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  1. I want to mention that I wasn't impressed with Tywin's entrance at Harrenhal. Since when does Tywin walk around prisoners and start questioning them about about their professions? Like all other snobby high lords in the book, Tywin barely even notices the existence of low-borns. Doing something like that is beneath him in his eyes. Arya only saw him from far away, almost like a mythical figure. This only worked with Roose because he knew she was somehow involved with Weasel Soup. I don't mind her being Tywin's cupbearer since I already saw that coming, but the way they went about it seemed quite contrived.
  2. Would anyone else just love an extra episode titled - "Arya's adventures - uncut!?" I would love that. And a 3 hour special. One can always dream.
  3. You know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an asoiaf purist and getting frustrated with the show. Do some of us ever take it too far? Probably. But it's understandable for people who love these books so much to get annoyed when things get changed that they don't want to, even if it's small. I think some people take it a little too far - like boycotting the show because Ghost barked in the first season, but still. GRRM even says he has admiration of the purists. But it all has to do with acceptance - you must accept that this the show is the show and the book is the book. Although GRRM is involved in the show, it is not his baby. If you can accept that, it is easier to overcome being really upset at some of the changes.
  4. Maybe I miswrote. I know how the Tickler looks, I actually have those same passages marked and read them before the tv airing. I was glad that he looked very nondescript like the book stated, but I remember how much his questions instilled fear into Arya. That was part of what was so scary about him. A ordinary looking man, but extremely scary and chilling when he did his "tickling." In aSoS in the inn, shivers went down her spine when she heard the Tickler ask a question. I just expected to be a little more scared by him.
  5. Finally, an episode this season that my boyfriend wasn't utterly bored with! Finally, a little violence too. My initial impressions: Robb - loved Grey Wind attacking the Lannisters. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on that in that scene at first. It was nice bringing Robb to the forefront for a little bit and putting him on the battlefield. Richard Madden is great. I hope they keep plenty of focus on Robb so his death is just that more meaningful and tragic to viewers. Roose Bolton - kind of heard to tell so far, but he is pretty much what I imagined looks-wise. He only a few sentences, so it's hard to tell so far. I'm thinking he'll be great. Talisa - OK - what? Is this the Jeyne replacement? If so....how??? There was definitely some chemistry there and she sort of resembled the girl in the promo that Robb was making out with. Joffrey/Sansa - pretty spot-on. Jack Gleason is terrifying. Love him. Like always, Peter Dinklage is just....wow. Joffrey/whores - blah, we get it. Joffrey is a douche. Sometimes I think they are trying to emphasize how despicable he is to "off-set" Cersei's wickedness, which is really starting to piss me off. Weird, stupid scene. And that was out of character for Tyrion, even though I know how it was considered in the books. Littlefinger & Renly, Margaery, and Cat - they are definitely trying to make sure people don't forget LF. Renly scene was.....tolerable. Margaery - I don't know. Once again, Show LF stating the obvious to try to get on people's nerves for no reason. The one with Cat started out to be really bad. "I've loved you since I was a little boy..." Puh-leeze. That is not LF. :rolleyes: Dany - her story is....way different from the books, and I understand why - they were boring as hell. Unbelievably, I think TV Dany is even more bratty than book Dany. And that Sumosai crap? What the hell? Arya/Gendry/Tickler/Mountain - At first I was soooo disappointed, because I thought that was all we would see of the Tickler's "tickling" (when we just heard those noises). That rat stuff was evil. I was a little disappointed in The Tickler. He didn't send any chills through my spine. And where is the "WHERE IS BERIC DONDARRION?"!!!?? Also, doesn't The Mountain look a little....small? Freaked me out to see Gendry starting to be tickled. I thought he was about to die, and was getting pretty upset. Renly/Stannis - This was pretty true to the book. However, I am very sad to see no peach. :crying: Tywin/Arya - umm....I don't really mind Arya being cupbearer to Tywin instead of Roose, but that was just weird. Tywin wouldn't walk around those people and start conversation. That's just ridiculous. And oh, hey girl, come be my cupbearer.. :rolleyes: Lancel/Tyrion - Perfeeeccttttt. Verrry true to the books, IIRC. I kind of wanted to hear that awkward question about where Lancel puts his seed, hah. Oh, and Lancel is a very good actor. Props to him. Stannis/Davos/Melisandre - shadow baby = perfect
  6. A 10. This is one of the very best in the series so far. Much better than episode 1 and 2 of this season!
  7. I guess we could just pretend that was Damphair, but there's really no reason for him to have an official role for him, I guess. He hasn't really done too much.
  8. Yep, he's not portrayed as well in the show, unfortunately. He seems to be quite forgettable.
  9. I don't think it was better than the books...some scenes have been done a little better, but I've never seen an entire episode in which it surpassed the books overall. It was definitely one of my favorites though.
  10. Yes, that's why Cat is there. To get the little Baratheon brothers to stop bickering and attack the Lannisters.
  11. I didn't see it....she looked a little evil to me. "But she'll still do her duty. Right, my little dove?" :smirk:
  12. And it's so difficult to make sure I don't accidentally spoil or give anything away either! But I do love to see non-readers on here as well. And I'm sure they'll be readers one day ;)
  13. I wonder what the Unsullied are thinking about the lack of Dany? I think some people are going to be infuriated when they realize they're favorite awesome character with the cool dragons is not going to do anything. The Mountain should be in the next episode. I hope. No Mountain would be stupid. And it looked like the Tickler was choosing someone in next weeks episode. Anyone catch that? And yes, NO ROS!!
  14. If anything, that change in who to send where may have made things more confusing. Now some people think that Tyrion has some kind of connection with Theon. I thought the scene with Arya was done well too, even though it had to be on major fast-forward. I agree - the way they tied in Yoren's story and Arya getting the idea to say her special prayers was great for television. Although I was surprised how they were openly talking about Cersei and Ned and everything like that in front of a ton of people. Who knows if they were all asleep?
  15. Hey, I love crackpot theories...I think you may have swayed me ;) They sure act like they could be father and son at times. And I can tell how much Stannis respects Jon, kind of like Davos.
  16. He was just doing that to test out the three council members, whose loyalties he doubted. I'm pretty sure he just made up that Theon story out of thin air. This is actually what happened in the book, not really much of a spoiler, but just in case:
  17. He probably will. Maybe worse than usual. He was so conflicted and guilty about that. He did enjoy it a lot though and couldn't stop, so maybe we'll see a less tormented Jon for at least a minute or two.
  18. Yes, I was referring to the first season. That's why Ned sent Beric away - to deal with all of that. It disgusted him. As far as the Tyrion/Littlefinger thing, I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about. I didn't get any impression that Tyrion is making a deal with Balon. If you are a little more specific I may be able to answer :)
  19. I'm not impressed with the NW scenes so far yet, either. It doesn't make any sense for Craster to be doing that with 300 NW men there. And I did notice that Kit Harrington rarely changes his facial expression. But that's also kind of a Stark quality. Well, I had the impression that it was. They don't show wear their emotions a lot.
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