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  1. I think there was most likely a cut scene with Wymen Manderly in it because he was there, but so briefly that it's verrrry easy to miss him. I can't imagine they cast him just for that. Shame too, would have liked to have seen an interaction with at least one non-family/non-traitor bannerman.
  2. Wait. If Cat didn't go mad wouldn't they have taken her as a hostage? She didn't look mad to me there.
  3. It doesn't necessarily mean someone is uncomfortable by something just because they don't like it. I hate Two and a Half Men because I think it sucks, but I'm not uncomfortable watching it. Some people simply find the sex in the show too gratuitous at times and it frustrates them. I don't know about your mom, but my mom is pesky as hell sometimes about watching shows with me. I love to watch tv with her, but watching sex scenes with me doesn't make her uncomfortable but they seriously make me feel so. When I say that it's like, "come on, honey, just grow up! or leave the room." Hah. I remember always getting so anxious watching The Sopranos with her in high school. Hah. Thankfully she's way behind in the show though, so we're not watching it together.
  4. Yeah that sex scene was definitely too drawn out and I felt like I was watching Cinemax briefly.
  5. lol well it goes by SO fast...I had to try pausing like a dozen times to get it. Looks like he's running or dancing or something, very jovial, surrounded by 3 or 4 girls.
  6. omg in "next time" Edmure dancing all happy at the wedding
  7. um....wha??? i tried to stop by myself but i had to come on here
  8. Hound sounds awkward and a lot nicer than usual.
  9. Awful. I almost forgot everything by the time it ended.
  10. Okay, I take back my "I usually hate Bryan Cogman's" stuff, I must be thinking of someone else, obviously.
  11. This was by far my favorite episode since probably something from season 1. Maybe not quite (Blackwater), but it was stellar. I even liked it a lot more than last week, and I'm one of those crazy book purist people. And I usually really really hate Bryan Cogman's episodes, but this was....fantastic. I was shocked. I think it was a wise decision to slow down the pacing a little and give us longer scenes. I was saying last week that with all of these new characters, so many of them and their stories are losing significance and impact because of how little screen time they get. This was paced so well...longer scenes but we still were able to see plenty of characters. And some of the best at that. I felt like for people who have been feeling disconnected/distant from the characters, this was a great way to kind of slow down a bit and mend that. Also, soooo much was pulled straight from the books, and when they do that it always makes for some of the show's best dialogue, and I wish they did it more often. There were not THAT many book deviations this week, and the ones that were didn't bug the hell out of me like they usually do. For the first time in awhile I wasn't thinking all of the time, "God this was such a POINTLESS deviation," but more like, "this is a great way to translate this scene to television." Damn. I think the Karstark/Robb scene was done very well and it really was a great reminder of how much Robb can be like his father. They also did it in a way that didn't make Robb look like a total dick. Showing the murder of the little boys makes it much easier to not sympathize with Karstark, even though in the show one of his sons was murdered by Jaime rather than killed in battle. Robb is starting to finally be a little more likable again. Shireen/Patchface combo was really great fan service and awesome choice of credits. A++++ to whoever thought of that. The greyscale was also really nicely done and Shireen is adorable. Jorah being sneaky around Barristan was nice, I wonder if everyone picked up on that. The fight scene between the hound vs. beric was obviously awesome and Maisie is such a great actress. Jaime talking about what happened in KL that day was very well-done and really necessary. Oh, and I LOVED how Roose Bolton screwed with Jaime by sort of pretending his sissy was dead. It really shows Roose's mean streak. Yayyyy finally an episode I'm truly happy about!
  12. Strangely enough, I really liked the Tywin/Cersei scene, and I'm usually not a big fan of the invented scenes. It worked great after last week watching him emotionally beat down Tyrion...shows what an ass he is. And also, the line about her not being as smart as she thinks she is is comforting to me (I thought they were going to turn Cersei into someone much smarter than she really is) and also some good foreshadowing. Not to mention, ironic considering that she's actually correct in this case about the Tyrells. And funny too, because she was the one insulting Tyrion's intelligence earlier in the season. All of those letters that Tywin was writing had me interested, although he's always doing that. I think the episode actually fared better without The Tullys, Starks, and Stannis...the characters people complain the most about being butchered (Robb, Talisa, Cat, Stannis). Shae wasn't in it either.
  13. A lot of viewers don't know/completely forgot that Jeor is Jorah's father, so his last words were a missed opportunity imo. If they timed it right they could have cut straight to Jorah's face after to emphasize it.
  14. Of course a lot of people would be dead in Arya's situation, but not everyone with a storyline can die, or else there would be no characters. Ros is just out of this world unbelievable and no depth or intrigue to her. She's AN EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO A PIMP in Westeros. That's just embarrassing.
  15. Um, no. Ros is awful and a plot device for flat-out lazy writing. She is completely unrealistic for a woman of "those times" and her whole double-agent role is ludicrous. Her "moving up in the world" as Littlefinger's Hand of the Pimp makes no sense.
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