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  1. Agree, I think it's clear the orphans given to the farmer are going to become the miller's boys. Someone over at AV Club kept mentioning that D & D have said they aren't cutting out many characters, only shuffling around a lot of things, so it's possible Meera or Meera and Jojen will emerge in time to tell the stories and walk North with them. I think it would be silly for Osha to have fled so fearfully from the North and then to decide to take Bran up past the Wall when he needs it. She's definitely need on Skaagos.
  2. I agree. I always thought Lady Oleanna kept Margaery out of it so that Margaery's horrified and endlessly wailing reaction was pure. Although, then that begs the question that would Margaery's natural reaction actually be so upset? Aaand, I would think not. Too hot to be Damphair but not hot enough to be Euron? Ha ha ouuuch, is the Damphair supposed to be extremely unattractive? I definitely missed that.
  3. It was amazing to me, because I JUST read the epilogue of ADWD soooo, I was like, "LOOK KEVAN! Look what someone else can do with a crossbow bolt in their chest!" The show Yoren is so much softer and nicer though, I really prefer him. In the book he seemed brutal. And though I knew they were going to have to skip Arya/Gendry/HotPie and little Weasel on the road together to save time, to me, it didn't really feel like Jaqen Rorge and Biter were really in danger of dying if Arya didn't save them. The stable collapsing on them or dying from smoke inhalation is a huge different from just one part of the wood of their wagon catching on fire. Aaaaand, how sad. Does this mean we won't get Hot Pie yelling 'Hot Pie'? Hopefully there's a battle at Harrenhal. That's one of the defining moments of the whole series! :laugh: Lord Commander Mormont called them 'wildings'. Sansa and Arya call her 'Are-ee-ah but Cat and Ned called her 'Are-yuh.' It happens a lot, I wish there was a consensus, but it's a small thing in the grand scheme I guess.
  4. We didn't see Euron the Crow's Eye, we saw Aeron the Damphair ;-) I'm SO glad that question was finally answered. Although, I guess the moon tea makes it pretty obvious. I always assumed she knew about Loras and Renly, but I never would've thought that Renly didn't know she knew! That was fun. Whoooa, so you think Margaery herself will plan Joffrey's murder? That would be awesome. And creepy,
  5. I feel like it'll be fine if they appear as Bran and Rickon are emerging from the crypts, and had maybe been hiding in the Godswood or something. The greendreams would've let them know that they're alive. I love the Reeds, and I was really sad they weren't cast, but I don't think they've been completely written out. I really didn't like the way Brienne spoke. It just seemed so mechanical, whereas to me Brienne is all about passion, and honour, not robotic. Hopefully she'll grow though. From the way the pacing has been going, I actually expected the 'shadow' to kill Renly in this episode, and we did see Dragonstone in the credits, but then we didn't actually go there, did we? I wonder if it got cut.
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