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  1. I would have preferred Daenerys, after anticipating and blocking Jons attempt on her life, summons everyone up to the throne room, and then dracarys not on Jon, Tyrion, or anybody else, but melting just the throne down to molten mush, then hopping on the back of Drogon, heads back to Essos vowing never to return to the messy plots, deceits and intrigues that is Westeros.
  2. This! It has to be this! I could see her sitting on a charred iron throne amid the ashes of her apocalypse.
  3. Pinn

    How should Jon kill Dany

    He won't. The destruction of KL was just a big "screw all of you, I'm outta here back to Essos" moment.
  4. Pinn

    Prediction for finale

    I would be surprised if Daenerys suffered the ultimate fate for her actions. That would be a too linear cause and effect that this series has never been particularly know for.
  5. Hell hath no fury like a woman and her dragon scorned...
  6. Is anyone else tired of Euron showing up undetected and wiping everyone out?
  7. Because the WW's were an important literary device to propel the main story, which was always really about a "Game of Thrones".
  8. Yah a frontal cavalry assault on a standing army that size is pretty pointless. Writers should have added SOME more effective tactical ideas...like creating a tier of fire barriers, letting in some of the invading army cross a fire line at a time before lighting a firewall behind them, killing them off and then retreating behind the next fire line... anything. Poor Dothraki. As for the darkness and the cold, remember the first Long Night description (from the wiki) and I think the writers wanted to capture some of that: Eight thousand years before the Targaryen Conquest, a winter known as the Long Night descended upon the world, which lasted an entire generation. Thousands starved as the crops and fields lay buried under dozens of feet of snow. In the darkness and cold of the Long Night, the White Walkers descended upon Westeros from the farthest north, the polar regions of the Lands of Always Winter
  9. Pinn

    Order of deaths to come.

    Not sure about the death order, but fwiw here are my predictions: Jamie will survive... still has unfinished business with his sister Sandor will survive...still has unfinished business with his brother, Gregor. Winterfell will fall and the survivors will re-group on the Iron Islands for possible counter attack while King's Landing comes under siege. At least one Stark will die, probably Arya, whose list is pretty much complete and carries a lot of 'death' baggage. Bran is a warg and will control or partially control a dragon at the end. Gendry is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon and, flying under the radar, may play a role in governance at the end.
  10. Pinn

    [Spoiler] EP603

    Generally poorly written and directed. Some scenes felt static and forced. Example that comes to mind is Gilly's tepid reaction to Sam's plan to leave her and her baby alone again, even if it is to Horn Hill
  11. Pinn

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Every scene from this episode moved the story ahead considerably. Not too concerned about the content left out from the book, this was first rate viewing and I loved all of it. 10
  12. ...or nothing at all. Else I totally agree; you are taken out of the moment completely while still trying to digest the ramifications of what just happened. It actually detracts from the impact of the event. Poor creative decision imo.
  13. Pinn

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Stannis going up the ladder first. Really? Never a big fan of rah rah speeches to the troops, even if it was as sardonic as the one delivered by Tyrion. Other than that, an excellent episode. I particularly liked the maturity that Sansa displayed. The implicit barbs in her nuanced conversations displays how far she has travelled from her early naivete at beginning of the series. She also looks better with her hair down.
  14. Yes, Tywin totally suspects her, hence the food "sampling". He is setting a trap and she is merrily falling into it by being too clever by half. Interesting to see how this plays out. Nice addition to the series.