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    Better Call Saul -- Season 3 Fring-ing The Gang Back Together Again

    When we saw Hector have his attack a couple of weeks ago, it was brought on by a fit of rage he experienced upon finding out that Tuco had messed up in prison, and was unlikely to get an early release. In this week's promo there's a scene where Hector and Gus are having a meeting, then Hector suddenly leaps to his feet and slams his fists on the table. This leads me to wonder whether this second fit of rage will bring on another attack that can't be remedied due to Nacho having replaced his pills with duds. If this is the case, then Gus will actually get to see Hector have the attack that leaves him in the disabled condition we see him in in BB. How very satisfying this would be for Gus
  2. BaseBornBastard

    Better Call Saul -- Season 3 Fring-ing The Gang Back Together Again

    Well, Hector did pay him $50,000 to say that Tuco's gun was his ($25,000 of which Mike returned to Nacho). So maybe that's the money he was counting. Or perhaps he has fully gone into Gus' employ, and is counting the money received for the next job he does for Gus. .
  3. BaseBornBastard

    Better Call Saul -- Season 3 Fring-ing The Gang Back Together Again

    Absolutely superb episode of BCS. I was wondering would Gus end up becoming a central character whose screen-time could eventually rival Saul's (much the same as what happened with Mike), and if this episode is any indication, he surely will. I love the additional angle that they gave to Gus and Hector's relationship. Not only is there the animosity from Gus (for obvious reason), but Hector also has an axe to grind as Gus' operation generates more money for the cartel than Hector's. Thus, Gus becomes a kind of golden boy in Don Eladio's eyes, while Hector is given the shaft. I wonder what Gus' plan is going forward? Obviously he knew that Hector would try to bully him into sharing his distribution routes with him, so I wonder what Gus intends to do to use this to his advantage against Hector. I love seeing Gus and Mike interact too. It's great seeing origin story of the business relationship of two of my top three favourite characters.
  4. BaseBornBastard

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I'm pretty sure it would have a massive effect on the plot. If they marry then Cersai will become Lady of Highgarden rather than the Queen Regent. She'll be shipped off to the Reach to start making little Tyrell babies with Loras.