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  1. 7/10, comparing it strictly to other GoT episodes. This show is obviously way better than the vast majority of the garbage on television. And I really enjoyed Hodor's dialogue this episode.
  2. Favorite episode of the season. And a Bolton bastard was mentioned...yesssss!!!
  3. I still stand firmly by my belief that Ramsay won't be cut. He would make far too good of an HBO evil villain for them to let that go. Viewers think Joffrey is bad and messed up in the head? Yeah. They can't cut Ramsay.
  4. I know a lot of people had issue with Qarth scenes, but they didn't really bother me. Quite honestly, the parts of Qarth were some of the most boring in the whole series. Actually, it was one of the only boring parts in the series to me. It was one of those things where I was reading, but not really. It wasn't until after maybe 3 re-reads that I could even tell you what went on in Qarth. Considering that, I expected the writers to change things there immensely. So Qarth went from boring to goofy with this Soumai shit and Valyrian stone vaults or whatever, but at least it's entertaining. I say do whatever you want with it, D&D, just don't make the House of Undying goofy.
  5. I just never remember Tywin even being remotely friendly....in the show, he's bordered on friendliness a few times. At the same time, however, we don't really see how Tywin acts all of the time in the book, but just through the eyes of certain characters.
  6. I gave the first 4 episodes somewhere between an 8-10, and this one I gave a 6. If you compare it your regular television show, however, it's like a 9.5. It seems like a lot of people loved it, but I was left disappointed. I have this feeling that they're going to keep deviating more and more from the book to a point where it's almost like a different story. I know True Blood did that, and I'd hate to see that here. Sometimes they change such small things, and I don't see a purpose to it. I'm glad to have a show at all and don't mean to sound like a huge complainer, but I get kind of sad when I know I'll never get to see a scene that I've had in my head for years and years and was so excited to see when the show was announced. The Tickler and Arya at the inn, for example. But I'll try to keep faith in D&D and believe they'll stay as true to the story as they can. It's so difficult to turn these books into a television adaptation. I just have to realize that it can never be the same as the books...it's the show version! And a great one. The acting is amazing though, it really is. Perfect.
  7. Yes, he seems very....sympathetic in the show. Book Tywin seems to be a lot more brutal. It's hard to be too upset since they're acting is great and they really play the characters flawlessly, but it does seem a little old. I never thought of your last sentence....that would be too weird.
  8. I guess he's a somewhat of an unenthusiastic follower of the Seven. But he does feel something for them. In his first POV: "The gods had never meant much to Davos the smuggler, though like most men he had been known to make offerings to the Warrior before battle, to the Smith when he launched ship, and to the Mother whenever his wife grew great with child. He felt ill as he watched them burn, and not only from the smoke."
  9. I think it was a good choice too. All of the non-book people I know couldn't stop talking about the shadowbaby and what it meant.
  10. Yeah, this is why I get frustrated a lot with the show sometimes. They make these tiny little changes that don't typically affect the story in any way, and it seems like it's happening more and more. Like why does Davos need to be agnostic?
  11. I think she's my female character in the show, excluding the Stark children. I was kind of ambivalent toward her in the books, but Natalie Dormer is just perfect as her.
  12. Quaithe was....odd. I was shocked that she was talking to Jorah. Weird. Pyat Pree was awesome and even startled my boyfriend.
  13. I actually practically had my eyes covered right before he was killed because I was expecting a throat slash, lol. Hate seeing throats slashed.
  14. I think Dillane is great. I think most of the time when he comes off wrong is due to bad writing, not him. He was definitely Stannis in this episode though.
  15. Favorite - Brienne's acting. Dany's blue dress (I want that!). Jaqen (exact image in my head from book). Least favorite - The secret door in Qarth, the Reeds being cut (really stood out in this episode). Oh, and The Tickler not getting the proper death. That was definitely the most disappointing. Really wanted to see Arya kill him.
  16. That's not true. I do complain about every episode, but I have a lot of good things to say too. This happened to be my least favorite.
  17. "The Red God has his due, sweet girl, and only death may pay for life."
  18. Wow. This was probably my least favorite episode so far this season. I'm surprised how many people love it so much. There were so many made-up things and huge modifications that it made my head hurt. Loved the first four, but I just didn't feel the same for this episode....
  19. I disliked the Joffrey scene not because it "went too far" (well, it can be awkward to watch if you're sitting with a bunch of people), but because it was stupid and too long. JOFFREY IS EVUL. We get it!
  20. They were returned. Tyrion sent them to Cat at Riverrun and she sent them to Winterfell with Hallis. Whether they actually got there remains a mystery. And Arya was Bolton's cupbearer. They're just switching it around a bit.
  21. Yes, talk about dumbing down the witty Dolorous Edd.
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