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  1. redjako

    The books coming out in 2019

    I enjoyed the Red Rising books. Fun, Warhammer 40k esque to a degree. The latest novel Iron Gold reminded me of why his writing can be dull sometimes though. The characters tend to blend together, or not be engaging at all. The plots are fun, and I always want to see what comes next, but understand why some people can't get into him.
  2. redjako

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Nah, I'm thinking of The Great Ordeal, during Achamian/Mimara's journey, they are discussing his dreams, and arguing whether Kellhus "sent" Mimara. Eventually, Mimara thinks something along the lines of: "She could see her stepfather, standing in Achamians room, seeing the scattering of maps and scratchings" or something of that nature. Edit: found on Google Books, and I was wrong. This is Achamian thinking Kellhus came into his tower, Mimara is skeptical. https://books.google.com/books?id=YAAuDAAAQBAJ&pg=PT11&lpg=PT11&dq=mimara+bakker+"prophet+of+the+past"&source=bl&ots=iPieWpc_1U&sig=Mpsh4NJnXCShI-Pg3oqmvKirAds&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjrpqLC95fdAhVdHDQIHR6EA7MQ6AEwAXoECAkQAQ#v=snippet&q=tower&f=false
  3. redjako

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Building on the last closed thread on why Kellhus didn't kill Achamian, I thought the potential inference of Achamians dreams going wonky/prophecy oriented was why Kellthus was keeping tabs on him. Perhaps watching his dreams via teleportation and all that, which would have been a fun side-plot to see where those led. However, it was probably just Mimara rationalizing why Achamian wasn't killed by Kellthus.
  4. redjako

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    I also recently re-read Neuropath. It was much more impactful to me in my early twenties, and now being in my thirties I can see some of the wonky writing/weird turns that stick out to me. Much like the end of The Unholy Consult, where a "twist" is force-fed in without feeling natural. However, still a pretty short and enjoyable/somewhat horrific novel that I still enjoy. As the others above, I'll still pick up whatever series comes out after, because the overall series (less the ending of The Unholy Consult) is still one of my favorites as far as world/scope.
  5. redjako

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    I was dissapointed in the final book and ending, but I still enjoy the series as a whole and his writing. So, if I hear he's working on new shite, I'm happy Both sides can exist I spose.
  6. redjako

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Ok, that made me chuckle.
  7. redjako

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Your contributions to this thread are frequently low effort.
  8. redjako

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    The daimos being used as artillery shelling was a high point for me, Scarlet Spires just laying demons into the Ark. Pretty fun scene. All of your other questions are pretty well discussed in past threads.
  9. redjako

    March 2018 reads: share your latest books read

    I enjoyed Red Rising and the rest of the novels. Since I haven't read them in a while, should I look at a re-read before picking up Iron Gold, or were you able to hop right into it? Edit: Didn't see a Pierce Brown thread to peruse.
  10. redjako

    Goodkind 55: Back in the Dick Life Again

    I would love if those were intentional riffs on Goodkind. But lets be honest, chickens ARE evil looking assholes
  11. redjako

    Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

    Correct in that they are "flaw" blades. As far as your spoilers: I actually chewed through Red/Grey sister very fast. Loved the world building, even if some of Red Sister was a bit training-heavy, and had a few annoyances that others brought up (not notifying the Abbess of the shipheart being stolten is the big one). A liiiiiiiiiitle bit of deux-ex pops up every now and then, but overall it was super enjoyable. The changes of who is the "chosen one" back and forth was a fun straying from what I expected in a more "standard" fantasy progression story (that we meet our "heroes" and "chosen ones" right up front). I want a scene of Tarkis Spear Thrower dude going ham, which was sadly missed (goddamnit Clera!).
  12. redjako

    Goodkind 55: Back in the Dick Life Again

    "Ware the evil incarnate devil chicken." Perhaps a print out picture of such.
  13. redjako

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    I was hoping to be gobsmacked a bit like I was with the ending of Neuropath. I believe many on here didn't enjoy the book, but the ending --edit: of Neuropath-- was amazing IMO.
  14. redjako

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    I actually think in retrospect, while I was disappointed after reading, specifically with: I don't know if I actually felt that much of the emptiness and balloon-deflation until AFTER Bakker's AMA. Very good point.
  15. redjako

    The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron

    Mark my words!