney. They did that, and shortly thereafter she disappeared from press conferences. eta: though I could be wrong…
  9. Wow, I had to look up “zero hours contract”. Wikipedia says it’s mostly a UK thing. Ffs, who would sign such an atrocity?
  10. There are reports from around the world regarding similar situations. I don’t think they’re all lying. When stories first emerged, people said “the test must have failed”, or “they must have done the test the wrong way”. But maybe the virus is so far up the nose in some people the swab doesn’t reach it.
  11. Forget about Idaho - did you see that a hospital in upstate NY may be restricting deliveries in the maternity ward because so many nurses refuse to be vaccinated? There are a couple of Canadian nurses who have drunk the kool-aid and attended US anti-vaccine rallies, and are giving speeches and heading up rallies across Canada to protest vaccination requirements at hospitals. My nurse friends are angry and disgusted and would like to see them thrown out of the professional ranks and stripped of their licenses.
  12. Interesting story out of China: their latest outbreak is being linked to a man who travelled to Singapore. He was in quarantine for 21 days upon his return and tested negative multiple times. Then there was an outbreak at the school his children attended, and he tested positive, on Day 37.
  13. Uh, what was she supposed to have said instead?
  14. Oh hell, what terrible news. Thank goodness she’s vaccinated! I hope she has a quick recovery, the loss of taste is temporary and is the worst symptom she suffers from.
  15. As I said in the last thread, I don’t follow tennis at all. I saw the story about two Canadians in the semi-finals but when @Tywin et al. linked me in the other thread I was very surprised. Especially when I turned on the tv and saw a Brit and a Canadian were playing. Werthead posted congratulations on Facebook and I started off by saying I was disappointed, but when I looked her up and saw she was born in Toronto I had to laugh. I honestly didn’t realize she was the other Canadian. I did notice that none of the British stories that I saw mentioned the fact that Raducanu is a dual citizen, nor that it was the first time two Canadians (technically!) ever made it to the US Open finals. Well, she was playing for GB after all, and frankly speaking, I don’t care where an athlete was born, where they were raised and trained is more important. I always find it weird when an athlete plays under a flag of convenience at the Olympics or a world championship, and even golf these days. But still, two Canadians in the finals! But, I’m still disappointed that Raducanu won. Great job and all, but I am disappoint!
  16. Did the ban come fast? In your situation I suspect there may have been an algorithm tied to the word ‘fatty’ as an insult. Because a reading of the post would show it made no sense! Did you appeal?
  17. Oh, a 25-year old has been charged for that gravel-throwing incident in London a few days ago. The idiot was the president of the People’s Party riding association. Nice. Was, because he got fired from the job once the news came out. And a Conservative candidate up in the Peterborough area was visiting retirement homes while not fully vaccinated. She’s had one shot, and has been “too busy” to get her second. Nice. O’Toole, of course, is not requiring his candidates to be vaccinated, as it’s a matter of “personal moral choice”, or something like that. He has promised, though, that his Health minister will be vaccinated. How can it be a personal moral choice for everyone else but not the Health minister? But he really can’t afford to alienate all those unvaccinated voters in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  18. Ooooh! I knew they made it to the semis, but I don’t follow tennis at all. That’s a real wow!
  19. Hah! Just came back from voting ABC. We have a decent Liberal here.
  20. They have to complain. Unless it’s about something they have rigged as an automatic ban. I posted a picture of the infamous fly-on-a-Pence event with a comment about it being a sign of Satan (or something, I can’t remember) and someone commented, oh ffs, hasn’t a fly ever landed on you? And I said, it’s not me, it’s the crazy Christians. Bam! Within seconds!
  21. Read my post about about how my language use changed after being exposed to Board members at Cons…
  22. During the summer one of the papers did a study of the last year’s deaths in Canada and the excess mortality data from 2020 suggests that there were a lot more Covid-19 deaths than reported. Somewhere down the road I suspect the provinces will take a look at those excess deaths. I can’t remember the number it it was fairly significant, thousands of deaths.
  23. If you guys get the power to negotiate drug prices with companies you will have substantially lower drug costs. The government of Canada does that, but with only 38 M people we don’t have a lot of power. Many drug prices are far lower in the EU. In fact, people here keep saying we have the second highest drug prices in the world (and that might be the western world) after the US. Just think about all the stories you’ve seen about bus loads of Americans taking trips to Canada to buy drugs. Think of bloody Trump suggesting US states could lower their costs by buying drugs in Canada, because after all his bragging he’d bring prices down he never wanted to try. He knew they’d run circles around him. eta: as far as I’m concerned, Manchin’s daughter should be serving time for that, along with Pfizer executives.
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