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  1. I love how LF threatened the shit out of Ros for being a "bad whore" and now he's just "too distracted" to care about four whores not charging a virgin because he is OMGANAMAZINGLOVER. yes, I'm sure there have been a lot of whores in history, not one, not two...but 4 that agree together to turn down a client's money.
  2. yep. it's a good thing he taught ros to read. fleshes her out a lot more.
  3. yes, i was being sarcastic with rage. i think the idea of LF killing her is a good one.
  4. Ros is such a prodigy...my new fave char :wub: why did GRRM never create such a clever whore who can read?
  5. It's a little sad how much they played down Jaime's battle prowess...yes, he was a good fighter against Brienne while in chains and locked up for a long time, but Ned Stark being a good match for him is laughable.
  6. Despite the stupid whore scene, Robb laughing at grandpa's funeral and Stannis' character being ruined even more, this was somehow still my favorite of the season. I can feel the pace picking up and think it's going to mostly be uphill from here on out. I hope.
  7. The good: Jorah/Barristan interactions. I felt like I was reading the books. The tension between them is perfect. Everything with Dany pretty much. Leaving a cliffhanger like the books in having people think she's actually going to go through with giving away Drogon is great. Jaime and Brienne dialogue and chemistry is spot-on Beautiful Tully funeral I think Edmure and the Blackwish are well cast Theon out of the torture room and into the wild "You little bastard" line is just PERFECT. And Iwan Rheon is PERFECT! Deftly setting a lot of plans in motion all at once at the small council I really like Hivju as Tormund The Blackfish talking about fighting with Hoster Iron Bank and Meereeneese Knot nod No Shae Jorah's famous line about Rhaegar, gave me chills The Bad (some is really nitpicky): Stannis' character is destroyed Van Houten isn't so great of an actress, at least as Melisandre. Very weak in this scene. Whore scene was a waste of seven minutes The scene with Arya was too short Dany was nicer to Missandei in the books (she was more like, "OMG hai. you're free now," not "you are mine now. and you're prolly gonna get killed) Robb laughing at Hoster's funeral. Um, what? The White Walkers and their art No Vargo Hoat ;( I understand why, it makes sense, but it's still sad. I don't like the rock 'Bear and the Maiden Fair' The one minute chair dragging scene. Stupid. Talisa talks Littlefinger did more than just borrow money.
  8. People keep talking about how funny this episode was, but I didn't laugh ;( However, I'm not in much of a laughing mood today and haven't laughed at anything, so...
  9. I actually thought they were going somewhere with it when the whores didn't take Pod's money, but then it was a joke that I didn't really find funny...I would have preferred a longer Arya scene. Or even a little Bran. Those types of scenes are why some critics just can't take the show seriously, and it's hard to blame them with scenes like that with no point and aren't even from the books..
  10. I think I'm the only person who didn't enjoy the Pod stuff...I like Pod, but it felt like a waste of time. If it was funny I'd probably like it, but I didn't find it very funny. *shrug* guess it's just me. Pretty good episode....I think the writing was much better than the previous two actually. Nikolaj is such a good actor.
  11. what are there more of...complainers, or complainers who complain about complainers?
  12. My friend and I said the said thing at the same time! "What is up with her acting?" She's usually pretty good, but that was disappointing.
  13. probably, but telling someone they're alone seems a little rude and inaccurate...
  14. Yes...I'm sure you speak for everyone who has read the books and watches the show. I don't like the casting either.
  15. when Karstark said that, I thought, "oh, this will be an interesting scene." then cuts to Cat and Talisa.
  16. A casual viewer could easily skip over this and not miss much. Just watch "previously on." I agree about Dormer...bad casting there. Thanks Tudors.
  17. I really did not enjoy this episode...it felt about 4 hours long and lots of unnecessary stuff. The I Love Jon Snow monologue is terrible from every aspect..the writing was piss poor and cheesy, not something that GRRM would ever write. It sounded like Talisa's sob story about her brother....where it's so contrived my eyes start to glaze over. I fail to see the point of all of the Cersei/Joffrey tension. This was such a downgrade from last week :(
  18. lol, my husband is the total opposite. he's hated them all, but watches it with me because he knows they're based off my favorite books. i think he liked the blackwater episode so-so, but that's it...he calls it a medieval soap opera snoozefest..."It's only ever two people in a room talking to each other."
  19. i liked it more than i expected. surprisingly, i liked it a lot more than my non-book reader friends, who for the most part thought it was boring as hell.
  20. I liked the banter between Jaime and Brienne. I thought the beginning in the courtroom was pretty true to the books, except I don't know why Loras didn't become KG and why Margaery was dressed like a hooker. It cracked me up how Theon got whacked in the back of the head during his "moving speech." As a non-book reader I think I would have loved it. Too many deviations have made me not. I wish I could be like others and easily be able to separate them in my mind, but I just can't.
  21. she's the one that had umm...fluids on her face, correct?
  22. I loved this episode, and it was finally an episode my boyfriend liked, who had been hating it all season (sort of like me). Well, he has never really liked it so much since Ned and Robert died. He felt like they were the only "manly guys" in the show (people who actually fight in battle), and this episode we saw a lot of Bronn and The Hound and he became interested in their story (and Stannis until I told him that in the books he didn't actually fight - maybe I should have left that out since Stannis is one of my favorite characters)...wondering out loud where Sandor goes, actually LAUGHING at dialogue for I think the first time all season. I know it was a war so it may be a little easier to get into it, but from an Unsullied, he noticed the different writing, the better dialogue, a shift of focus on more interesting characters...I was so happy! And this is only the second time all season that I have done re-watches of an episode. In the first season, I would re-watch every episode like 4 times...
  23. Okay, Asha was good this episode, and that surprised me. I liked this episode because soooo much dialogue was just pulled straight from the books, and I could almost predict every scene what was going to happen. I think the lack of Dany makes an episode better as well. She was there, but thankfully it was short (and bad). Jeyne/Talisa is also terrible....worst character in the series, imo. Loved how the handled a lot of stuff thought that they have handled poorly in the past. And we got to see some of Cersei's viciousness, finally.
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