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  1. So many changes in this episode i can't keep track The good: Anything with Jaime, Tyrion-Cersei, Pyat Pree scenes. All excellent, the first two for acting and last for the special effects. Also go Shae! And Arya-Tywin was gold as always. The bad: Really don't like Ygritte, whether it's the actress or they way they wrote her (leaning towards this one) something is off. Also don't like how they wasted "You know nothing Jon Snow" about sex, sure in the book it was about freedom or something the first time. Also didn't like that they excluded the crypts, without Meera it would be even more impossible for them to travel without notice making the crypts all the more important. No way they escaped Theon, what are they gonna do, have them hide in a cellar? The ugly: Somehow I hate Dany more in the show than the books, how is that even possible. She has like 5 people left and no dragons yet she treats all potential allies like shit, what an entitled, little brat. Anyways probably my least favourite episode of the season but that's fine, I expected a slow one before it picks up for the final 3.
  2. Lots of changes this episode only one I didn't like was mormonts comment to Jon, didn't see the point. I'm glad bran had jojen's dream, I'd rather jojen have it but since he's not here I'm glad it was still include. Superb episode.
  3. Wow amazing episode, this is what I've been waiting for all season. 10.
  4. Favourite episode so far by a lot. Brienne is great. Not sure I like the portrayal of loras but I've been told that I glorify loras is the books as a perfect knight who's just cocky because he's good, like Jaime. In the show I find him kinda whiny, he actually reminds me of viserys. But like I said that's probably my own fault for having an unrealistic idea of him. That said the renly/Tyrell set up was excellently written. Also loved the theon/balon scene, Yoren and tyrions set up, just a great episode all around.
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    Hi I'm Dan. I'm a university student from Edmonton Canada studying history and aspiring to get into law school. This is the first forum I've joined but seeing as I just finished ADwD yesterday now looks like the right time.