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    Hello! I'm Florentina and I'm from Austria, too . I'm reading the 2nd part in german right now and watched the HBO-series last week. I'm so upset about the new german translation, they turned all the names into german, so everything sounds like a bad joke. They even turned "Lannister" into "Lennister" for the new version (bad done AND useless :bawl: ) and they don't go on with the old translation for ADWD and theres also no chance to get the rest of the books in the original translation (that means not for a realistic price). So I decided to read the rest in english and I thought it was pretty good to join this forum before, so that I get used to the names and don't mix them up. I started reading the series because I heard a lot about GRRM every time it came to fantasy, so I wanted to know what that guy writes. In the end the series was a lot better than I've expected :bowdown: The thing that suprised me most were the characters. I've hardly ever read a book with so well done characters. My favs are Arya, Jon, Dany and Tyrion, but Arya got plastic for me in the HBO-series and I see her in a different light now. Probably because the actress is such a cute girl :wub:
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