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  1. This is pretty neat - I never really thought of it like that. Very good points. My only thing is that - wouldn't it be sort of confusing to viewers? Will they be able to see that deeply into her shadowbaby births based on that, or just think it's totally unrelated? Because as far as I can tell, nothing in that scene hinted at anything but Stannis wanting a son and Meli wanting to give him one. But I guess later on they could clarify that later, huh. Anyway, good post.
  2. Even though I know how strapped they are time wise, I really wanted to see that fake interaction go on a little bit longer :( I thought that was one of the funniest things in the books.
  3. I think that is the best route....but after she said Selyse could give him no sons, didn't she also say something like "only stillborn children?" or just "only stillborns?"
  4. For people who are watching it with non-book readers, what are they saying about this episode? My boyfriend thought it was boring and that nothing really happened.
  5. Yeah, who cares that he's black? He's exactly how I pictured, except quite a bit less elaborately dressed.
  6. But how on earth can a woman in her 30s take the place of a girl that is 14 and looks even younger??
  7. I actually liked this episode, even though a lot of things bugged me. I think it was the scenes at Pyke. I REALLY loved the interaction between Theon and Balon. It was almost word for word, IIRC, and Balon was cast perfect. He is just exactly what I pictured. Asha (I refuse to call her Yara) is not what I pictured, but I'm okay with her. Is she chubby, or just really fit and that's muscles? I can't tell. Loved those scenes though. I wish Asha could have gone on a little longer with the Esgred thing, but yeah I know...impossible. Not getting the Craster/Jon thing. What are the chances anyway that Jon would just conveniently be there while one of the girls just had a son and Craster happens to be near Jon sacrificing one? That was just odd, and not a very captivating cliffhanger for the book reader, since you know, it didn't happen. I am NOT a fan of the Meli/Stannis scene at all. I don't mind a sex scene since I'm pretty sure it happened, but like THAT? She was talking down on Selyse, when Selyse is one of her most fervent supporters. Here she is just a confined weak woman in a tower that never had a child. OK. And Stannis with his whole ".....sons??" line. I don't know about that. Why does Stannis want a bastard son? I thought he was under the impression that sex was for her magic and shadow babies. But maybe I am totally off the mark here. And I think that comparing this to Renly/Loras is not really fair. Renly and Loras were obviously madly in love, and nothing in the book suggests that of Stannis and Meli. Dany. Well. Boring. I guess they are now resorting to just killing random people off since there's nothing too exciting going on with her. I don't know where they are going with this crazy idea that Joff had anything to do with killing the bastards, because that is not the Joffrey I know from the books. Are they trying to make Cersei more likable or something? I don't even know how that could be possible. I'm also sick of Ros being the only thing as a plot device to understand LF's character. He deserves better than that. Love Arya's scenes!! I want to see her walk with the Mountain and Tickler soooooo bad.
  8. It's a shame they were only given It's really a shame they were only given one ship after pleading for nine :\ But I can't wait..I bet it will be awesome regardless. And to see how they do the House of Undying....that should be interesting. They can't give away too much in there, so they might cut out a couple things... if you know what I'm getting at.
  9. I think the direwolves look awesome. I can't ask for much more than that. And the fact that they are totally going there with Bran and his dreams is just great.
  10. Yeah, what was up with that guy? I was expecting some HBO-shocking full-frontal drunk nudity, or at least a missing shirt..but the guy didn't even really look disheveled or even drunk, really.
  11. I guess since her story is so boring they had to think of something. I told my fanboy friend that Silver is still alive and that I didn't understand the purpose of that death, and he said, "It's to show how wonderful and amazing and sympathetic and caring she is <3 <3." :rolleyes:
  12. Not to mention, completely opposite from the book in every way and very strange.
  13. Yeah, his voice is definitely a little different.
  14. I don't think there is any excuse for the LF scene. It was out of character. Yes, he is human and can make mistakes, but there are some mistakes that some people never make from years and years of experience. I would think a mistake LF would never make is randomly taunting a woman that he knows is wild, manipulative and aggressive. He does that stuff with Tyrion and Ned because he knows they're not going to react like Cersei, and don't really have the power to. I just have to accept it for what it is - book LF vs. tv LF are two different people. That's fine, but it's not true to the books.
  15. But it appears that LF thinks it's a bad idea to do that to Cersei (as opposed to Tyrion/Ned) for whatever reason, because I can't ever remember him taunting her like that, or even close. Their first conversation in aCoK actually is her praising him for his cleverness.
  16. Yeah, it's dead :( Deleted scene? ...maybe? :crying: And I would really hate to see one of her bloodriders replace Daario. Rahkaro is all sweet and lovey for a bloodrider, not Dany's type. Daario is just a creepy weirdo and he doesn't even come around for a lonnnnggg time....
  17. I had friends that were non-book readers call/text me to ask if Dany was going to get busy with her bloodrider soon. And it's a theory that is out there on other forums as well. We don't see it since we're book readers, but apparently a lot of people do. I still firmly believe it was just supposed to be a touching (although awkward) moment between her and Drogo's friend and now of the blood of her blood, but...who knows. It was weird how Dontos didn't seem drunk like....at all. As far as the Reeds, it's very sad that they were cut. I can live without the Blackfish (barely), but Jojen would have been really freakin' cool to see on HBO. Instead we just get...Osha. Oh, and no three slaps to Tyrion from Cersei was disappointing :( That could have been clever and funny as hell, with Tyrion's witty little quips and all.
  18. You're spot on. I think she comes off more as a goofball quack in the show. But in her defense, it is a difficult role. At least she looks perfect for the part.
  19. No, you're right. Meli drank it first. A big, long gulp too, if I remember correctly, before handing it to Cressen. And The Strangler doesn't make you bleed from the mouth like some kind of vampire, so that was kind of dumb as well.
  20. Why didn't Shae say "My giant of Lannister?" :( And she's sleeping in the Hand's Tower. Ugh.
  21. So I this means we can't change our user pics until the end of season 2? :( I'm wondering - if it's Facebook linked, like mine is, will the user pic still change?
  22. Hi! I'm Dani, and I'm pretty new here. I was a lurker for a long time and finally gave in. My boyfriend is not into ASOIAF at all and I don't have any friends that are super into it, so this is my place to express my ASOIAF love! Nice to meet everyone. Also, I'd like to say that I think that GRRM has some awesome fans and this board has some great moderators, because I am so used to reading forums with so many trolls and flamers. While there is plenty of debate on this forum, it all appears in good spirit and degrading talk and flaming is practically non-existant.
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